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This guide is a compilation of every lore article (Excluding Scar and Heirloom lore, which is on the way) currently in Rouge Legacy 2, version 0.4.3a. It will have all entries and memories, as well as some theories on the story as a whole at the end.



Guide currently being edited to include the Scars and NPC dialogue

Welcome to the Guide

Welcome to the Rouge Legacy 2 lorekeeper’s book! This guide is a compendium of all entries, memories, and other relevant dialogue. There are some formatting rules that I followed while converting all of this:

Equal sign lines (======) mark the beginning and end of a single entry
Hyphen lines (—-) separate the name and location from the content
(parenthesis have location in them if they’re in the title)
Most of the time I will use line breaks to represent page turns, but I don’t follow this always since the library doesn’t show you the pages.
Bold text means the words are blue in the game

A typical entry will look like this in the steam guide:

Name found at the top of the entry (Place I found it in game)
blah blah blah important blue text blah blah blah

This guide is somewhat unfinished, there are some unresolved notes and the story abridged section isn’t complete. I will be updating all of this in the future. Also, if it wasn’t made clear to begin with,

spoiler warning.


That’s about all you have to know to properly use this guide, I hope it comes in useful for all of my fellow lorekeepers, and I hope to see some nice lore discussion in the comments, or in the Rouge Legacy 2 discord. ( @Sirebellum#9901 )

Pre-Game Lore

A lot of people (Including me) forget about how the opening of the game features five entries completely unique to anything else.

Unknown Journal #1 (Hidden in the tutorial)
We’ve managed to cross the waters undiscovered.
A few guards patrolled the West Walls, but we were able to remove them without raising a signal.

At sundown, we’ll start ascending the wall. Provisions should be waiting for us at the top.

Unknown Journal #2 (Hidden in the tutorial)
We’ve bunkered in here for the past few days as Z and her spies prepped the West Wall.
They’ve rigged the trap doors ahead so that we can open them from below.

Tonight, we make our move.
There are heavier patrols ahead, but with all the fighting at the Bridge, there should be no time for reinforcements.

Unknown Journal #3 (Hidden in the tutorial)
The Diving Bell Cables we needed to pass the interior ramparts were waiting for us just like Z promised.
… But our scouts underestimated how much we’d need. We’re short a few hundred feet.

… Looks like we’ll have to get creative with this one.

Unknown Journal #4 (Hidden in the tutorial)
… Looks like I’ve underestimated Z, and her charisma again.

Below me, I can see the heads of all the misfits that have joined our ranks.
When did so many rebels join? From here, it seems like an endless sea.

…This was supposed to be a suicide mission meant only for a few

She’s unknowingly rallied these souls to a lost cause, and my mistakes keep growing…

J’s Memory (Hidden behind a magic wall in the tutorial)
… There wasn’t supposed to be so many of us…
It was only supposed to be a small sacrifice to pay for the Kingdom’s stability…

… Just a few words to a few ears.
A reward for warning the Kingdom of the incoming rebel attack.
We were supposed to walk into a trap and be stopped.

… But he never planned to stop us…
He wanted this war to happen…
All I’ve done is given him time to prepare…

Z… I’m sorry… I was just trying to save you.
… Win or lose, there’s no redemption on my horizon.

Unknown Journal #5 (Hidden behind a magic wall in the tutorial)
(Most of the pages have been torn from the book. Only a solitary note remains.)
I’m sorry, I wish I was a better person.

Unknown Journal #6 (Hidden in the tutorial)
This is it, the end of the line.
Below us, there’s a Trick Door which can only be opened with magic.
Z says it should lead us straight to the Estuaries…

… So this is it…
… Tonight we live and die with the sins I’ve committed.

Worthwhile mentions:
The first character in the legacy is named “Sir Lee”, which is the same name as the guy from Rouge Legacy 1
The opening cutscene text says:
The time has passed and they have not returned. The Estuaries have decayed. The kingdom demands deliverance. Sign the contract… …and your children shall succeed you.
Once you cast off… … there is no turning back

Castle Lore 1

Below are all Z entries from the castle.

Z’s Memory (Found in the first room of the game)
… The Golden Doors won’t open until all the Estuaries have gathered together.

This is all that lies between us and home… If I can open it, I can fix everything.
… I can save everyone.

Z (Found after reading at least one castle entry)
(The letter is old, but carefully preserved)
J! The rumors are true!
The Golden Gates are real, and I found them!
The gates will only open when all the Estuaries have gathered together.

I know it sounds crazy, but I have a plan to save everyone.
But I can’t do it myself. I need your help, and some people I can trust.

Z (Found after reading at least two castle entries)
The Black Roots keep growing…
They’re everywhere now. The guards continuously cut them down, but they keep growing back.
I swear the land is reacting to our pain.
The more people we lose, the thicker the Black Roots seem to grow.

Sorry I’ve been missing our meetings at the Golden Gates.
The Estuaries demand the impossible.
They raise our work hours, they tax us incessantly, yet when people complain, they’re arrested.

So many friends are gone, J, you have no idea what it’s like over here…
The kingdom has become a powder keg, just waiting to explode, and it’s our job to light it.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, J!
We can do something! We can save everyone!
– Z.

Z (Found after reading at least three castle entries, or at least three forest entries)
I’ve been gathering more and more people, J.
People like us, People who are sick of living down here.
There’s an Heirloom in the citadel that grants people amazing powers.
Powers that let you dash through the air, just like you’re flying!
I’ve been sneaking in recruits to gain this power, but only a few are strong enough to survive the Heirloom’s challenge.

If you helped train them, there could be so many more, J! You could be the difference!
Something big’s happening, J.
The people have had enough, and their anger is spilling onto the streets.
A war is coming, I just hope you’re with us when it happens.

Z (Found after reading at least four castle entries)
Every day we get bigger, J. Word of a rebellion is spreading among the people.
I wonder why? 🙂
One of our new recruits is a soldier.
Said he trained under you…
That you were the best.

He told me that all battles are fought on two fronts: A physical one, and an emotional one.
And how knowing could be the deciding factor in a fight.
There’s another Heirloom in the castle.
I spoke with it, and it said it could give me the Power of Empathy

… It also said my butt stinks so I’ve been avoiding it ever since.
I never thought that power was worth the risk… but after hearing what that recruit said…

Z (Memory found in the castle throne room)
I don’t know how he does it, but I keep losing Lamech’s trail…
… There’s no other choice. If we want to leave this island, we’ll have to enter his throne room.
The doors are sealed shut with magic.
Only his royal retinue can open them, but I have seen how they do it.

There are two lamps beside the door.
Both lamps must be quickly lit with the strike of the foot to open the doors.
The fire goes out fast, so we’ll have to be quick.

Castle Lore 2

Below are all of Lamech’s memories from the castle.

Lamech’s Memory (Found after reading the first lamech memory in the castle)
How many years has it been since we first came down here?

…Fifty years?

… A hundred??


My patience has reached it’s end!

These scholars, they jump from project-to-project like they’re the belle of the ball!
Just singing and dancing, and never finishing anything they’ve ever started!
They have taken our gifts of life, and have abused it.
This… lackadaisical nature of theirs must be brought to an end.
They must be punished.

Only through pain can we drive discovery.
I’ve brought this up before, but the others never agree with me – they never do.
I’ll bring it up again at this next meeting, and this time it will be different. I can feel it.
… Everyone’s patience has a limit, and something tells me that this thirtieth time will be the charm!

