Rust – Awesome Tips

Rust – Awesome Tips 1 -
Rust – Awesome Tips 1 -
Here are tips for you. Maby useful tips how to get better at rust.


Awesome Tips

Rust can be very difficult game, mostly when you are new. Most of the time if a player see you they kill on sight and you lost your stuf. So only go for wood, stone, cloth and 400 metal fragments. Wood is for making your base and stone to upgrade. Cloth is for sleeping bag and metal fragments to create a sheet metal door. You need stone, wood and cloth too for a bow and arrows. So now you have a bow and your base. Its time for the tips! 
– Build always walls around your base with floor triangle so raiders must blow more walls to come in your base. 
– Always have a roof. You can see raiders from far away. 
– If you have a shotgun trap place it in your base out sight of people. When raiders coming you have a suprise for them and maby free loot? 
– TC is important. Place it deep in your base. 
– At night have never a campfire on. Raiders will see the smog in night and coming for you. 
– Don’t trust anyone (Only your team). People want always your stuff and kill you. So don’t hesitate and kill. 
– Check build video’s and how to play. So you can learn from other people. 
– Airlock is very importent. So place a floor triangle with 2 doors. Your frontdoor and second door. Note that your second door opens to the frontdoor so if you open the frontdoor too. Raiders cant come in because the second door is blocking the front door. 
– Have multiple sleeping bags in the server and stash in the ground. If you died in your base you can spawn outside and have stuff in your stash. 
– Never have your base open at the roof and check if the hard side of the wall is outside. Raiders can have a ladder and climb on your roof. 
– Never go offline outside a safezone or your base. 
– This items you want first in your base. Boxses, research table, workbench, and doors. 
– You can do puzzles. Check video’s from al the puzzles and how to do it. You need an electric fuse that can found in crates and barrels you need a card. The green card you can find on foodstore, blue card you can find in green card puzzles and the red card can find in blue card puzzles. 
– Build your base at a area where not so many people coming. On water is the best but you will need diving gear that can be found on water. Snow is good because is too cold for people. Cave is very good not so many people going in a cave or hide in forrest. 
– Loot on water. Search for a boot and low grade fuel and loot on water. 
– Play with a team. You can learn the game and is fun with friends. 
That are my tips for you. If you don’t like griefing (Door campers. base takeovers or people that lock you up in your own base) Check for a server with no griefing. 

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Rust – Awesome Tips, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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