Returnal™ – How To Defeat Kerberonyx? Guide

Returnal™ – How To Defeat Kerberonyx? Guide 1 -
Returnal™ – How To Defeat Kerberonyx? Guide 1 -

Hello and welcome, This Returnal™ – How To Defeat Kerberonyx? Guide was created to help you.

The Overgrown Ruins is the first biome you’ll visit when you begin the game. A variety of foes are always present in this location, even though the rooms in this area are randomly generated each time you enter through the first entrance. This will allow you to defend yourself better.


How to win against Kerberonyx?

This foe is nearly exactly like the more evolved Keberon. However, it has a scarlet-colored face and has much more health than its predecessor. They are considered mini-bosses found in Overgrown Ruins because they possess the ability to kill your character, even if they are fully healthy. In the majority of cases, you’ll notice some massive red orbs that, after a short period, can give birth to an adversary.

There will be instances when your location will lock down, and you won’t be able to leave until this enemy is defeated. The majority of the time, you’ll see a Kerberonyx shooting an assortment of fiery orbs that move at a rapid rate of speed toward your character. After you’ve fired at them for some time and then cooled down, it will take anywhere from two to three seconds.

TIP: Finding some line-of-sight blocker that can penetrate the orbs would be the most effective way to avoid this attack. When the foe stops moving, get out from behind the cover to continuously fire shots at the foe until it withdraws. You will need to be able to hit them many times before the stagger bar is full. The standard Kerberonyx version also has a stagger bar. When the stagger bar is full, they’ll have to lay down until they’re defenseless. This is the best moment to take on them.

When you first encounter a Malformed Kerberonyx, the main problem begins. These are the same foes as before, but their health bars are orange, and they have significantly better health and more lethal attacks. These are most commonly found in lockdown rooms or other secret areas that offer an impressive reward.

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