Lamech’s Memory (Found after reading at least two lamech memories in the castle)
I am an Estuary!
One of only a select few hand-picked by our King.
We are the best of the best, and by the King’s decree, all others stand below us.

Yet here I sit, rotting in the halls after my fellow Estuaries banished me from the table!




If I think we should kill some of the scholars, then I get to spend my hour explaining why!
It’s not my fault the others don’t spend their full hour speaking their mind!
And who cares if “I’ve brought up the same argument for the last thirty meetings”!
I AM AN ESTUARY. I can bring it up as many times as I want!
They think they can throw me out, like I am somehow their lesser?


I am not below them, they are below me!
Every day they patter away at their little civic duties like natty little nyeh-nyeh-nyeh rats.
They read their stupid little flip-flip-flip books
they train their weak little hurp-a-durp soldiers,
and grow their ugly little… eggplants.
… I don’t know what sound an eggplant makes.

But I am beyond those mundanities!
My role is too important to be hindered by these duties.
I am the bastion that guards the Gates!!
The last – nay only – required line of defense against any would-be attackers!
… This peace places them in a dull stupor.
They need me. One day this peace will end, and when that day comes, I will show them who their superior truly is.

Lamech’s Memory (Found after reading at least three lamech memories in the castle)
OOOOOOH! I can’t stop my hands from shaking!
My skin is full of prickles, and my heart won’t stop (bump-bump) bumpin!

OOOOOOH! I feel alive again!

A man – nay – a rat!

Nay – a man-rat, came crawling to me the other day with information.

In return for an official pardon, and some trifling little gifts, he told me everything he knew about a secret rebellion.
He has given me everything I need to know. Letters, transcripts, memos and more!

I can’t comprehend how something this big slipped past our spies, but none of that matters.
All that matters is that a war is coming, and I’m the only one that knows of it!
My chance to finally show my worth has finally arrived!

I have to stay calm and read through these documents carefully. No-one else must know about this.
… I will NOT let anyone take my fame away.

Lamech’s Memory (Found after reading at least four lamech memories in the castle)
The rebels plan is interesting…
First they will strike us at the gates. This is a diversion to draw the guards.
The true battle will happen at the Ceremony of Return. They have dug a secret tunnel from the west which leads directly to the Ceremony grounds.
I always knew the Ceremony was a dangerous event. They have dug a secret tunnel from the west which leads directly to the Ceremony grounds.

I always knew the Ceremony was a dangerous event. It is why I took every precaution to keep the date a secret.
The only people who knew when the Ceremony occurs is me and my fellow Estuaries.
For these rabble to discover when it would occur is impossible…
… Unless one of my fellow Estuaries is working with the rebels.
A turncoat on their side, and a traitor on ours…

Every move I make from here on out must be planned out meticulously.
I must retreat to my abode to contemplate on this.
In the tower of Lights I’ve hidden a secret door against the far wall, between the fifth and sixth lantern
I shall retreat to it for now.

????? (Found within the tower of lights)
(Scribbles, lines and question marks cover the page. Nothing intelligible.)

Lamech’s Memory (Found at the top of the tower of lights)
The Ceremony of the Gates draws near, and I still have yet to act on this rebellion.
If I invaded the village, I could crush them before it even started… But that would only be a temporary solution.
Attacking now would reveal my hand.
It would stop the war, but I will never discover which of the Estuaries are working on their side.

There’s only one solution to this conundrum. I shall let the Ceremony continue as planned.
During the chaos, the traitor – either through his nervous nature, or some other tell – will reveal himself to me. I’ll know it when I see it.

I have a secret set of guards ready to double the security of the gates at the last possible moment. The peasants will be decimated on the bridge.
As for the rebels that ambush us during the Ceremony?
I will take care of that.
No tricks. No treachery. I will show the people the true difference between peasant and King. I will fight them on their turf and forever crush their morale.

This is the only solution.
Let them come, I will defeat them single-handedly.

Castle Lore 3

Lamech’s Memory (Found after beating lamech prime)
(A torn banner of a foreign kingdom flutters in the wind, buried amongst the corpses and the crows.
In the distance, Lamech stands tall on a mountain of bodies, a monument to his success.
Soldiers – tattered and wounded – raise their blades to the sky as they shout his name across the valleys.)

Lamech’s Memory (Found after beating lamech prime)
(The doors to Lamech’s throne burst open as a wave of rebels surge into the room.
For every one that falls to his blade, another two replace them.
The fighting lasts for hours, and then for days.
Eventually there are no more bodies to fight, and Lamech stands tall on his pile of glory.)

(The room is silent.)

Lamech’s Memory (Found after beating lamech prime)
I knew… I always knew.

I ignored the reports, and made false truths in my head…
I tricked myself into believing the rebellion would be smaller than it truly was.
I could have quashed the rebels in their homes, destroyed whatever vestige of hope they had!

… But I didn’t.
…This was never needed to happen. I kept this knowledge to myself, knowing the cost.

I didn’t want to be here anymore. In this eternal prison guarding a tree that will never sprout.
I wanted to die gloriously. One last final hurrah to end my chapter.

… But there was no death, and there was no glory.
No one left to fight now. No battle to lose.

Axis Mundi Lore

Below I have listed every piece of lore from Axis Mundi I could find. There isn’t a lot, so correct me if I missed anything.

J (Found at the beggining of Axis Mundi)
Attention: Gregory,
The Bridge has fallen to the Shift, just like everything else.

And with sections of the bridge constantly switching places, the Estuaries have deemed it too dangerous to ship supplies to the outlying villages.
The people won’t make it to the next harvest if we don’t help.

Therefore I want you to make a call for volunteers.
Gather only those you trust.
We shall lead the shipments ourselves if we must.
But in order to cross, you will need an Heirloom contained up in the Gatehouse’s Tower. The entrance is directly above the Gates to the Citadel.

The entrance has caved in, but perhaps you can find another way in from the floors above.
And remember to keep this quiet. The Estuaries won’t approve of this…

…Sometimes I wonder if they want the people to starve…
… But that is not the issue here.
Perhaps by doing this, we can begin to atone for ourselves.

Gregory’s Memory (Found at the beggining of Axis Mundi)
These temporary Resonant Platforms we’ve made is a fool’s errand.
There are not enough volunteers with Echo’s Heirloom to make the crossing, and everyone we lose is a sacrifice we can’t afford.

The Estuaries are right… There’s no saving the villagers.

Gregory’s Memory (Found in the Axis Mundi tower)
Stairwell’s collapsed… No way to get anyone up now.
These wretched Black Roots were probably the cause. Must have wormed their way up into the cracks.

Gregory (Found in the Axis Mundi tower)
The last cave-in buried the Heirloom.
There’s no way in anymore. Whatever recruits we have not is all we’ve got.

The good news is that the Heirlooms are still intact. Those things are sturdy.
We’ve been trying to dig it out, but the tower’s barely hanging on.
If we touch anything else this Gate might collapse on itself. If that happens, we’ll bury the only entrance into Agartha.
There’s nothing else we can do, we have to leave it be. Sorry J.

J (Found after reading at least one entry in Axis Mundi)
It’s worse than I imagined…
The shops, the houses… the war is all that dwell in them now.

We don’t have enough hands to cart supplies.
Most of the soldiers are so exhausted from dredging the lake, they can barely stand.

I know I’m pushing them past their limits, but there’s no time for softness.
If the lake becomes poisoned…

Well, that would be the final nail in our coffin.

J (Found after reading at least two entries in Axis Mundi)
The dredging of the lake is complete and almost all the bodies have been removed.
As per the Estuaries’ orders, the bodies are being stored in the Gatehouse by the entrance to the Kerguelen Plateau. They’ll remain there for ‘processing.’

