Rust – Console Commands That Everyone Should Use

Rust – Console Commands That Everyone Should Use 1 -
Rust – Console Commands That Everyone Should Use 1 -
a list of console commands that are a bit obscure and you might not have known about.
Leave a suggestion for what commands i should add or if i have missed anything.


The List (still in progress)

bind mouse1 "+attack2;+input.sensitivity .7;input.sensitivity .35;" 
This will make your aimdown sight sensitivity seperate from your regular sensitivity, simply change the .7 to the sensitivity to what you already use (or higher now that it will not affect your accuracy while ads) and then set the .35 to what ever number you feel comfortable with. 
physics.steps 60 
lets you jump a bit higher, using this myself i can’t really tell the difference but many youtubers vouch for this command. 
graphics.waves 0 
this disables the white waves that were added to rust recently, this won’t make boat rides smoother or make your ocean flat and only affects the ocean and not rivers as it is only a graphical effect that is quite annoying as it looks like the waves made by boats. 
input.holdtime 0.1 
so whenever you hold e on something and it brings up alternate options. this command will half the amount of time you have to wait until the option wheel shows up, the default is 0.2 (don’t set it to zero because it will activate the wheel everytime you use e which is really annoying because it can bring up an alternate option when you want to quickly fly off in a minicopter) 
player.recoilcomp "True" 
this makes your crosshair go back to the original spot after firing the m249 so tap firing is a breeze (this was already set to true for me so it might not even be worth checking.) 
bind f1 consoletoggle;clear;combatlog 
now when you open console it will neatly display combatlog. 
graphics.vm_fov_scale false 
sets the viewmodel back to what it was a few years ago, it basically just shows more of your items without taking up space on the screen. 
global.perf or perf will show your stats by using perf 1-6 perf 1 being just fps 2 being fps latency 3 being fps latency aswell as ram 4 showing garbage collection aswell, 5 showing ping aswell and 6 showing "tasks" im not sure what that is because ive never needed more than perf 2 since i have more than enough ram for rust. 
input.bind x "kill" 
an absolute must for anyone trying to get the suicide speedrun in rust, this bind will kill you pretty much, just replace x with whatever key you think fits suicide the most (dont choose one too close to wasdqercxzvb because youll accidentally kys choose something on the otherside of the keyboard like k o or p) 
gc.buffer 4096 and Gc.incremental_milliseconds 1 
apparently fixes lag, its really hard to tell if it works because i got pretty good internet (by Australian standards) 
bind 7 "craft.add -2072273936 1" 
crafts a bandage using whatever cloth you have in your inventory (i dont use this personally because i can just press tab and its the first thing in quick craft) 
its not as good as it sounds as it wont make you crouch when running into a half-wall-high gap but it will make you crouch if the ceiling gradually lowers like if you were under a roof you would lower the closer you were to the low end of the roof. 
bind mouse1 +lighttoggle;+attack2 
this one just activates weapon attachments when aiming (i used to use this but don’t anymore because it can be a bit finicky) 
client.lookatradius "20" 
increases the radius in which you can use something, so if you look near a door but not directly at it you can still open and close it, and no this doesn’t make it hard to pickup items if they are mixed up in a big pile as whatever you look at directly will not interfere with this command. 
input.bind x "disconnect" 
change x to whatever key you would like to use when disconnecting from a server. 
This is what i got so far but if i find something new worth adding i will, also please leave suggestions for what commands i should add. 

Written by Binky

This is all about Rust – Console Commands That Everyone Should Use; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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