Roblox – TutuLand Codes – Free Pets, Coins and Boosts (December 2023)

Roblox – TutuLand Codes (January 2022) 1 -
Roblox – TutuLand Codes (January 2022) 1 -

About Roblox – TutuLand

We have a collection of active codes that you can use on Roblox TutuLand [BETA] and information like Badges Lists you can get by playing and Shop Items including their prices.
Using codes from our list can help you get an extra boost as free pets, coins, and boosts on TutuLand [BETA] for FREE!


Who created Roblox TutuLand?

Roblox TutuLand was created by developer Mimi_Dev and was first released on Aug 29, 2019.
Developer URL:


How many visitors Roblox TutuLand have?

When we last update this post Roblox TutuLand has over 5,888,049 Visitors and 43,157 players added TutuLand to their favorite for now! Are you one of their followers?
And the last update for Roblox TutuLand was on May 07, 2022 (3 days ago).


How many players are playing Roblox TutuLand?

When we last update this post, Roblox TutuLand had over 333 players online, TutuLand has a decent amount of players.



Roblox – TutuLand Codes Lists (Active and Expired)

Let’s start now with the most important information on this post, Active Codes Lists (Including Expired Codes) that will help you get a FREE boost and items on TutuLand!


Roblox – TutuLand Active Codes List – (December 2023)

Here is the list of active codes we found on Roblox TutuLand, when using these codes write them exactly how they are on the list, or use copy and paste commands.
These codes are created by Mimi_Dev owner and developer of Roblox TutuLand and they are the only ones who can make new codes or deactivated codes.
Keep in mind, can’t create new codes! We only give helpful information!
We are trying our best to keep the list active and when new codes are added to the game to add them as fast as possible on this list! Don’t forget to add us to Bookmark this way you can be one of the first players who will be able to use the new codes on Roblox TutuLand before they expire!

  • No Codes ( Still no codes available for Roblox TutuLand, check again soon when new codes come out we will update the list )


Roblox – TutuLand Codes (Expired and Out of Date) – (December 2023)

We keep tracking even on codes what was available before but now they were removed from Roblox TutuLand, this way if players want to see what codes were deactivated you can see them on this list below if you succeed to use these codes before they got deactivated (Expired) don’t worry about the rewards you will not lose them!

  • TutuPets – Use this code to Redeem Confetti Pet Bed and Paw Print Food Bowl


How to use the Codes on TutuLand?

Roblox TutuLand Codes


Roblox TutuLand Codes


These are the steps you need to follow to redeem your codes on Roblox TutuLand hope you enjoy them 🙂

  1. Locate the “Phone” icon right side of your screen and Press this Icon.
  2. A screen will open/show and press in menu “Reward Code”.
  3. Copy and Paste or Type the code from above on the blank area (You can copy and paste by using CTRL + C and CTRL + V codes from the post)
  4. Press the “Submit” button to use the Codes!




What Badges Roblox TutuLand has?

Here we create a full list of active and removed badges that is available on Roblox TutuLand, these badges were created by developer Mimi_Dev can’t create new Badges!

Active Badges on Roblox TutuLand Lists?

This is the list of Active Badges
No Items found on Active Badges


deactivated Badges on Roblox TutuLand Lists?

These Badges are not Active on Roblox TutuLand, some Badges were active before or they will be active in the future, but everything depends on the developer Mimi_Dev
No Items found on Deactivate Badges



What items on Shop Roblox TutuLand are available?

We create a full list with all the items you can find to buy on Roblox TutuLand, these items were added by Mimi_Dev and they are the only ones who can add or remove items from the shop.
Each item has a price too, this way if you want to buy now or in future, you can know the prices for them.
Prices on USD, GBP, or EUR are only estimates! When we create these values we focus on United States (America) Robux Real Money! (Each price is not included in the EXTRA Robux when you buy!)

Roblox TutuLand - Shop Item Multi Buy
  • Item Name:
    Multi Buy
  • Type:
  • Updated:
    Jan 03, 2020
  • Prices:
    • Robux:
    • USD:
      You need to Buy Robux for $9.99 (Real Money Currency) and you gonna get EXTRA Robux R$80 (Membership Bonus)
    • GBP:
      You need to Buy Robux for £8.99 (Real Money Currency) and you gonna get EXTRA Robux R$80 (Membership Bonus)
    • EUR:
      You need to Buy Robux for €9.99 (Real Money Currency) and you gonna get EXTRA Robux R$80 (Membership Bonus)
  • Description:
    Buy up to 10 blind bags at once to save time!
  • Item URL:


Roblox TutuLand Description

Reading ability is required to fully enjoy this game.

🩰🩰 Welcome to TutuLand! You have been accepted to learn ballet at the most famous dance academy in the land! 🩰🩰

What to do here:
- Learn ballet at the academy
- Collect Daily Streak Rewards
- Collect rare costumes from mystery bags
- Play dance mini games
- Roleplay, dance and shop with friends
- Explore the many realms of TutuLand
- Meet the heroes of classic ballets
- Join the Ballet Protection Agency and defeat ballet villains in dance-off battles
- Decorate your home and invite friends to visit

This game is still under development and will receive regular updates! Stay tuned for more fun!

TutuLand was beta released on Dec 21, 2021.

Tags: Ballet, prima ballerina, tutu, dresses, princess, dress up, fashion, dance, fairytales, magical, shopping, fairies, beauty, makeup, hairstyles, friendship, royal



We hope this post helped you to find more information about Roblox TutuLand and to get FREE items using the codes on our lists, we are trying our best to keep the list updated with new and fresh codes, so make sure you bookmark us and check us often for new codes.
If one code is not working, or a new code was already added on Roblox TutuLand and is not here on the list please let us know via comment so we can update the codes lists!
Enjoy and see you soon!

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