Estuary Naamah is in charge of the burials, but things are moving too slowly.
She demands each body be painstakingly prepared, so it can properly fertilize the earth.
But the bodies keep mounting and I fear we’ll soon run out of space…

My gut tells me something’s off, and it’s not just the rot.

J (Found after reading at least three entries in Axis Mundi)
It’s over…
Food shipments, aid for the villagers, everything.
Although the Bridge succumbed to the Shift, we persevered.
But now the Gatehouse has been overrun by beasts…

I should have listened to myself. I could feel something was coming, but I didn’t trust my instincts.
The stench of rotting bodies must have attracted the beasts. But I never imagined anything could sneak past our defenses.

They were too large for me to handle alone, and I couldn’t marshall the soldiers to fight.
Perhaps if I had Z’s power of persuasion… things would be different…

But my only recourse was to seal the gate and trap the beasts inside.
Unfortunately, this also shut off the only supply route into the village as well.
I must inform the Estuaries – we need more soldiers to fight them off!

…Alas, the villagers are on their own now.

J (Found after reading at least four entries in Axis Mundi)
I dreamt of it again last night…
…Seeing an empty village as we sealed the Stygian Beasts into the Gatehouse.

I know that dream will continue to haunt me until I understand why the Estuaries decided to quarantine it instead of fight.
And I know it wasn’t due to a concern for my safety.
Thus the knot in my stomach continues to twist and ask its questions…

Questions like, how did those beasts get past our defenses?
And why was no one alerted to their presence until too late?
…And why there were so few bodies in the gatehouse that night?

From the beginning I was against storing bodies in that Gatehouse. The cold of the nearby Kerguelen Plateau would have preserved the bodies far better.
Regardless, my gut knows something’s wrong. And it’s about time I learned not to ignore it.
Perhaps I’ll find a way into the Gatehouse observation room. The guard there would have kept records of the night’s events.

There’s a hidden back entrance to into the Observation Room that’s revealed in the lights.
…Perhaps I’ll find my answers there.

???????’s Memory (Found in Gatehouse observation room)
The Black Roots won’t stop growing!!!
…The’re going to CRUSH ME!!!

Why did I leave my weapon by the door? That was stupid of me- I need to find help!
Maybe I’ll jump out the window…
…Perhaps the bodies will soften my fall.

But wait… What’s happening to the bodies? Are they squirming?
It’s the roots!
The roots are infesting the bodies somehow!
…Oh no…

Something’s coming…

Forest Lore 1

Below I have listed all of the forest entries found by reading the books.

J (Found after reading the first forest entry)
(The letter is old, but it’s been carefully wrapped in leather to protect it from the cold).
Dear Z,
You must be more careful. Talk of the rebellion is spreading.
The Estuaries may be deaf to such whispers, but those in the Study hear everything.
As a result, we ordered to cast the Heirloom of Zephyr into the Stygian to prevent rebels such as yourself from reaching it…
…But all is not lost!

A recent Shift churned up the riverbed, and as a result, the heirloom has resurfaced a little ways off the Far Shore.
I know how important that Heirloom is for you, so I’ve tethered a Resonant Rope to it just below the waterline.
You should be able to reach it from the shore.
I can’t protect you forever, so good luck, and stay low!

J (Found after reading at least two forest entries)
You have a gift – you’re meant for so much more, Z.
Stop wasting your talents trying to help everyone you meet.
You could be working in the Citadel and creating change from the inside.
You don’t have to suffer like this.
If you fight, you’ll die. Trust me, there’s no winning this war…

You have no idea how powerful Lamech is.
It would take a miracle plus a hundred soldiers to stop him…
…Forgive me. I don’t know why I’m writing this…
I love you Z, but you must be open to compromise. I hope you don’t hate me for what I’m asking.
– J

J (Found after reading at least three forest entries)
My soldiers, they’re good people Z,..
They’re just scared.
They spent their whole life training so they could provide for their families.
Not everyone can throw it all away.

When the time comes, I’ll do my best to pull the guards away from the fight.
… But I can’t move them all… There WILL be fighting on the bridge.
And casualties will be unavoidable.
I can help train any rebels you’ve gathered.
Give them a fighting chance…
But I’ll only do this under certain conditions.

  1. I won’t fight. I’ll train the villagers and do whatever you need for me, but I cannot turn my sword against my own men.
  2. If we lose, you must disband the rebels. No one leaves a war unscathed, but the Estuaries WILL look kindly on a clean surrender. I can ensure it, if it comes down to this.

    And finally…

  3. You don’t fight either.

You’re no use to the rebels dead, and this way I keep you safe. Remember, all good generals die in bed.
I know this may not be the way you want it to play out, but those are my conditions.
I hope you find this arrangement…acceptable.
– J

J (Found after reading the fourth/final forest entry)
Dear Z.
Thank you for the speedy reply.
When do I start?

Forest lore 2

Below is all Namaah memories from the forest, as well as some other misc memories.

Namaah’s Memory (Found after reading the first Namaah memory in the forest)
Only Father believed in me.
If not for him, my brothers would have had me sacrificed years ago.
No farms, no mills, no hunting. Everything must stay in its natural state. We took better care of the land, then the land cared for us.

The yields were kept small, and the forest grounds untamed.
And due to my wisdom and efforts, my garden has blossomed.
In this land of death, I have given birth to a cornucopia of life.

– Don’t till the earth, for farming drains the soil.
– Don’t pen the animals lest sickness spread through the livestock.
– Don’t cut the young bough, for their growth enriches the land.

– Tend to the forest, as I tend to my own children.
– Take only that which is needed.
– Harvest only that which is dead or dying.
– Always, always cull the poison.

Namaah’s Memory (Found after reading at least two Namaah memories in the forest)
… My success has become my undoing. My brothers have blamed me for the rebellion and wash their hands of all responsibility!
Lamech commands the guards, and Enoch supervises the spies, yet the failure to discover the rebels falls on me?
They seek to provoke me.

Their soldiers tramble the undergrowth, they cut down the trees, and they dig ditches to dispose of the bodies.
Everything I have done, they seek to undo out of jealousy and spite.
They left me no choice. Now I must oversee the burials.
They offer me no support, and mock my ‘traditions.’
They pressure me to lower my standards, but I shall not!

– Remove the broken metal, lest it pollute the soil.
– Clean out the wounds, lest sickness spreads through the people.
– Mourn the bodies of the young, for they bore no children.

– Tend to my children as I tend to my forest.
– Pass down all trinkets, for sentiment is needed.
– Honor those who are dead and dying.
– Pray, pray for the poisoned.

… But the bodies won’t stop coming.

Namaah’s Memory (Found after reading at least three Namaah memories in the forest)
It has been a hundred days since the monsters arrived on the Bridge, and the gates were closed.
For a hundred days we have carried on our duties.
We have nursed our wounded…
And rationed our food.
One hundred days have passed, and now the Eternal Summer has faded.

The Ashen Snow continues to fall, but instead of nourishing the soil, it now suffocates the land.
The earth is cold, and the Forest bows under the weight.
If supplies don’t arrive soon, all the villagers will perish…
And without them, my forest, and centuries of careful stewardship, will be gone.

Namaah’s Memory (Found after reading at least four Namaah memories in the forest)
– Tend to the forest, as I tend to my own children.
– Take only that which is needed.
– Harvest only that which is dead or dying.
– Always, always cull the poison.

