Rule the Waves 3 – Savegame modding tutorial guide

Rule the Waves 3 – Savegame modding tutorial guide 1 -
Rule the Waves 3 – Savegame modding tutorial guide 1 -

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This guide will teach you how to mod and save the game.

The structure of the file

Your savegames are folders that include all the game’s information in separate files.

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On a new installation, the first five “savegameslots”, or empty folders, are created automatically. The game will create the same folder structure if you select a higher number.

Rule the Waves 3 - Savegame modding tutorial guide - The file structure - F85FC84

Each savegame folder contains multiple files. All of them are text files that are easily editable using the help of a text editor. I recommend notepadplus.

The majority of the files are actual designs of ships from your game. This includes both your own and those of the AI.


The “central” savegame file is RTWGameX.bcs (“X” in all instances in this guide is the savegame number). Here you will find the date, definitions of the various nations, their wealth dock size, technology advancement and more.

Quick savegame edit tips RTWGameX.bcs:

The player nation is always Nation0, if you are experiencing temporary budget issues, you can change your current budget in the line


within the [Nation0] segment.

Are you looking to alter the size of the game overall? (e.g. really supersize all the navies):



Under General, there is a multiplier that is flat across all budgets for naval operations. Beware: if you have too many, it could lead to hundreds of capital ships. You could also run out of names for ships.


MapdataX.dat contains information about provincial ownership. The transfer of ownership between “active” nations is not simple due to airbases, fortifications, and ongoing construction projects are stored in RTWGameX.bcs.

Quick savegame edit tip MapdataX.dat:

Search for one of your home regions, e.g.


and then give yourself a local oil source:



There’s plenty to learn in the savegame files. You can design your personal “Final Countdown”, or use date editing to make extremely long games that have slow tech progress. For more ambitious modders the savegame editing process is the best place to start. A lot more information on this subject is on the NWS RTW2 subforum, and a lot of it relevant to RTW3 also.

Have fun!

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