Returnal™ – How To Defeat Keberon? Guide

Returnal™ – How To Defeat Keberon? Guide 1 -
Returnal™ – How To Defeat Keberon? Guide 1 -

Welcome to this post; in this guide, we will tell you everything about Returnal™ – How To Defeat Keberon? Follow this guide step by step.

The Overgrown Ruins is the first biome you’ll encounter as you begin the game. Several foes are always present in this area despite the fact the rooms in this location are randomly generated when you walk through the first door. This will help you defend yourself better.


How to Win Against Keberon?

Keberon is among the most frequent enemies of Overgrown Ruins. They are the first enemy you will encounter when you enter the area. They are small in size and have blue eyes and numerous tentacles behind their backs, making them easy to recognize. They don’t take your life on their own often; however, when they do, it’s usually in large numbers.

These enemies can attack you in three different ways, depending on how far away you are:

  • The Keberon’s most well-known attack is to throw between five and six blue balls in a semicircle shape. These orbs will travel to your position at the time of the attack, and their radius will gradually increase as they move further away from you. These attacks should be easy to avoid, but you could be the victim if they happen.
  • Sometimes, an adversary will shoot blue balls at you in a straight line and shoot them at you. These orbs are slow like the others but will be more difficult to avoid if you’re close.
  • Last but not least, should you get close to the Keberon, it will leap forward and bite you, causing significant damage and sending you backward. There is not a lot of noise that occurs before this attack, and it has the possibility of being the cause of your demise.

It is not difficult to take down Keberons, or even several of them. However, it is essential to master the art and science of prioritization. It is best to eliminate enemies close to you first, as they are the most likely to cause the most damage through their bite attack. You can also strike them with the Atropian Sword if you don’t have it locked. Simply strike them once with it.

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