…I cannot go on…
I must find escape the noise.
Tonight, I shall steal away from the villages.
And find a nook high above the cliff’s edge.
There I can contemplate in peace.

Namaah’s Memory (Found after reading the fifth Namaah memory in the forest)
The Conservatory is my home now. The villagers want nothing to do with it.
But to waste such a space would be an insult to all we have sacrificed.
I will make it beautiful.

Two lilies in the names for those who have fallen, and for those who will fall…
I shall give my children a final celebration, and a final meal…

The forest must come first, so sacrifices must be made. To take from the land would undo everything I have worked for…
… One day they will understand…

Eupraxia’s Memory (Found outside of Namaah’s boss room door)
She won’t see anybody.
She hasn’t left the Conservatory in months…
You should stop wasting your time…
Estuary Namaah won’t open the door, unless you have an offering.

She demands two Lily of the Valley blossoms, but they are not easy to find.
She has harvested most of them already.
Good luck finding any.

Namaah’s Memory (Found by double jumping up to the cliff in the plateau, and hitting R)
The gates look strangely beautiful at night…

I know the villagers hate me for what I did…
But I had no choice.
The land has gone cold.
And my brothers refuse to send aid.
The weak, the old, the traitors… I gave them a kind end.

The villagers still believe the gates will open, but I know they will not.
… Yet every day as I stare down at them…
… I’m afraid they just might.

Study Lore 1

This is where the story gets absolutely dense, so I’ll be most likely to miss something here. First, we will look at all seven of Enoch’s notes that leads to the damage buff. After that, we’ll look at the notes scattered around his study hall, and after that we’ll look at all of the memories hidden elsewhere in the study.

Enoch’s Notes (Found after reading the first book in his study room)



… That title should keep most prying eyes at bay.
These are the personal journal entries of Estuary Enoch, and if you are not me, then your actions shall be considered a capital crime.
If you are me… Then please, continue reading.

It has been nearly 1000 years since we were first sent down here to tend the garden, but the tree has yet to bear fruit.
Each year, during the Ceremony of Return, my siblings and I gather to open the garden gates in the hopes of finding release, but each year we are met only with disappointment.
According to historical documents, the tree should have borne fruit decades ago, but it still remains barren.
I doubt our toil will bear fruit, but Estuary Irad will not believe me.
He is loyal to a fault, and will do anything for his King, even if it means damning us for eternity.
Unless I can find a way to prove to him no fruit will ever grow again, we shall be stuck here for yet another thousand years.

Enoch’s Notes (Found after reading at least two entries from his study room)
… A horrible tragedy has befallen us. The Nibiru Deep Mines have flooded with the poisonous Stygian Waters.
Thousands of miners have perished, including our brother Estuary Mehujael.
The Nibiru Deep Mines have been sealed, and a hundred days of mourning has been enacted.
All mining operations must now be moved to the upper Pishon Lake bed…

Siphoning the waters of the Pishon Lake into the Gihon Reservoir may be costly and complicated, but it is a small price to pay to honor the fallen.
(The entry continues, detailing the operation of draining Lake Pishon into the central reservoir).

Enoch’s Notes (Found after reading at least three entries from his study room)
Converting the Pishon Drylake into the new mining camp has been met with additional complications.
The Black Roots have aggressively spread through the camp, and have made their way into the Citadel.

Monsters have also begun to make their way into the Citadel, which is causing development to grind to a halt. Every miner now requires a guard to escort them through the halls, but we need production to continue.
It looks like I’ll have to divert my energies away from the Fruit and focus on this annoyance for the time being…

Enoch’s Notes (Found after reading at least four entries from his study room)
The Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis is a type of fungus that attacks insects, infesting the hosts brain with their spores
From there, the spores take over the insect’s neural functions. When the insect dies, the fungus bursts out from its carcass, spreading it’s spores onto the bodies of unwitting hosts.

The Black Roots act in a similar manner, with the roots being the fungus, and the monsters, its ‘spores.’ If this analogy is apt, it would stand to reason that the monsters’ sole purpose is to gather more bodies for ‘hosts.’
Is that why they’re attacking us? But why has it become aggressive now?
I can’t help but feel this is connected to the Nibiru Deep Mines flooding…

Enoch’s Notes (Found after reading at least five entries from his study room)
There is only one way the tree will grow… But I cannot tell the others.
We must leave this place now, or live for another eternity in this subterranean wasteland.

I cannot reason with Estuary Irad. He would rather kill us all, then return to his king empty-handed.
I need to present him with an ultimatum he cannot refuse.

Enoch’s Notes (Found after reading at least six entries from his study room)
The rebellion poisoned the skies, which in turn created the infestations. And now the infestations threaten to destroy this Kingdom.
The momentum is vicious.
The lightning storms are getting closer now, but we don’t have the manpower to build enough Windmills to disperse the Ash Clouds.
My private sanctuary is now mired within those clouds; the bridgeway torn apart by the electrical winds.

The ancients and their philosophies were right – we ARE all connected – and not just this world, but all worlds. And it is the Stygian that binds us together.
Dear reader, if you are reading this, come seek me out. I would like to chat. My soul among others, is bound to a bridge on the eastern parapet.
That bridge is still standing, though not in this world, but another.
USE your will to pull that bridge into existence…
I know you can.

Enoch’s Memory (Found after summoning the bridge to his sanctuary, and crossing it)
…Come to read my memories have you?

Don’t be shy. I knew this day would come.
I’m leaving this memory before I succumb to a concoction of my own design.
I have made a poison that can kill any being, even more as powerful as an Estuary.

I don’t know who you are, or what your ilk, but I pray you understand the nature of the rebellion.
The Fruit will never grow, but Estuary Irad’s loyalty to the king blinds him from the truth.
You must kill Estuary Irad, for he guards the Bell of Return, which is your only path of escape.
My poison contains the essence of the Black Roots.
It will infect any soul it touches, rotting it from the inside.
We were careless though. Both High Scholar Murmur and I have been infected, and no one else can be trusted.

In this box I’ve placed the vial.
I beseech you, ascend to the Sun Tower, and poison Estuary Irad. It is the only way…

(… you search the box, but the vial is missing).

Study Lore 2

Below I have converted all of the notes found in the large study hall room, as well as the memories in/around the boss rooms. Edit: After the 0.3.2b update there is a new entry in the study hall that is extremely important to the tree theory, i’ll put it right below this text.

Enoch’s Notes (Found in the Stygian study study hall)



One of the first known Heirlooms ever discovered.
Hestia’s Reliquary was crafted from the seed of a Fruit from the Tree of Eternal Life.
The box, binds the body of whichever user signs the contract. Upon their death, their body, along with any belongings they had, are transported back into the reliquary.
From there, the Reliquary can only be opened by the next soul to sign the contract. In return, they will inherit all of the previous owner’s belongings.

It has been said that more then just the physical belongings of the bearer are transported over.
Rumors say that the owner’s soul, and their memories are given to the new owner as well.
This has been difficult to prove, as the ancestor line that is bound to the Reliquary have been notoriously tight-lipped about its effects.

Enoch’s Notes (Found in the Stygian study study hall)


Definition of Shift
When a set of rooms, buildings, and even landscapes suddenly become displaced within the Kingdom.
Once rare within the Kingdom, these occurrences are becoming increasingly more common with each passing year.

