Returnal™ – Progression & Skill Achievements

Returnal™ – Progression & Skill Achievements 9 -
Returnal™ – Progression & Skill Achievements 9 -

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As of writing, no one else has uploaded a superior guide than this one to Steam in English, so this one will probably remain online until someone does. I’m hoping that someone else who has played this game a lot more than I have will be able to do a greater job than I can. Additionally, I’m making one of these for the first time, so ideally it turns out well.

Main Game – Progression and Skill

Returnal is broken down into two parts each with three biomes, for a total of six. The Overgrown Ruins is the initial biome you’ll encounter in the. After clearing the Overgrown Ruins, and the two subsequent biomes, you’ll be in the second half. If you die in any of these biomes you’ll be taken back to the beginning of the second half not the Overgrown Ruins.

Returnal™ - Progression & Skill Achievements - Main Game - Progression & Skill - 2B7E9D5Atropian Survival

“Learn the basics of survival on Atropos.”

The Atropian Blade is your only melee weapon. The blade is located in the Crimson Gate room. It is in a broken automaton when you approach it for the first time. Unmissable.

Returnal™ - Progression & Skill Achievements - Main Game - Progression & Skill - 065E690Surgical Precision

“Perform five successful Overloads in a row”

Overloading is Returnal‘s variant of active reload. After firing the last shot, the gun will go into a cooldown mode. This means that it will take several seconds before firing any more shots. If you can time your left-click by watching your crosshair and the charging bar in front of you, you will be able to immediately reload your weapon, without having to wait for the cooling down. Depending on the weapon you are using the process of overloading can be simple or difficult.

Returnal™ - Progression & Skill Achievements - Main Game - Progression & Skill - 00578E2Hardened Shell

“Achieve 200% Max Integrity”

Integrity is all about your health. It is possible to lose all of it and you will die. There are numerous ways to boost Max Integrity through technology, from Inert Reclaimers to purchasing specific enhancements at Fabricators. One of the most effective ways to boost Max Integrity is to gather green healing items available in fully-healthy rooms. You can eliminate regular Silphium, which is a variant of regular Silphium. However resin hardens, making it more efficient in healing. Your Max Integrity will increase slightly when you collect 3 resin.

Returnal™ - Progression & Skill Achievements - Main Game - Progression & Skill - DEDD7FFAdrenaline Spike

“Achieve maximum Adrenaline Level”

You can boost your levels of Adrenaline up to five times. To increase the levels of Adrenaline, you must kill three enemies without getting injured. Adrenaline can be beneficial by providing buffs, such as an increased Overload or a constant level. However, if you take any damage, even if you only do it once, your adrenaline level will fall to a minimum.

Returnal™ - Progression & Skill Achievements - Main Game - Progression & Skill - 6BFA2E0Adapting to Circumstance

“Achieve Weapon Proficiency level 30”

The degree of proficiency in a weapon measures how effective a weapon is likely to be once it is found. It also includes its characteristics, stats, and weapon capabilities. A gun that has an improved proficiency score does not necessarily mean that it is superior to the weapon you already own. You can improve your proficiency by collecting Calibrator-related artifacts and by killing enemies.

If you are still struggling getting this level, you could even reach or surpass the level of 30 in the infinite Tower of Sisyphus.

Returnal™ - Progression & Skill Achievements - Main Game - Progression & Skill - 0504493Irreversibly Contaminated

“Have 5 Parasites simultaneously”

Parasites are tiny creatures that provide buffs and debuffs when you grab them. They are found in your runs in a variety of places, such as containers, enemies drops, and even within the fauna.

Returnal™ - Progression & Skill Achievements - Main Game - Progression & Skill - 2612EDBIn-Field Training

“Complete the daily challenge in Simulation Mode”

After you have completed the game successfully after which a terminal will be unlocked on your spaceship and will allow you to participate in daily challenges and allowing you to advance further. These challenges let you compete against other players to get the highest score. You can also earn Ether by taking on these challenges. It requires an internet connection

Returnal™ - Progression & Skill Achievements - Main Game - Progression & Skill - 05F08AERisk Assessment

“Finish Calculated Risk”

Calculated Risk is accessible via the Progress section of the Pause menu. It is not necessary to complete the entire task in one go. The task’s progression is gradual. This is how you can finish the task:

  • Open 3 Malignant Containers
  • Get 3 Malignant Silphiums
  • Get 3 Malignant Resins
  • You will receive 1 Malignant Key
  • Get 3 Spoiled Resins

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