Rogue Company – How to Link Epic Account to Steam Account

Rogue Company – How to Link Epic Account to Steam Account 1 -
Rogue Company – How to Link Epic Account to Steam Account 1 -
This guide explains you on plain English how to link your Epic account with the Steam one and thus you get to keep all your rogue’s, points and level.


How to link your existing Rogue Company Epic Account to your Steam Account

This is pretty straightforward. This game did come out on Epic and I as well as many of you have played a lot on Epic and have had different rogue’s unlocked as well as mastery levels and my profile level bumped up. Now in order not to lose all of that and start from 0 since I don’t think anyone would wanna do that, there is a way to link your Epic Account to Steam and transfer everything, your whole profile and everything I just mentioned and play the game on Steam. It’s quite simple, you have to open the following link:

After you have done that, press the Steam icon. Enter your login and password information, steam guard code as well when it asks and then it will bring you back to this website showing that your Steam Account is connected. After that, select the Epic one and login with your Epic Games Account. It will ask you to enter an email address, I just entered the one I use on my Epic Games Account and after that it will prompt you back to the same site where you just have to set your Epic Games Account as Primary by pressing on it and voila, you can now download the game on Steam and play. Below this section I will even upload a video that shows the whole process. Enjoy 🙂


As promised here is the video that just shows everything I mentioned above:

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  1. Thanks for the tuto it helped me 🙂
    A little tip for those who play on steam like me and who want to take advantage of the free pack on Epic Games, you have to link the two accounts as on the tuto/video and then launch the game at least once from the Epic platform today, and there you will receive the bonus gifts 🙂

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