Definition of Anchors
Special locations within the Kingdom which seem immune to the effects of the shift.
These include the entrance to Citadel Agartha,
The Sun Tower’s summit,
The Far Shores,
And the entirety of *Axis Mundi
*(Before the rebellion and destruction of the bridge)

Refer to note: ‘The Room Problem’

Enoch’s Notes (Found in the Stygian study study hall)


During a ‘shift,’ massive chambers may be moved thousands of steps away from their original location.
This has precipitated what researchers called “The Room Problem”.
How does a room, ‘know’ it’s a room? Why is it that rooms seem to connect cleanly instead of fusing together into some grotesque mess?

The answer to the Room Problem came during a visit to a villager in the Kergulean Plateau, who reported objects fusing together in his house.
The villager suffered from Visual Agnosia – the inability to categorically recognize an object – which meant he had difficulty seeing a table as a table. It was always perceived as something new.
Interestingly, the only objects that fused were the man’s most personal affects, which he kept in a private room. The moment I entered and observed the objects however, their fusing stopped.

It is almost as if there is a collective unconscious to the world – that which determines what a room IS, and what it ISN’T.
Are the boundaries of an object solely reliant on the observer? Or the subconscious group-think of the observer?
This raises the question that as more observers become aware of a room, does said room become more vulnerable to the Shift?

Is this why Lamech’s hidden chamber seems immune to shifting?
Only he and I know where it is, and we both have a very concrete understanding of what it is…
Thus it never changes?

Enoch’s Notes (Found in the Stygian study study hall)


(… You sift through the documents when you find an earmarked page…)

I’ve discovered that the transitive properties of Black Roots makes it possible to bind objects to a person’s soul.
After some lengthy experimentation, I’ve successfully bound the souls of High Scholar Murmur, and the *Gonghead Twins to my Study doors.
Their collective lifeforce now ensures the doors remain impenetrable, even to the craftiest of locksmiths.
Truly fascinating!
*Note to self: Stop calling Athanasia and Zoe “Gonghead.” They are still “family.”

The possible applications of this discovery are endless!
I could bind the Garden Door to my siblings and free up soldiers from standing guard.
Or I could bind a soul to a treasure chest and have myself a perfect assistant.
Or I could… Bind a soul to an eggplant and…
Make it walk around…

… Hmm. I guess I just made a really complicated door lock.

Enoch’s Notes (Found in the Stygian study study hall)


(…You ignore wordy documents looking for pictures when you find an earmarked page…)

…We theorize the Black Roots originate from the Stygian Waters, but it’s impossible to find their true source, as there appears to be none.
Following the roots lead to that which can only be described as impossible ‘knots.’
Attempts to unfurl these knots cause the roots to retract upon themselves, whereupon they disappear, seemingly out of existence.
This is difficulty to explain in words, but even more difficult to comprehend.

Interestingly though, no matter how many Black Roots we cut down, they always return.
…But only when no-one is around to watch.
Are the roots sentient? Or does the existence of an observer change their properties?

Antioch’s Memory (Found outside of Murmur’s boss room)
I can’t believe I left my notes behind… I can’t complete my research, without them!
I can’t get past these Void Doors without Pallas’ Heirloom…
I don’t think any of the guards will get my notes for me, so perhaps I should try to curry her favor on my own?
She’s somewhere in the Study, and herPower of the Void would be very beneficial.

J’s Memory (Found inside of Murmur’s bossfight room)
… This infestation… I’ve seen this before…
… Condemn the Archives. Gather what you can and begin barricading the halls.
Whatever infested the bodies in the Guardhouse has found its way here.

Spread the word, and keep the guards on watch.
The scholars here are lost, let’s not lose anymore.

Sun Tower Lore 1

Irad’s Notes (Found after reading at least one entry in the sun tower)

Journal Entry #1
1. Days since the Rebellion

I haven’t been sleeping recently.
This sudden bought of insomnia won’t seem to end.
Estuary Enoch took notice of my ailment, and referred me to Philosopher Nous, a so-called specialist of the mind.

I half expected some kind of tincture to help me sleep, but all old Nous gave me was this journal.
‘Ailments of the mind, come from the mind’
Outrageous! Nous believes my insomnia is subconsciously self-inflicted…

But he came at my brother’s behest, so I must continue to fill in this journal, if only to humor this ‘philosopher’ for now.

Irad’s Notes (Found after reading at least two entries in the sun tower)

Journal Entry #2
1. Days since the Rebellion

‘A fool is the man with nothing to learn.’
Philosopher Nous insists I continue this ‘journaling therapy’.
I admit he is knowledgeable, and speaking with him has improved his standing in my eyes, but his diagnosis of me is built off false assumptions.

He believes the life and mind of an Estuary is comparable to that of a peasant’s.
We are not the same class of creature. The pressures that would bring him to his knees would not so much as cause me to sweat.
He does not understand how much work it takes to rule a kingdom. My subconscious is pure, and my mind is sharp.
Despite 8 sleepless days, I am still more astute than he’ll ever be.

Irad’s Notes (Found after reading at least three entries in the sun tower)

Journal Entry #6
2. Days since the Rebellion

I will admit, I have grown fond of transcribing my thoughts into this book. There’s something deeply satisfying about looking back upon your own genius.
But today, my journal serves another purpose.
Leto, my personal page, has fallen ill. So for today, I shall be my own assistant.
It will be challenging, for it has been 15 days since I last slept, and keeping track of my daily tasks has become… difficult.


(0600 to 0700) Power up the sun.
– Need to speak to Estuary Enoch about the worsening Ash Clouds.
– The clouds are so thick, the sunlight can barely pierce through them.
(0700 to 1300) Trawling the Gihon Reservoir.
– We need to be thorough. Can’t allow anything to contaminate our water source.

(1300 to 1400) Lunch.
– I’m thinking pizza.
(1400-1700) Formulate party for the Pishon Dry Lakes excursion.
Estuary Tubal fled to the Mines and sealed them off when the rebellion started. I will find him and drag him out personally. (Does he think the war is still going?)

It has been 15 days since I last slept (did I say that already?), and I am still working.
A reliable man is a valuable man, and Tubal’s dereliction of duty will not go unpunished.

Irad’s Notes (Found after reading at least four entries in the sun tower)

Journal Entry #9
3. Days since the Rebellion

My head has been fuzzy all day, but I am relieved to be free of those caves.
After 5 days of searching, no sign of Estuary Tubal can be found. I think it’s safe to presume that he has perished.
Perhaps he succumbed to the Black Root, or was swept away by the Stygian waters.
…Either way, he is no longer my concern.

His death warrants more ceremony, but I do not have the time for such banalities. There are more pressing matters that demand my attention, and I’m having more and more trouble keeping track of the day.
I’ve already missed multiple appointments with Philosopher Nous, due to this miasma of the mind. I’ve resorted to having a personal page create lists, and issue me constant reminders of my daily tasks.


– Restart Tubal’s automatons.
– The Dragon has fallen ill and causing the Ash Cloud epidemic. We’ll need to find a way to nurse it back to health.
– Install more of Tubal’s SAWS to combat the Black Root in the caves.
– Install SAWS in the Tower? They work quite well.
– Lunch. Pizza.

Irad’s Notes (Found after reading at least five entries in the sun tower)

Journal Entry #35
6. Days since the Rebellion

It has been weeks since I last slept. The insomnia is taking its toll.
Spoke to Nous about it. Having trouble writing anything other than lists.
Before I left he tasked me with one last exercise.
‘In your own words, tell me what it means to be an Estuary‘.
… So tired… Even with a prompt, I’m having trouble thinking what to write…

What is an Estuary?


An Estuary is a soldier, chosen to by our blessed Father – the Immortal King – to enact his will.
All souls belong to our King.
And we give our lives gladly to extend his own.

