Robin Morningwood Adventure – How to get the secret ending and achievement

Robin Morningwood Adventure – How to get the secret ending and achievement 1 -
Robin Morningwood Adventure – How to get the secret ending and achievement 1 -

This guide will show you how to achieve the secret ending.

Introduction and Tips

To unlock Straight achievement, you must meet the conditions of the secret ending. You can talk to Catherine at Whiterain Tavern to discuss these conditions. These conditions are:

  • No affinity unlocks for any guys (. Make sure you fail every minigame of)
  • Merchants have no "Favorite Customer" relationship
  • There was no "Came Over"
  • Tyran the Cursed King is defeated

It is easier to unlock (secret) end in New Game+. You can import resources and gear from your saved game into the new game. You can also repair buildings automatically, but you still need the quest item. I recommend you bring the One Ring and the One Plug as well as the Excaliballs. Scrolls must be removed from your gear.
Tips: Grant X and Cursed Tyran were defeated by me with one Orc’s Favourite dish each. If you don't need extra focus and vitality, Chef's Frog Legs (25 meat, 10 fruits, 1 gold ore each) is a good alternative. You cannot re-roll your gear as it requires three affinity to Horace.


Note: When I say "Place" x, it means that x scene is at place. Highwood Forest 2 is an example of this. It means to go to Highwood Forest, scene 2. Some areas also have sub-areas. For example, [place] x-b means scene x's subsection area. It is not important how long it takes, but it is a useful tracker. This route was completed in 1.5 hours.
To make it easier, prepare some resources and equipment in your old sale file before you start New Game Plus. To ensure that you don't gain affinity levels, resource collection will be limited.

  • Continue playing through the Main Game until you are finished with the fight against King Tyran
  • Make the One "True C(l)ock Ring at Hanth’s Forge with 50 gold ore (Giantlyod's minigame) Giant Lyod’s badass duel in), 50 rough diamond (Dueling In Lavalanch 2 – ) and 50 black ore (dueling In Solitude Peak 3 –
  • The One "True" butt plug can be purchased from the daddy orc at Ultima Plug in Glory Dungeon. It comes with 50 Gold Ore and 50 Rough Diamond. 50 black ore.
  • Complete Dododo side quest
  • Collect 210 Meat (dueling at Eden's Beach 1- ), 90 Fruit (Feasterra 1-, 6 Black Ore and 600 Coins (King Tyran's Minigame or Duel)).
  • Quit and start New Game Plus from the same Save File


Route (New Game Plus)

Day One

  • Run away from the guards (This won't affect the ending, but it is faster than going into the hatches)
  • Complete tutorial, but fail Hubert's minigame
  • Sleep

Day Two

  • Talk to Orderic, and you will fail the minigame
  • Talk to Gregor, and you will fail the minigame
  • Build a house and sleep

Day Three + Four

  • Repair your house
  • To get Valdo's spear, go to Eden's Bench 3 and then to Highwood Forest 3 for Hanth's anvil.

Day Five

  • Store gifts (We will need the inventory)
  • Repair the docks, fail minigame
  • Once you have all the recipes unlocked, make 2-6 Orc's Favourite dishes, (210 Meat, 90 Fruit and 6 Black Ores). If you don't have the farm resources, you will need to farm them to unlock the final recipe (115 Meat, 45 Fruit and 1 Copper Ore. 1 Silver Ore. 1 Gold Ore. 1 Rough Diamond.)
  • Repair the Forge, fail minigame
  • Fight the Dark Knight

Day Six, Seven, Eight

  • Save Rafaelo in Dustridge 3: b, Arthur In Rusty Valley 3: b, and Liam In Whiterain 3: b

Day Nine

  • Beton's Tournament: Participant

Day Ten

  • To get stone manhood from the temple, go to Golden Sand 2: c
  • To progress to night-time, fail Hubert's minigame/duel
  • Restore the King Status manhood, and take that sucker!
  • Follow the path shown and defeat Guard (aka Zack)
  • Go to the main foyer
  • Go to the left side room in the Main Foyer. The Bribe Inferno Trio has 600 coins.
  • Participant in Grant's Tournament

Day Eleven

  • Fight King and fail () There is no "Came Over” exception)
  • Fail Astaroth’s minigame
  • Repair Glory Dungeon
  • Go to Solitude Peak to defeat the three Dark Knights (E-Purple,), and E-17Y
  • Defeat Grant (Use Orc’s Favorite Dish if you are in red), and break seal.

Day Twelve

  • Fight the King (. Use Orc's Favorite Food if you are in red). Win

Day Thirteen

  • To progress to night-time, go to Whiterain 2 to fail two duels.
  • Talk to Catherine at Whiterain 4.


Many thanks

I am grateful that you have read my guide. Please rate the guide and provide feedback to help improve it.
I am currently working on a complete achievement guide and a walk-through.


Written by Canadian_Freak

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