Returnal™ – How To Defeat Lamiadon? Guide

Returnal™ – How To Defeat Lamiadon? Guide 1 -
Returnal™ – How To Defeat Lamiadon? Guide 1 -

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The Overgrown Ruins is the first biome you’ll visit when you begin the game. The area is home to a variety of enemies, even though the rooms are randomly generated every time you enter. This will allow you to defend yourself better.


How to win against Lamiadon?

Lamiadons, bat-like enemies capable of flying, are usually encountered in groups of three or more individuals. They are difficult to target because they travel at high speed around you. They cannot hurt from a distance, so they can sneak up on you when you’re distracted to take you down close.

As you can see in the picture to the right, the body of a Lamiadon changes color to yellow when it gets close enough to Selene. After a short time, the color will change, and they’ll charge at the person who is attacking them, causing ma*sive damage before knocking them down. While this adversary can take a blow and take your life, it’s not impossible to stay away from them.

A stagger bar appears beneath your opponent’s health bar when you shoot at them. Bats aren’t immune to being stunned and can be destroyed if you shoot them with a weapon while they are charging. The Atropian Sword easily defeats them even with no damage enhancements due to their low health.

NOTE: Lamiadons have been spotted in the vicinity of numerous tombstones and green reclamers. There is a possibility that tombstones will produce three of these enemies when it is opened. Each of them must be defeated before you can continue.

Three Lamiadons can also appear around you when you awake from reclaimers in green. You don’t need to fight them since you can leave the area whenever you don’t wish to.

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