An Estuary partakes of the King’s flesh, becoming eternally bound to his will.
To serve him is to serve ourselves.

To become an Estuary is to have the highest honour, for it is given only to the deserving.
And I am most deserving…

I earned my place thrice over.
Once as his General for conquering the world.
Once as his Miracle, for capturing the Dragon.
And once again as a Leader, for ruling this Kingdom of Genesis.

So Nous, you asked me ‘What is an Estuary?’
Well, this is my answer:
I am an Estuary.

Sun Tower Lore 2

Irad’s Notes (Found after reading at least six entries in the sun tower)

Journal Entry #120
14. Days since the Rebellion

Looked for stairs. Needed way down.
Hard to climb down Tower. Maybe stay up here.
Need to keep watch. Rebels could attack. Sun’s so bright.
Talked with Nous today. Talked, but he doesn’t make sense anymore.
Gave me my tests again. Feel like been doing these all day.
Don’t mind. Fun.

Sharpness of Mind Test

What is 12×12
Split this word – Apple
Peal, Leap, Pap, Pep, Pal, Peal
Where do you reside?

What is 100/11
Where does the Bell reside?
Split this word – Return
Turn, Urn, Tre, Nute, Tern, Rune, Run
What is 510 + 620
50. 51, 60, 20, 206, 015206, 620, 100, 102
Where does the REAL Bell reside?
Top of Tower.

Irad’s Notes (Found after reading at least seven entries in the sun tower)
How did they know where the Bell was?
Its true location was known only to me, a secret I would have taken to my grave.
Did a Memory leak out? Nay, that’s impossible. I suppressed them long ago…

Either way, the Bell of Return has been rung, and the King’s arrival has been marked.
The noise was deafening. The reverberations were so loud, the crumbled the top of the Sun Tower.
But it was the wake-up call I needed – I have never felt more cognizant than I do today!

I intercepted the soldier that rang the bell, but was unable to stop him.
He was very skilled… almost as good as Lamech.
He got a few cuts on my before he fled, but they’ll heal quickly enough.

But his escape doesn’t matter. By ringing that bell, he has condemned us all.
When the King arrives he will see his Kingdom in ruin, the Tree barren, and rebels running rampant through the halls of the Citadel.
He will not look kindly on our failures, I doubt any of us will be spared.

But perhaps this unrelenting pressure was what I needed all along! The malaise from my insomnia is gone – flushed out by this flood of adrenaline.
And in its place, an epiphany! But I must be careful. This journal is the only thing keeping my Memories from leaking out for the world to see.

I need somewhere safe to think. To really let my thoughts expand…
My old room at the base of the Sun Tower should do the trick. The entrance has been boarded up, but there’s a Trick Wall beside the windowed spike pit which will still let me in.

Irad’s Notes (Found after reading at least eight entries in the sun tower)

Irad’s Memory (Found in a secret room in the sun tower entrance.)
… I was wrong. I got excited for nothing…
… None of my theories panned out… I’m such a failure.
(The memories seem very giddy…)

Irad’s Notes (Found in a secret room in the sun tower entrance.)

Irad’s Memory (Found in an even more secret room in the sun tower entrance.)
It’s perfect! Everything my theory predicted is true. I know how to make the tree bear fruit!

I shall condemn the other Estuaries as traitors, and gather them to be sacrificed.
Lamech will be the most difficult to capture, but even he is but a shadow of his former self. Very little stands in my way…

Yes… I can already feel my insomnia lift from my shoulders.
Tomorrow, I shall set my plan in motion.
For now, I shall surrender myself to sweet, well-deserved slumber. May it invigorate me for the trials ahead.
But first I’ll turn off the sun and allow the world to be coated in darkness whilst I rest…

And hopefully my arm will heal as well.
These scratches that rebel gave me have been itching all day.

Irad’s Notes (Found in an even more secret room in the sun tower entrance.)
(Diagrams, horticultural growth charts, stacks of battle documents, Kingdom death rates, and a pile of other random papers cover the desk).


Murmur’s Memory (Found in a secret room in the study)

Keep it together. Don’t show Enoch you’re unwell.
He’ll turn me into a box, I know he will!

That would be a horrible fate indeed. Left in the cellars to do his bidding!
… I just need a few more days to find a cure.



(Found in the same secret room in the study)


(coming soon)

NPC Dialogue

This is not going to be easy to do, since NPC dialogue is mostly random. I’ll just start with the drift house npcs.

Elpis the Bearer of Hope (Talk to lady in drift house after beating Irad)

Many greetings Traveller.
I am Elpis, the Bringer of Hope, and I have been dying to meet you.
(Just joking, I can’t die.)

I have been following your journey through the Great Tapestry of the Morai.
It is a Tapestry which annotates the entirety of human history. Every soul is a new Thread, and every death, a pattern ended.
… But you are special Traveller.
Your Thread is like none I have seen before.

Like an Estuary, your Thread is one which binds many.
These Estuaries pull others unto themselves, forming a Knot that desecrates the Great Tapestry.
You on the other hand, form a Weave.
Souls interlinked harmoniously, forming a pattern within a pattern.

The Gods think humanity is doomed. Years of war and turmoil have made them lose hope.
But you and that beautiful Weave of yours, have the potential to change the tides.
For despair and hope are two sides of the same coin.
One cannot exist without the other.

The more difficult your journey becomes, the greater the hope you’ll bring to those around you.
The changes you have made down here is but a drop of your true potential.
Work with me and together we can make this world a lot better, by making it a little worse.

So, what say you Traveller?
Interested in proving the Gods wrong and reviving hope?

Geras The Caretaker (Scar of Sisyphus)

Welcome to Erebus, the Astral Plane of the Collective Subconscious.

In this vast expanse, all of the souls of both the living and the dead are connected to one another.
Out here, our memories, our emotions, and our deeds are laid bare.
You see, no one exists within a vacuum. We all have an effect on one another.

I am the Caretaker of the souls of Erebus. I nurture virtuous emotions, while weeding out the negative ones.
But sometimes an event can occur – one so catastrophic – that the psychological trauma creates a Scar across the lands.
Left unresolved, these Scars will poison the minds of future generations.

These traumas… These Scars, I cannot resolve alone.
I lack the ability to fully empathize with what you mortals face every day.

And this is where you come in. I need the empathy of another mortal to help heal these lands.
Help me, and you help humanity.

The Scars you face in your journey ahead are treacherous. They will push your skills to the limit.
And in Erebus, physical strength can only take you so far.
Your body will be limited by your Empathic Connection.

But if you can improve your Empathic Connection, you can reduce, and maybe even remove these limits all together.

Welcome to the top of the caldera Traveller.
This mountain you have been climbing is my Scar, and it continues to grow as my feat of failing to save these people mounts.

Down here, there has been so much pain and suffering.
So many Scars have grown wild, corrupting the lands.

The trauma down here will be passed down, and corrupt countless generations to come.
These people deserve better.

So what do you say? Will you help me bring closure to these people?
I know it’s a tall task, but this is a tall mountain.

Plus, if you do good enough, I’ll give you a trophy! Everyone loves trophies!

The Story Abridged

In this section, I will take all of the lore entries and try to make a coherent story out of them. This will be challenging, especially since the game is only in version 0.3.1 at the time of writing this. (I will be coming back to this in future updates, but it will surely take me some time to find them and convert them. Converting these takes a long time)

After looking over all of the guide before this, you’ve probably noticed how there is a lot of lore to unpack, so reading over all of this and theorizing is gonna take some time. For now, I’m just going to publish this guide for peer review and edit this section later.

