RUNNING WITH RIFLES – Castling Basic Information

RUNNING WITH RIFLES – Castling Basic Information 15 -
RUNNING WITH RIFLES – Castling Basic Information 15 -

(RUNNING WITH RIFLES – Castling Basic Information) Castling mod is the basic information about the Girls’ Frontline. As advised, playing it on the dedicated servers would be best.


Castling uses a gacha system to allow players to acquire new dolls to play with (. This will be explained in the guide)

The player can purchase 2 stars and 3-star t–dolls in the armoury. You can also purchase team AR, HOC, and some 4 stars T-dolls.

These T-Dolls take the primary weapon slots and are responsible for your character model (. Some special armors can alter that).

  • True Core Mask

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - T-Dolls - BFF381F

This item is special because it allows you to get any T-Doll from the gacha pool. It’s only available by selling reward boxes and when you use T-Doll tickets.

You can use it by simply selling it in any store. Then, write in the chat/mask t-doll index number.

Warning: The True Core Mask will be refunded if you wait too long

The T-Doll index number can be found in the Girls’ Frontline (. It is identical to the) wiki.
Here – []


  • Upgrades

Castling offers 2 types of upgrades: Mod 3 and SPEQs ((Special Equipment)).

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - T-Dolls - 606C27ET To get a TDoll to Mod 3, you will need a Fire Control Component (Left Image). Once you have it, you can sell it first in any shop and then the gun.

Warning: If you wait too long, or the weapon you sell doesn’t have a Mod 3, you will be refunded.

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - T-Dolls - 392ECD7The equipment works similarly; they can be identified by having the T-Doll name on the bottom of the equipment icon (Except for one but why end the fun and tell you).

It’s the same process: sell the item, then the gun. Here, a refund is also available.

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - T-Dolls - C49A12CThe Type 88 Equipment is a special item. To equip it, you must sell the Mod 3 variant, not the base model.


There are two types of skills available in the mod: Active and Alt-Fire.

  • Alt-Fire

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - Skills - A5924F8

Many T-Dolls come with an alt-fire that can either be toggled with “X” or by default.

These skills increase the player’s combat ability with increased fire rate, kill probability, critical (more damages are dealt on a successful hit), or blast damage (can easily damage armored targets such as Manticores).

These bonuses can vary between t-dolls, and some have a combination of them in their skill.

However, an alt-fire skill can reduce the player’s movement speed and increase their likelihood of taking damage.

  • Active skill

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - Skills - 21D1520

Some t-dolls have unique skills that differ from simple, alternate fire modes. These include self-repairing, throwing explosives, and deploying additional units.

To activate a skill, a player must either type “/skill”, or bind a key corresponding to “hotkey 1” within the control bindings for Running With Rifles.

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - Skills - D65DA1A

Once the skill is activated, it will automatically go on cooldown. The cooldown will end with an audible “ding”, and the text “Skill finished” above the player’s character. A player can also check the cooldown using the skill again, which displays time in chat.


There are many ways gacha can be implemented (. Don’t worry, it is all free. You need to grind and pray for RNGesus)

  • More T-Dolls
  • Skins
  • Reward boxes
  • Extra Impulse
  • Aid Commission
  • Memory Fragments
  • Tier 6 Equipment


  • More T-Dolls

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - Gacha - FC543B1

The simplest one. This is how you’ll get other T-Dolls, not in the shop.

These can be obtained by destroying wooden boxes and buying in the shop.

After you sell it, you will get a random TDoll from the pool.

You can purchase a ticket from the IOP Supply Chest (if you are looking for a particular T-Doll type, such as a rifle or handgun). The T-Doll can identify these tickets that they will drop.

  • Skins

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - Gacha - 0FEEF61

The skin token enables players to pull the skin from their T-Dolls. (They replace the original model, aka are not armors.) All skins are in one pool, so it is luck-based if you want a particular skin. The weapon’s stats for the skins will be the same as the vanilla version.

Different stats can lead to certain skins having special equipment, such as Drum Mags or Silencers.

These skin tokens can be purchased from the armory or dropped by enemies.

There are (event coins) that drop unique skins. They are available as rare drops from killing enemies.

  • Reward Boxes

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - Gacha - 8D18AB9

The players receive the rewards boxes in their stash after they complete a map. To get unique upgrades or items, players need to sell the boxes. Players receive the red reward box when they complete a map. However, 3 other reward boxes can also be obtained by clearing specific maps.

  • Extra Impulse

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - Gacha - 481F5E5

This is the place where Protocol Assimilation begins. You can sell this in any store to get a Sangvis ferri generic unit, a SWAP variant, or, rarely, a Ringleader.

  • Aid Commission

steamlists com

Similar to the Extra Impulse, but with a much higher drop rate for the ringleader. However, SWAP units cannot be dropped from this one.

Both can be purchased in stores or dropped off when you sell Reward Boxes

Ringleaders are only available to those who have reached LvL105.

  • Memory Fragments

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - Gacha - DD46549

It is a special box that can drop special armour that will change your character model. It’s also the only way you can get Extra/Special dolls.

These armors can have special stats or be slightly better than the standard armor.

This box is only available at the Ice Cream Truck, or in reward boxes.

  • Tier 6 Equipment

RUNNING WITH RIFLES - Castling Basic Information - Gacha - 7B40A8FThis ticket is the endgame of your gacha addiction. It costs 500K RP at the Ice Cream Truck, and drops one item.

This item can be an upgraded version of the existing basic armor or a unique one that has special abilities such as reduced skill cooldowns or armor repair from killstreaks.

If you have very poor luck, you can order a special box at the Ice Cream Truck to purchase the armor you desire for 1500000RP.

The End

This is the end of this guide.

Since there are so many things to cover, I plan on making more guides for this mod.

There are many ways to make money.
Google Docs –

(WIP and) are available with most of these detailed information.

Do not forget to join the
Discord server – []

Without them, this guide would not be possible.


Written by KroW

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about RUNNING WITH RIFLES – Castling Basic Information; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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