Roblox real or a scam? Website Review

Roblox real or a scam? Website Review 1 -
Roblox real or a scam? Website Review 1 -

In the past few days, I keep hearing about website, and I start searching for more information if they are real or a scam claiming to give free Robux to players.


Who owns

When we check who owns the we can’t find any information, they keep the domain information private, this is a huge alert!

When people trying to hide their domain information, can be a red alert. (They claim free Robux)

They use to buy their domain.

But buying the domain from google doesn’t make a safe website! Anyone can buy domains from Google!

And is owned by has a bad review already from the Roblox community!


How old is

Now we try to check how old is this domain, they are only 3 months and 1 week old, (We check for this information on 07/08/2021)

These types of websites that are new, are created for fast money and abuse players and leave after few months.

I don’t say they are good or bad, but they are new and for me personally is not safe …


How many players are using

I can say not many players use, after checking some information about this domain, I found out they don’t have more than 50 visitors per day, and they claim they give a lot of Robux for free … this should be a huge red alert!


Best Gaming Deals!

More information about is a domain redirect for they redirect all the visitors from one domain to other. (Pyramide domain)

They are asking you to submit your Roblox username to be able to start and earn free Robux, they don’t ask for a password!

They promise free Robux added to your digital wallet, but I understand a lot of players never receive their Robux!

But still for you to get “free” Robux from them, you gonna need to work for it, and complete “offers”, and you get a commission percent from each offers you complete

They don’t ask for much, but I know this type of website they try to give on start some free Robux for random players so the word is going out, but after they get the amount of money they need to cover their expenses they will close and start a new website with different design and of course a different name.


Is real or a scam?

My suggestion is not a safe website, after checking information about this website I decided they are not safe to be used … how I said above a lot of players didn’t receive their Robux!

This is only my opinion!

You should check more information by searching on Google about but when a new website only 3 months old and less than 50 visitors per day claiming they give a good amount of Robux for me is a huge no …

But if you want to test their website on your own, you can let us know your experience with via comment.

These Robux generators are in no way affiliated with the Roblox company, so if your account will get any issue you have the chance to lose your account.



Roblox company advises all their player’s communities never to share your username or password or information with anyone or any website for Free Robux.

We recommend to don’t be part of this type of websites! And keep your account safe!


If you want free Robux I suggest following multiple Youtubers who giveaway Roblox for random fans.

They are safer than these websites.


Hope this information helped you find more about, if you have more information about them please let us know via comment, and we will check each of them and update this post in the case is needed.


Enjoy 🙂


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