Unrelated Speculation

It’s worth noting that most names from the game come from this biblical family tree, so Z’s name is likely Zillah, and J’s name is likely either Jubal or Jabal. It has also been shown that certain characters (Namaah in particular) are tied to events in the bible.
Rogue Legacy 2 - Rouge Legacy 2 Lorekeeper's Book


I’ve created a timeline for me to try and piece the story together in a way that makes sense. As you can see, it’s not all the way finished. Updates coming soon
Rogue Legacy 2 - Rouge Legacy 2 Lorekeeper's Book


These are just my personal notes on keeping lore for the game, this section will look a lot tidier and may not exist in the final guide.


What was Z’s plan, and how does their conversation/death fit in the timeline?

Which Estuary is on the rebel’s side?

Does the soldier that said they trained under J have any impact on the lore?

What does the fifth forest log mean?

What is the Stygian?
Who is the King, and why does he require the fruit?
Who are Namaah’s lilies for, and why did she kill the villagers?

What was Enoch’s ultimatum that he presented to estuary Irad?
What is the bell of return, and what’s the deal with Agnosia? (Bell of return seems to refer to the return of the king, and how the bell should be rung when the tree bears fruit)

What poison does Namaah attempt to cull? (probably the black roots)
Is there anything to the name “Ashen Snow”? (yeah, irad calls the sun tower clouds the ashen clouds, and says it’s the dragons fault. From this we can guess that the ashen snow is the dragon’s fault too)
What about the “eternal summer”?

Stuff we know fairly well

J speaks of the shift in the bridge in the Mundi logs, and we know from Enoch’s logs that the shift happened due to the rebellion.
We know that a “war” breaks out after the rebellion since it’s mentioned in the Mundi logs.
The memory found in the observation room belongs to a guard, heres why:
We know from J’s logs that the bodies attracted the monsters, and after they fled they noticed there were less bodies. We can assume that the monsters came, and the black roots infected the bodies turning them into monsters, which made there be less bodies. The memory talks about being crushed by the black roots, and how the same black roots were infesting the bodies below. This memory couldn’t be J’s since he was alive to see the smaller body pile.

The “gates” typically refer to the Axis Mundi gates, the “golden gates” refer to the golden gates at the begging of the game, and the “garden gates” is also theorized to be the golden gates.

It’s worth pointing out that monsters only started invading the citadel after the mines were flooded with the stygian waters, and enoch believes that the waters may be the source of the root.
There is a lot of evidence that suggests black root turns things into monsters, so that would mean everything we fight was corrupted by the black root. I’m somewhat doubtful on this theory, however, since the blobfish exist.

We can assume the “Father” that namaah mentions is the king, and the “brothers” are the other Estuaries.
Namaah is afraid the gates may open because she knows the beasts are on the other side.

The garden everyone refers to is the one behind the golden gates.

The rebellion

It happened, and J and Z seemed to live through it. Lamech never planned to stop the attack apparently. Was Z’s plan to save everyone just to raid the estuaries? We know for sure that J lived on to attempt to get supplies to the villagers, and we know that Z tried to fight lamech in his throne room

Random notes

When J trapped the Void Beasts in the gatehouse, what side of the gate was he on?
J says the “villagers are on their own now”, but this could mean that he is separate from them, or it could mean that the villagers are separate from more incoming sustenance
Later, he mentions that he dreamt of seeing an empty village as he closed the gates. The only reason I don’t think they’re on the outside of the village is because you find more J letters inside of the forest.
Then again, even LATER he is known to have gone into the gatehouse. This seems to confirm to me that the letters in the forest were not written in the forest, but transferred to the forest. Perhaps the reason they were is because that is where Z is? That wouldn’t make perfect sense, but we still haven’t gotten a confirmed location on her. It does seem like she might be in the castle, but these axis mundi logs seem to take place at a different time.

Judging by Enoch’s notes, it says that the bridge was an anchor before the rebellion, which means the rebellion caused the bridge to shift. This places the mundi logs after the rebellion, and because of that it puts the namaah memories after the rebellion as well.

J warns of talk of rebellion spreading, and Z says “I wonder why”.
Apparently, J casted the Heirloom of Zephyr ‘into the stygian’ to prevent rebels like Z from entering. What is ‘the stygian’, how does casting the heirloom of Zephyr prevent entry, and why can’t rebels go into the ‘stygian’?

“You could be working in the Citadel and creating change from the inside.” – J in forest logs.
We know that Z has been to the Citadel before, so J saying that she hasn’t been working there may imply the forest logs predate the castle logs. He also says “If you fight, you will die” which also leads me to believe the forest logs ARE before the great rebellion

Interesting things we already know:
J is leading/helping with getting supplies to the village.
Z and J are in love, dunno what that means for the lore, but it’s there in the forest logs.
J is the man-rat irad mentions. He is the traitor.

Tree Garden Theory

The Tree Garden Theory (By Sirebellum)
The Tree Garden theory is an idea that explains the Estuaries’ purposes quite well, and even details some speculation as to what the final boss may be like.
So in short, the Tree/Fruit Garden theory is a theory that all of the Estuaries’ main purpose is to guard the golden gates. The golden gates have some sort of special tree behind them (Edit: after the 0.3.2b update, there is a journal that says the tree is called the Tree of Eternal Life), and it is their jobs to check on it and see if it has grown fruit yet. They hold the meetings somewhere near the gates, and the ceremony of return is checking on the tree. Makes sense, no? Enoch’s notes refers to being “Down here” with Irad for 1000 years and Lamech talks about being there for about 1000 years as well. The “Down here” they talk about is down in the citadel, having meetings about getting the tree to bear fruit. And, since three estuaries out of five are known to go there, we can just assume everyone does.
Another very interesting detail about the door is how you can see a tree with people worshiping it on the door.
Rogue Legacy 2 - Rouge Legacy 2 Lorekeeper's Book

Enoch’s notes talk at length about how they need to get the fruit for the king, which at this point is still mostly unexplained. However, discord user Tadpole#2060 made an interesting connection between the fruit and the bible, which is how this theory first started. (See section “Cain Theory” for more details on how the bible relates to the game)
Rogue Legacy 2 - Rouge Legacy 2 Lorekeeper's Book
If we assume the Cherubim are like the estuaries, and Cain in this story is just the estuaries gathered together, we can assume that the fruit is a gift for the King. Why give it to the king? What does the fruit do? I don’t know, we’ll have to wait until the game updates to include more lore until we can tell. But as I said earlier, this game does take notes from biblical stories, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for those references when they come up.

We all know that the golden gates has the final boss behind it as well though, right? We can assume this since the first game followed the same path. This would mean we’d be fighting something near the garden of the tree. Could it be the king, enhanced by the gift of the fruit?

Now, more about the doors. Enoch has been known to experiment with black roots and binding souls to doors. As we see in his boss chamber, the doors will only open if the bound souls gather or die. Where else do we see something involving black roots and deaths to open doors? That’s right, the golden gates. The golden gates are bound with black roots so that the estuaries must gather or die for them to open.
In summary, the golden gates having the roots on them just means someone (Likely Enoch since he knows most about the roots) cast that same spell, and made the doors extra secure. This is why the rebels’ plan is to wait until the ceremony to ambush the estuaries, just because the doors are open during that ceremony. Of course, there will be guards during the ceremony… unless they strike at the bridge just as they planned. We don’t know for sure what happened after this ambush, and the timeline just gets all jumbled up when trying to guess what happened before and after the great rebellion. I’d appreciate your ideas in the comments below.
(Edit: This just in, I have found a line in Enoch’s notes that outright says that he made the door lock for the golden gates… that’s pretty embarrassing that I didn’t see that but I guess we knew about it beforehand anyways.)

