Roblox – YEET Simulator Codes (June 2023)

Roblox – YEET Simulator Codes (April 2021) 1 -
Roblox – YEET Simulator Codes (April 2021) 1 -

About Roblox – YEET Simulator Codes

Roblox YEET Simulator codes can give items, gems, coins, pets, and more benefits. When other players try to make money during the game, these codes make it easy for you and you can reach what you need earlier without leaving behind.

Make sure you check our post often because we update with new codes when they are released/updated so you can use them how long they are available!

Last update: (June 2023)


Roblox – YEET Simulator Codes (Active Codes)

The following codes is a full list of codes and what you gonna get by using them (We test each code before adding them to the list)

  • EGGCODE – Use this code to Redeem a free Forest Egg wich includes a pet Bear for FREE
  • DISCMEMBER5000 – redeem the code and get 5000 YEETbux
  • RANDOM BOOST5 – Use this code to Redeem a 5M Boost Thanos Hand for FREE
  • 10FUEGO – first is zero second is OUse this code to Redeem a 10M Boost Rapid Fire for FREE


Roblox – YEET Simulator Codes (Expired and Out of Date)

This is the following list of codes what was available before to be used but they are not available anymore in the game to be used.

Don’t worry if you used them before, you will not lose what you got!

  • None


How to Redeem Codes on YEET Simulator?

If you are playing Roblox for sure you will end up using Promo Codes at some point. They are FREE to use for an extra boost on your gameplay!

  1. Locate the “Twitter” icon (it should say codes on it) and Press this Icon.
  2. A screen will open/show.
  3. Copy and Paste or Type the code from above on the blank area (You can copy and paste by using CTRL + C and CTRL + V codes from the post)
  4. Press the “Confirm” button to use the Codes!

If you still didn’t understand how to claim the codes or you have an issue you can watch this video:


About YEET Simulator


💎 RUBIES ARE NEW AND RARE! PURCHASE THE RAREST PETS IN THE GAME WITH THEM! Get them by hitting targets or defeating bosses! 👑


Your pets will yeet along with you! Level your pets up to increase their power! Rarer pets can be leveled up further!

➡️ Yeet everything from apples to aliens! 👽
¥💸 The further you yeet stuff, the more money you get! 💸¥

⬆️Spend your money on upgrades to yeet farther and faster, and buy more yeetables!⬆️

⚔️ Fight other players in the PvP zone! ⚔️

*Rubies are currently only gained by defeating others in PvP, they will be used as a rare currency in later updates.*

❤️ Follow and favorite the game to keep up with updates! Join red diamond! 💎



NOTE: Only the Developers and Admins of Roblox YEET Simulator can make new codes or disable codes! Admins of can’t make new codes!



We will update this post each month when new codes will become available, BUT if you test a code and is not working anymore or we missed a code please let us know via comment and we will update this post as fast as possible! We thank you!

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