RISK: Global Domination – Unlocking All Achievements – Playthrough

RISK: Global Domination – Unlocking All Achievements – Playthrough 1 - steamlists.com
RISK: Global Domination – Unlocking All Achievements – Playthrough 1 - steamlists.com

This guide provides a reliable way to unlock all achievements in Risk: Global Domination. It also includes detailed instructions on how you can accomplish each achievement in simple and legal ways.


Welcome to Risk: Global Domination. I assume you are here because there are at least three or four achievements you can't achieve no matter how hard you try. I'm confident that I have found reliable methods to achieve every achievement in the game through trial and error as well as investigation.
The guide consists of three core components:
The Grind, The Strategy and the Tutorials.
The Grind refers to long-term achievements that you can achieve through natural playtime. These achievements can be achieved by brute force, but they are not easy to attain due to the long process involved.
The Strategy is entirely luck-based and skill-based. This is the main focus of the research. You will find genuine advice and strategies for every achievement. However, this is what you really need, since these are the achievements that require particular conditions to be achieved.
Tutorials are achievements so simple that they can be compared to tutorial missions. These are the common sense achievements, but also the easy achievements that no one pays any attention to.

The Tutorial

It seems reasonable that the easiest stuff comes first, isn't it?
Pen Pal: Play with a friend and play the game
Send friend requests to random people. Play with your friends, and send them friend requests. To invite them in the game, you can simply create a friend. You don't have to keep them on the friends list.
Making Connections
This achievement is not possible to miss unless you refuse play any other than singleplayer. I'm sorry if you're having trouble with this. I don't know how to help.
Smiley Face: Use 10 Emojis to Express Yourself
Click your face to send emojis. They are at the top of the page and are images of characters expressing themselves.
The Chameleon: 5 games with different avatars
Play a game, swap avatars. Play a game, swap you avatar. Keep track of which ones were used.
Private Eyes Click Privacy Links
Click Privacy Policy in the Help Center and accept it. You will be taken to the Privacy Policy where you can claim a free achievement.
Tapped on the majority of the Tooltips
Go to settings and click the gray question marks. Click on any gray question mark that you see. It will eventually work.
Automatch: Matchmaker: Find a match using Automatch
Automatch into a lobby. If it doesn't work, I recommend you try it again. It seems to go based on the time in the queue.
Cashed up: Make an in-app purchase
Premium is a great investment if you like this game. It gives you unlimited gameplay and makes it much easier to complete this guide since you don't have to spend the play currency restrictions.
If you don't want support for the developers, you can use Steam Achievement Manager. However, this is against the spirit and spirit of this guide. If you want to unlock all achievements using SAM, you could do so without even trying.

The Grind

Grind Achievements are the ones you will have to play a lot in order to earn naturally. While there are other ways I could suggest, I will not recommend them. These are not only tedious but also unviable long-term unless you have lots of spare time or friends who are willing to help 100% with the achievement rosters.
Spoils of war: Claim 50 cards from Defeated players
We have all the card-based challenges. This one is the most difficult to win through coordination.
Play against easy bots, and take them out when they have 3+ cards. You can leave the bait behind, and if someone has 2 or more cards, you don’t have to kill them yet. They will need 3 matching cards or 1 of each to trade for a set.
Card Collector: Return 10 sets of cards.
Card Connoisseur – Turn in 50 sets.
Full Deck: You can turn in 100 sets.
All three of these achievements rely on you taking territories and turning in your cards. To achieve each achievement, you will need to turn in 30, 150, or 300 cards.
Play slowly, take territory, and save your cards. Or, focus on taking out large amounts of cards players to get free turns. This is the strategy I recommend.
If you have friends, or a second device, you can theoretically create a stalled match where you attack the other person, take one territory, and then fall back. You keep doing the same thing until you reach Full Deck.
Corps Creator: Draft 250 Troops
Battalion Builder: Draft 1,000 Troops
Army Assembler: Draft 10,000 Troops
These achievements are directly related to the previous ones. A fixed card game can only allow you to draft a maximum of 10 troops. However, a progressive card bonus will allow you to increase your troop gain dramatically. It can go as high or low as you like, depending on how long the game is. In theory, you could trade in a set for 10,000 cards.
These achievements will be easy to earn if you play a few progressive games.
1K down: Defeat 1000 Troops
The Big 5-0-0-0: Defeat 5k Troops
Do not take prisoners: Defeat 10,000 Troops
All of these depend on defeating large numbers.
Play with friends and get the Progressive Card Bonus. The card bonuses will quickly add up if you don't stop playing.
Rising Star: Defeat 25 players (CPU or human)
Unquenchable thirst for glory: Defeat 50 players (CPU, Human).
System Error: Defeat 100 CPU players
Cower Puny Humans – Defeat 100 Human players
This is dependent on your aggression and drive for victory over other players.
You could theoretically achieve all these achievements if you played with five humans and played with bots that earn 100 CPU defeats. This is impossible because of the logistical requirements. It is impossible to guarantee that one person is the consistent knockout for all twenty players.
My recommendation is to play the CPU matches against Easy Bots with friends or find other people online that you enjoy playing with. This is a simpler method than the one I suggested above, even though it is technically less complicated.
Unlucky streak: Lose 3 games
Fourth time's the charm: Lose 3 games in a row
Slippery Slope – Lose 10 Games
Anti-Victor: Lose 50 Games
If you want to achieve these achievements, then just lose or surrender intentionally. With a little patience, 50 losses are not difficult to achieve.
World Debut: Win 1 "Play Online” multiplayer game
Global Gamer: Win 25 "Play Online" multiplayer games
Planetary Player: Play Online and Win 50 Prizes
International Champion: Win 100 multiplayer "Play Online" games
Play with Friends counts. This means that you can play with one friend and have them lose, or play naturally with your friends. You will earn these achievements quickly. These settings will allow you to play faster on smaller maps. Random Placements eliminates setup, while Blizzards removes a certain number of territories from the game. This makes them unoccupied and ineligible for being moved into.
Solo Effort: Win 1 singleplayer game
Take it on Your Own: Win 25 singleplayer games
Army of One: Win 50 singleplayer Games
Lone Wolf: Win 100 singleplayer Games
Play against Easy Bots on Small Maps. Random placement and blizzards are available. This strategy is the best way to save time. There is no other way to use game mechanics to achieve this without actually playing singleplayer.
Fanatic: Play 100 Risk games
Veteran: Win 200 Risk Games
These will be acquired naturally when you obtain International Champion or Lone Wolf.
Friendship: Form 1st Alliance
Peacekeeper: Form 25 Alliances
Socialite: For 50 Alliances
Send alliance requests to your friends by getting together with a friend. There is a spam limit so if you send one and they break it, then they will send one, you can get 2 and generally time it well. This is easier if you have more people. It takes less time to reach 50.
Play random lobbies, and then send alliance requests to everyone. You will eventually get there.
No Strings Attached: Break 5 Alliances
If you use the first alliance strategy, this will be a natural result. You should not play with randoms. Break the Alliance with them.
Familiar Ground: Play the same game 10 times
You can play short maps with random placement and blizzards, and win or lose, until you achieve the achievement.