The Stygian Study is home to some strange looking posters that may or may not be a joke. It seems like the cloaked figures hailing the eggplant may just be a joke, but what if this means that flamelocks and icen (Or whatever the blue ones are called in game) are scholars from the study corrupted by the root or by some other thing? Could all monsters either be humans corrupted or other stygian beasts? It’s something to think about.
Rogue Legacy 2 - Rouge Legacy 2 Lorekeeper's Book

Rogue Legacy 2 - Rouge Legacy 2 Lorekeeper's Book

Note: Look at the strange charred looking man, it seems like the smoke coming out of him is going up towards a fist.This is complete speculation, but could this be a person’s soul being transferred into a gauntlet to become one of the many hand enemies we see in game?

Cain Theory

Cain Theory (By Tadpole)
Many games create lore by taking the lore from history, mythology, and other such works, and adapting it to fit their own themes. Because of this, if you can find the source material, you can make predictions for the path that a story will take, and the intent behind the lore.
For example, in the original Rogue Legacy, you can predict that there’s a strong connection to the fountain of youth as a story element due to 3 of the bosses being involved in the legacy of the fountain (Herodotus, Alexander, and Ponce de Leon). If we extrapolate from this, and note that many stories about hunting for the fountain of youth end in sacrifice and suffering, you can begin to see that the suffering of the rogues and the creatures of the castle is tied to the endless quest for the fountain of youth. It is by destroying the fountain, and accepting life without the fountain that the darkness fades and they can once again see the sun (while a bit of a stretch on my part here, the concept could be seen).
From the Garden Tree theory, we can assume that one of the major pieces that this game’s lore is based off of is the story of Cain and Abel, as every Estuary shares a name with a child of Cain.

Rogue Legacy 2 - Rouge Legacy 2 Lorekeeper's Book

Cain Theory is the process of looking deep into the actions and meanings of Cain and Abel to gain glimpses into the intent of the story in Rogue Legacy 2, as well as what the main themes may be as the story progresses. It is all theory, as we cannot gain evidence until the lore grows with each passing update, but is worth giving its own section because of the value this may hold.


The entire story of Cain and Abel is told within a single chapter of the bible (Genesis 4). Cain is the firstborn of Adam and Eve, with Abel the second-born. Cain tilled the ground and Abel kept the sheep.
One day, They both gave an offering of their work to god. God accepted Abel’s offering, but not Cains. This made him angry, and he killed his brother out of jealousy, committing the first murder.
God then cursed Cain for his actions, and cursed him: “When you till the ground, it shall no longer yield it’s strength to you. A fugitive and a vagabond you shall be on the earth.” God does give Cain a mark however, so that whomever kills Cain will take vengeance sevenfold.
From here, the story simply tells of the progression of his life, and the children he had. Some are given titles of what they did, while others are simply named, and never brought up. The most notable of them is Lamech, who the city is named after, and later boasts to his two wives of how he killed a man, and surely if he was hurt he’d be avenged seventy-sevenfold.
This is the last that’s ever brought up of the story of Cain and his children, except as a reference of why you shouldn’t let your jealousy overcome you. It is likely that any remaining of Cain’s family perished during the flood in the story of Noah’s Arc.


The most noteworthy theme of this story is Envy. While the Estuaries all work together, they all desire recognition, and suffer for it. Lamech allows the rebels to gain surprise as he envies respect. Namaah believes her brothers Envy her success, and that is why her garden fell to ruin.
The next is betrayal and the willingness to kill family for one’s own sake. Enoch schemed to kill Irad, leading to their own Undoing. Enoch also believes Irad would kill them all to have something to return to his king. As we learn more about the Estuaries, I believe that none of them will be willing to trust one another, or those they do trust they envy them and aren’t someone the other should trust. I would like to also note that J secretly betrays Z in revealing the rebellion to Lamech for a pardon, and is willing to let the other rebels die for their sake.


While the story tells us more about themes than specific characters, all names have a meaning, and there is some information in a few of them. I will be ignoring the lineage, as they’ve referred to each other as ‘siblings’ before, and after a thousand years a difference in age is likely to be ignored.

Lamech: Depending on your source, Lamech either means ‘to lay low’, or ‘conquer’, the latter being the likely intent for the game’s meaning. As the only child to have characterization in the bible, we know he is prideful and arrogant. This reflects the Lamech of Rogue Legacy well, as he constantly bothers the estuaries with the same thing, simply saying he has the right to as an Estuary. When he hears of the rebellion, he assumes he can take them all on his own, and refuses to tell any others.

Namaah: means ‘loveliness, sweetness, grace, beauty’, and is used to show an importance of appearance over other characteristics. While this is all that is said in the biblical story, she is an example of how they cultivated crops despite the curse; the phrases she repeats aren’t about tilling the ground, as it wouldn’t yield it’s strength. Instead, she harvests by letting the ground go untamed, and just prevents poison from being involved.

Enoch: means ‘dedicated’ and while they were shown to be more dedicated to their studies than their mission, does show how they had the drive to face even Irad.

Irad:: Means either ‘wild a*s’, ‘heap of empire’, or ‘dragon’. Given his dedication to his task, heap of empire is the more likely means. This would imply he thinks little of what he’s building, only that it is increasing in scale, like a heap. With dragon being another name, and his location being the ‘sun tower,’ there may be some connections to a boss-fight themed around Japanese dragons (the land of the rising sun), but that’s not what this speculation is for.
Rogue Legacy 2 - Rouge Legacy 2 Lorekeeper's Book

Mehujael: means ‘destroyed of god’. He is also the Estuary who has died in the flooding of the Stygian Waters, perhaps implying that the Stygian is in some way God’s wrath.

J and Z: While neither of these characters are called Estuaries, they may have connections to them as we learn more about their story. Of the remaining children of Cain, Zillah, meaning ‘shade’ is one. While the meaning leans more into ‘shade of a tree’ and therefore comfort, they could be using that same thing for a spy. For J, both Jubal and Jabal could be other names, though as Jabal was a farmer and Jubal was a musician, it’s likely not referring to the warrior J. It is worth noting that Jubal means ‘stream’ and Jabal means ‘flowing’, which could tie into the Estuaries as to why they’re called Estuaries


The King: the King will likely go unnamed for the majority of the game, as revealing the name Cain would spoil the concept prematurely, as many cannot confirm to which lore the tree’s refer to right now (tree of life, Yggdrasil, or others). The king has a mark, which implies that anything done to him will be avenged sevenfold, which may mean that some suffering has been caused to Cain by the hands of either one of the Estuaries or the Rebels, and the dark curse hanging over the kingdom is the consequence of this.
Stygian Wrath: As brought up with Mehujael, there is a possibility that the Stygian Waters is part of this curse for causing suffering, as Enoch couldn’t understand why it occurred when it did. This would also lead to why Black Roots can be used to bind souls, as the wrath is more than just to cause physical suffering.


I, Sirebellum, converted all in game lore stuff, and wrote all sections but cain theory.
Big thanks to Tadpole for formulating the Tree Garden theory with me in the Rouge Legacy discord server, and making everything in the Cain Theory section.
Shotgun Crusader, Alphastring, and Teelore from the discord also pitched some good ideas in and helped solve some stuff.

Written by Sirebellum

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Rogue Legacy 2 – Rouge Legacy 2 Lorekeeper’s Book, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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