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Item builds for assorted character will add more in the future 🙂



This is a Guide that will teach you about builds you can use in Risk of Rain 2, although due to the RNG these builds work best with Artifact of Command.

This Guide will provide the item that make up a build AND give a short summary of how it works.

I hope you enjoy this, and comment any builds that I left out below!

IMPORTANT NOTE: if there is not a specific number next to a item then you need as many as you can get

Engineer Builds

Risk of Rain 2 - Item Builds - Engineer Builds
1. Angels and Demons
*needs stationary turrets*

Bustling Fungus
N’kuhana’s Opinion

Although a very simple build it works great due to your turrets are never moving so they are always healing for bustling fungus and will heal anyone else that goes into its ring providing a great emergency healing, stack that with N’kuhana’s Opinion which fires fireballs when you heal enough makes a powerful defense. The biggest problem with this build is that it only relies on two items which means you probably need to use Artifact of Command.

Huntress Builds

Risk of Rain 2 - Item Builds - Huntress Builds
1.Big Bang

Will O’ the Wisp
Ceremonial Dagger

This build when fully built will clear the field repeatedly leaving daggers behind which clear the next spawn etc. Then, with the added effect of crowbars it work that much better because its extreme bonus to high hp enemies, it also has the added bonus for Command users that there is only one item for each basic tier meaning each item you get is a no brainer.

BONUS: if you get a lunar item make it Shard of Glass it will give another huge DMG bonus!

MUL-T Builds

Risk of Rain 2 - Item Builds - MUL-T Builds
1.Death Mark Theme

Death Mark
Tri-Tip Dagger
Molten Perfortator
Ifrit’s Distinction

Due to MUL-T’s extreme attack speed on hits will do the best to quickly lay down heavy amounts of status conditions and increase the damage that enemy receives almost instantly working very well as a support build for high damage dealing characters.

BONUS: to make this a more aggressive build than a support build I would recommend using
soldiers syringe!
Note: If you cant find a on hit status item you can replace it with
Mired Urn
Frost Relic

Mercenary Builds

Risk of Rain 2 - Item Builds - Mercenary Builds
1. Bleeding Strike

x9 Lens-Maker’s Glasses
Predatory Instincts
Soldier’s Syringe
Harvester’s Scythe
Ifrit’s Distinction

For this build, the first items you need to get are the Lens-Maker’s Glasses, Predatory Instincts, and Shatterspleen, as they deal the bleed. Soldier’s Syringe will make the burn (from Ifrit’s Distinction) and bleed happen more with Eviscerate, Harvester’s Scythe and Aegis will give you lots of durability.

2. Quick Killing

Runald’s Band
Kjaro’s Band
Backup Magazine
Ceremonial Dagger
x5 Paul’s Goat Hoof
Focus Crystal
Ifrit’s Distinction

This build allows you to quickly deal large bursts of damage and to be able to stay out of taking too much damage. Runald’s Band and Kjaro’s Band are the main items, as they deal lots of burst style damage. Paul’s Goat Hoof allows you to dodge attacks for survival. Ifrit’s Distinction deals lots of burn for bonus damage.

Rex Builds

Risk of Rain 2 - Item Builds - Rex Builds
1.Clear Rex Weaknesses

x10 Lens-Maker’s Glasses
Harvesters Scythe

The biggest problem with Rex is that he uses life to use his abilitys, but he puts out huge damage, so using both of those to make this build which eliminates Rex’s weak point and improves his strong point. With this build you get guaranteed Crits on all attacks and heal from all the Crits you deal. Just note you have to hit, but as long as you do that you should stay with almost full HP constantly!

BONUS: if you want to take even more advantage over the Crits you can add Predatory Instinct to increase your attack speed


Risk of Rain 2 - Item Builds - Loader
1. Razorwire Whirlwind

Helfire Tincture
7-8x Fuel Cell
1. Chronobauble
Tri-tip Dagger

This build mains the Helfire Tincture, get it as fast as possible. Many Fuel Cells allow you to keep using it, and the Razorwire continuously damages nearby enemies, as the Planula heals the damage you take from the Helfire Tincture. Very good for CC and can deal good damage to bosses as well.


Thanks for reading this.

Written by Pixal_Fighter

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Risk of Rain 2 – Item Builds, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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