Rust – How To Bind Commands

Rust – How To Bind Commands 1 -
Rust – How To Bind Commands 1 -
I see questions like "How do I bind backpack to a key?" all the time on modded servers, so hopefully this helps out with a few examples of key binds.


Binding Chat Commands

To bind commands, you need to use your console. You can press F1 to open this. Below are a few examples of binding commands. You can change the key and the command to anything you prefer. 

  • bind i chat.say /info 
  • bind b chat.say /backpack 
  • bind home chat.say "/home yourhomenamehere"\ 
  • bind end chat.say /tpa 
  • bind g chat.say /remove

If you are an Admin or Server Owner, you can also bind Admin commands such as vanish, noclip, ent.kill, etc. Below are a few more examples. 

  • bind v chat.say /vanish 
  • bind n "noclip" 
  • bind g "ent kill"


Other Binds

You can also bind other keys for other features, it doesn’t have to just be commands. Here are a few more examples for you. 

  • bind 7 "craft.add -2072273936"

This is a bind that will craft any item you like; this particular example is to bind the crafting of bandages. To use other items, you will need the item ID which you can get –
Here are a few Vanilla friendly binds that work on Vanilla and modded servers. 

  • bind q "forward;sprint" (Auto-Run use Shift + W to cancel) 
  • bind b "attack;duck" (Auto-Mine use Leftclick + Ctrl to cancel) 
  • bind c "duck" (Auto-Crouch use Ctrl to cancel) 
  • bind 0 "forward;sprint;jump" (Auto-Swim use Space + Shift + W to cancel)

Here are a few more bind examples you may find useful. 

  • bind f4 "combatlog;consoletoggle" (Console opens with combatlog) 
  • bind f6 "kill;respawn" (Kills you on the spot, then makes you respawn somewhere random instantly) 
  • bind keypad7 "fov.60" (Changes FOV to 60) 
  • bind mouse1 "+attack2;+lighttoggle" (When aiming, a flashlight or laser will turn on)



Below are a few example binds for gestures. As far as I know, these work in Vanilla. 

  • bind keypad0 "gesture wave" (Does the wave gesture) 
  • bind keypad1 "gesture victory" (Does the victory gesture) 
  • bind keypad2 "gesture hurry" (Does the hurry gesture) 
  • bind keypad3 "gesture thumbsup" (Does the thumbsup gesture) 
  • bind keypad4 "gesture shrug" (Does the shrug gesture) 
  • bind keypad5 "gesture chicken" (Does the chicken gesture) 
  • bind keypad6 "gesture whoa" (Does the whoa gesture)


Written by Ralph

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Rust – How To Bind Commands; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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