The Strategy

You need to plan, strategy, or luck in order to achieve success.
Shields up: Defend 5 attacks in succession
Stonewall: Protect 10 attacks in succession
Inpenetrable: Protect 15 attacks in succession
Risk Factions players will recall the Iron Man achievement. This was where one troop had to defend against five enemy attackers. Anyone who has ever played Risk Factions and achieved that achievement may have sighed with relief. This game is better with RNG and can be completed with any number troops.
Inpenetrable's strategy is to have 15 friends attack you with one troop against a large number of troops. Grab a friend and locate a map that you like to hide in. Ibailand is the best choice because the Down Town area of the pink continent is surrounded 5 territories. This allows your opponent to surround you and drop one troop in each territory. Then, attack Down Town. You can win easily if you take three turns to attack each territory.
Better Luck Next Time: Get eliminated before your first turn
This achievement is completely luck-based. This achievement is more successful if you have real players to help you. Small maps with Blizzards on Zombie gamemode are the best. You can add as many players as you like and then fill the rest of the map with bots.
One option is to dump all your troops into one territory, leaving all the others in a straight line for your friend. The RNG will then take your 18 troop-filled territory. If you don't want to do that, spread them out and let the Zombies take a territory out of your way while your friend puts all their troops in a single territory they can blitz through your frontline.
Depending on the number of troops in each spot, Balanced Blitz or Slow Rolling are recommended.
Long Engagement: Play a game that lasts 15 turns or longer
Simply take control of most of the world, surround the last country and then send all your troops to make sure they don't escape. You will most likely get this by accident if you use any of the methods in the Grinding section.
Land Baron: Hold 9 territories cards at once
You must have four territory cards in order to be able to help someone who needs five territory cards. To get the nine cards you need, you must kill the player who holds five cards. This is where a friend can help you. They will let you conquer all the territory, then trade cards on getting cards. Then you can end the game with only one player remaining, with that player controlling one or two territories.
Loaded Dice: Roll 4 6es in a row
All Four One, One for All: Roll 4 in a Row
Slow Roll your dice, get a huge stack, and then put it against another huge stack of troops. You will eventually achieve this achievement, although statistically it is unlikely (1/64 odds for both, or 0.077% odds, but with at least 100 troops it becomes significantly more probable at a 7.77%)
The World is Yours: Fight 5 Expert AIs in a Single Game of Classic World Domination Map
Magnifique: Fight 5 Expert AIs in one game of French Revolution Map
Both of these depend on player skill. My best advice is to use manual setup and progressive card bonus.
You should aim to take Africa as your first continent in Classic and Southern France in French Revolution. These territories can be defended easily while still retaining decent troop bonuses. Africa has a three-territorium front, while Southern France has a one-territorium front.
Wait for someone else to get too ambitious and then clean them up. Keep your cards and troops safe until you are actually going to need them. Only take what is necessary and then retreat when you are ready.
As these games are highly variable, I cannot offer any assistance.


Written by Forestxavier20

This is all about RISK: Global Domination – Unlocking All Achievements – Playthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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