Returnal™ – How To Defeat Atropian Turret? Guide

Returnal™ – How To Defeat Atropian Turret? Guide 1 -
Returnal™ – How To Defeat Atropian Turret? Guide 1 -

Welcome to this post. This guide will tell you everything about Returnal™ – How To Defeat Atropian Turret? Follow this guide for each step.

The Overgrown Ruins region is the first biome you will visit once you start the games. Despite the fact the rooms in this area are randomly generated, there is a set foe that is always present. It is essential to know the tactics of each foe to defend yourself better.


How to Fight The Atropian Turret?

The Atropian Turret may be found in the Overgrown Ruins biome. Other types can be found throughout the game in different biomes. As you can see in the image to the right, this turret features a large base along with three glowing red spots on its face. These are usually found at the far end and remain inactive unless someone is within their range of view.

NOTE: You can’t do any damage to Atropian Turrets during their inactivity. This is represented in their body being close to the pedestal on the ground. They won’t have the glowing green dots on top of it like everyone else.

These turrets are limited to one method of attack. They fire three red balls in your direction. These orbs travel quickly, and if they come in your direction, it is easy to be surprised. After it has fired three sets of triple orbs each, the turret will pause and give you a chance to launch an assault.

A few well-placed shots from your pistol or a single slash with the sword will defeat an Atropian Turret. They are extremely poor in health. It is best to eliminate these turrets immediately after you see them firing at each other. They can cause significant damage and have a high rate of fire.

TIP: On subsequent runs, some turrets may have red shields around them. You cannot do damage to the target once the shield is gone. The only way to break it is to use melee attacks or to equip your weapon using Shieldbreaker as an alternate fire mode.

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