Resident Evil 4 – How to get high score in The Mercenaries

Resident Evil 4 – How to get high score in The Mercenaries 1 -
Resident Evil 4 – How to get high score in The Mercenaries 1 -

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I’ll provide you with all the knowledge you need to excel in The Mercenaries. This mode is enjoyable and a lot more complicated than it first appears. To achieve the highest score, you can create your own strategy using special characters and maps.

Advanced Combat Tips for Mercenaries

I’m pleased to present my advanced combat tips for Resident Evil 4 – The Mercenaries. Although it is obvious that the purpose of this mode is to kill enemies, there are more to it than you can see. Let’s begin!

Collect all the time capsules and look for THE CHICKEN

When you begin every run, it’s important to collect all-time capsules and find Mayhem capsules to use later. Keep in mind to gather resources during the early game. While you explore the map keep your eyes peeled for the chicken. Kill it if you see it, and pick up an egg it drops. The egg will give you 50000 points. If you don’t grab it, you will not earn points. Make sure to do it every time you run. We’re trying to reach S plus plus, and that means we’ll need 1000000 points. Free points chicken is a factor in your score.

Keep your combo going

The best way to reach the top score in this mode, is to keep your combo going . You will have 11 seconds between each kill before the combo timer runs out. There is 150 enemies for each map and one chicken. To get the most points Keep your combo going, and kill all enemies. The remaining time will be converted into points. The more time you have the more points you’ll get at the end.

Make sure you are maximizing your route, and concentrate on melee combat

Optimizing your route is the next step. Every map contains preset locations to give time bonuses and mayhem capsules. The pattern is randomly chosen every run , but it has a limited in its possibilities, meaning you’ll be able to remember the location of everything on the map and plan according to the map. The best players will continue the course until they discover the right preset. Points are earned by killing enemies. The scoring of enemies varies about how they are killed. Simple body shots are much more valuable than headshots and melee kills. A character like Krauser can benefit greatly from melee kills as it is a good fit for his style of play and knife is unbreakable, so ensure you use it as much possible. Melee kills don’t come with the same benefits neither are they equal. Knife kills will add 4 seconds to your timer. Regular melee attacks will earn you fewer points and less bonus time. Krauser’s Mayhem mode counts melee kills and is ideal for clearing large amounts of enemies. Krauser’s Stinger attack is able to one-shot many enemies that cross his path. However, Krauser can still die in mayhem mode. HUNK is another unique melee character. His neckbreaker is capable of killing the most powerful enemies. All you need to do is to stab the enemy with headshots or flashbang grenades. Overall, melee kills are crucial for increasing your score and accumulating bonus time , so keep these in your mind.

Manage ammo drops by removing equipment

Enemies You won’t be able shoot ammo with weapons you don’t have. in your inventory. Leon’s most common method is to remove all other items except his Stingray rifle, so that you can only get rifle ammo and grenades from enemies. This is what you get from crates since the drop table is generated at the start of the mission and cannot be altered by this method. It only works with drops from enemies.

Make use of your Mayhem mode in an optimal way

Next, you must learn how to use your Mayhem Mode. Each character has a distinct trait called Mayhem Mode. Once activated you can prolong it kill enemies. For additional points, Leon should aim for headshots during Mayhem. You deal more damage in Mayhem, have faster movement and reload speeds. It’s great together with his Stingray rifle chain kills, other weapons. For Luis, you can plant dynamite at your feet . During the animation you’re at invincible. Luis is protected from his explosives. You can place one on your feet and shoot it for instant detonation. You can then continue the sequence by planting another. Great for killing elite enemies. How you use the Mayhem Mode of your character is vital to your overall score and performance. Characters like Krauser or Hunk have very straightforward Mayhem modes but they are mighty. In this mode, you must kill as many enemies as you can.

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