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SotV changes
Hello everybody, im going to be explaining some things I’ve found in the void as of the SotV DLC. there have been changes to the void and how it works, so here are the changes I’ve noticed and an analysis on what it means. (But there’s a good side too) Notable changes are:
1: the timer is not paused while you are in it. This makes the void a less optimal place to go in runs, more on that later.
2: you can now choose between three items instead of one for the loot drop.
3: the void is more punishing. From my observations I’ve found that the new void does MORE damage as you reach 0hp, rather than before where you would take 1HP a tick when low hp.
4: certain items do not work. Repulsion armour plates no longer work (as I’ve been told) and tougher times/safer spaces do not block the void damage. This again makes the void more punishing.
5: after completing the void fields there is a new void portal that takes you to the stage to access the new final boss
If there are any more i missed or got wrong please comment it as there is no change log so not everything is clear at the time being.
Now for the analysis I mentioned. The void pre DLC was a great place to go to once you got a good run going or risked it and got lucky. You would head there in the run at and exit at still the same time, with 4 common 4 green and 1 red item. Now because the void was less harmful, there would be no major repercussions for trying the void. With enough mobility and reasonable hp to tank the void, you could run away if you were overwhelmed with enemies. entering the void was a good thing to do no matter what. If you got overwhelmed, a free item or two. If you survived, 9 more items (one of which is legendary), all for 0 extra seconds on the timer. Now something similar to this would be opening nine chests in rapid succession in a run, and getting the same rarity loot. The void does exactly that, but instead of gold you need skill to pass the void fields.
Post SotV however, the void becomes less optimal to go to. The major reason is the timer going up while you’re in it. Like I said before, the void was an optimal choice because you could get up to 9 free items for no cost on your run timer. Since the void now increases your time, it makes the stage after finishing the void much harder than it would be. Let’s go back to the chest analogy. Pre SotV void would be like opening up to 9 chests and getting the rarities as normal. Only takes a minute at most. There is no cost on the Current stage or the next because only a minute passed. New Void fields is like spending 10-20 minutes on a single stage and getting up to 9 items of the loot pool. those 10-20 minutes are going to make the next stage very very powerful. A drizzle run may not encounter too much problem if handled correctly but a monsoon run will find themselves getting overwhelmed. Note that this is an exception in god runs because, god runs are god runs.
As to when to actually do void fields at a lower risk, there are two options that I personally think are safe to do so. You should enter the void fields when you have consistent dps and are approaching/at a god run. when you can afford to lose that time for items, or want a challenge, go for it. The second option is for when you want to reach the new final boss as completing the void fields spawns the void portal.
TL;DR Void fields are less optimal to go to because of the timer increases for not enough items and it deals more damage. Go for it when you’re strong enough or want to defeat new final boss.


Written by karlvisher

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Risk of Rain 2 – SotV New DLC Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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