rFactor 2 – Finding Workshop Mods and DLC Items! [ENG Version]

rFactor 2 – Finding Workshop Mods and DLC Items! [ENG Version] 1 - steamlists.com
rFactor 2 – Finding Workshop Mods and DLC Items! [ENG Version] 1 - steamlists.com
In this guide, I will show with pictures and text, how you can find the DLC Items that you have bought and Workshop Mods you have subscribed!

WARNING: This should be only a help for creating Championsships and more! Always ask the original creator if you could edit his mod or publish a championsship mod with his car/track/etc. mod!


Difference Workshop Mod and DLC Item!

Now before the Tutorial begins, I wanna tell you what the difference is between a Workshop Mod and a DLC Item! 
There is none. 
DLC Items work like a normal workshop mod. When you buy them, it’s like you buy a license, to download a Workshop mod! But you can only use it when you bought it! 

  • You can find the DLC Items you own in you’re Inventory. 
  • However, which Workshop Mods you’re subscribed to, you will see in the Subscribed-page at the workshop.



Before you start, you should enable “display URL” in Steam! It will make you’re Life waaaay easier in the later progress! 

Enable “display URL” : 

  1. Go to the upper right corner and click Steam 
  2. Settings 
  3. Click on Interface 
  4. Then click on Always show URL when available

You’re done! 

Where to find the needed Folder?

We need a folder! The Workshop folder! Where to find this folder? I’ll show you! 


  • Go to the hard drive, where you’re Steam-Games are installed! (If they are in the same folder like Steam, go to the Steam folder). 
  • Inside the Steam folder, you have the steamapps folder. Go inside that folder! 
  • Inside the steamapps folder you need to have a folder called workshop. Go inside that folder and go deeper in the content folder! 
  • If you have done that, you will have some folders with numbers inside. For us, only the folder 365960 is important. This is the folder for rFactor 2 Workshop Mods and DLC Items. 
  • If you’re inside the folder 365960, you will have more numbers! These are the URL Link numbers, as I call them. If you click on a workshop mod, the URL should look like this: 
    steamcommunity .com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1558324776 (this would be the link to the Formula E 2019 Car DLC) 
    The last number (1558324776) is the number you need to look for in the folder. 
  • If you go inside the folder you need, you have the .rfcmp files you need! 
  • Now you can do this every mod. Click the workshop Mod you looking for, look for the long number in the URL, search the same long number in the 365960 folder and then you have the mod files!

I hope this Tutorial helps you! I will update it with pictures and more if I have more time! 

Written by BattleSchwamm

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about rFactor 2 – Finding Workshop Mods and DLC Items! [ENG Version]; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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