Resident Evil 4 – All Collectables in Order of Appearance Part 1

Resident Evil 4 – All Collectables in Order of Appearance Part 1 1 -
Resident Evil 4 – All Collectables in Order of Appearance Part 1 1 -

Welcome to this post This Resident Evil 4 – All Collectables in Order of Appearance Part 1 Guide was written to be of use to you, and it is our honest hope that you will find that to be the case.

All collectibles required for achievements are listed in chronological sequence. This includes all chapters in the game.

All Collectables in Order of Appearance Part 1.

This will list every single collectable you can get in game. The goal is to have this be the only thing you need open for running through the game.

Labels are as follows:
W = Weapon
C = Clockwork Castellans
R = Merchant Request
A = Chapter specific achievement
U = Weapon part (only 1 can be found in game and is not needed for any achievement)

Also, I will not include anything unlocked and purchased from the merchant as to not add needless information. This is for missable items you need to worry about.

I have listed all collectables required for achievements. If you want every single item in the game, I have also included a 2 hour long video guide created by PowerPyx. All 293 collectables can be found there.

Chapter 1
W - W-870 Shotgun: In the Village after you first encounter a chainsaw-wielding enemy, in the big house on the left. Shotgun hangs on the wall upstairs.

R - Destroy the Blue Medallions: At the end of the Farm, pick up the blue leaflet on the wall before the closed gate.

W - Kitchen Knife: In the Farm area, inside the big barn in the north-east of the area. Climb up the windmill then follow the path upstairs in the windmill to get inside the barn.

C - At “Lakeside Settlement” on the map, near the dynamite throwers. It's in the house in the center of the area, sitting on the broken roof.

Chapter 2
R - Pest Control: The leaflet is right next to the first Merchant. You need to kill rats in the Factory. After entering, 1 is in the destroyed hallway on the right. 2 more are in the room where you had the parry tutorial.

C - After using the Hexagonal Emblem to open a gate, go upstairs and enter the first hut on the left.

Chapter 3
R - Viper Hunter: After leaving the Town Hall, the request will be on the wall next to the merchant. You must find and sell 3 Vipers to the merchant. You will find them over time but all 3 can be obtained at the start of the fish farm towards the end of this chapter.

R - Grave Robber: After reaching the church, don’t go inside the save room. Go around the church to reach an alley. There is the request letter. After picking it up, go back to the graveyard in front of the church and shoot the V-emblems on the double graves near the center of the graveyard.

R - Destroy the Blue Medallions 2: Along the main path just after entering The Quarry, will be on the wall.

C - Jump down the ladder near the merchant. Go to the end of the pier and look up to see it between the roof and wooden boxes.

Chapter 4
R - Egg Hunt: Before going on the boat on the wall to your left. You must find and sell a golden egg. The shore on the east side of the lake has a chicken farm where you find a golden egg.

W - Red9 Pistol: After you can drive the boat around the lake, this is found in the middle of the lake on a shipwreck.

C - North-west of the lake. Use the Insignia Key on the locked gate and climb the ladder behind it. This leads to a Forest Altar area. The Castellan can be shot through a fence.

R - Catch Me A Big Fish: In Lakeside Settlement, open the locked door with Insignia Key and you’ll find the blue letter behind the door in the tunnel. You can harpoon this big fish near the Boat House in the southeast corner of the lake. Sometimes it might not spawn there on first try, if it’s not there drive back across the lake and return and it should spawn in front of the Boat House.

Chapter 5
R - A Savage Mutt: On the wall next to the Merchant outside Town Hall. You need to kill a wolf in Village Square. To spawn it, go south to Village Chief’s Manor and explore the attic by boosting up Ashley. There is a Clockwork Castellan in this attic. Return to the Village Square and it will have spawned.

C - While at Village Chief’s Manor, in the attic. Pull the lever and boost Ashley up the ladder. It’s on the left side of the attic, behind a yellow destructible crate.

Chapter 6
C - Along a hill path after the first few enemies. The Castellan is on the right under a bonfire. Just before reaching the “Checkpoint” area.

Chapter 7
W - Boot Knife: Dropped by the first enemy in Chapter 7, encountered in the Chapel. Don’t forget to loot it.

R - Destroy the Blue Medallions 3: Go through the gate you shot open with the cannon. Behind it you find the blue request letter on the wall.

A - Overkill: Use a cannon to defeat a zealot.

A - Never Heard It Coming: Defeat a Garrador using only Knives.

C - After the Garrador encounter (big blind guy with claws), you can open the dungeon door and climb upstairs to the storage room. On top of a shelf is the Castellan.

Chapter 8:
C - When you go back outside and reach the top of the castle walls, a Giant will throw rocks at you. Drop down the right side of the tower, towards the west of the map. Enter the 2nd tower in the west. On the rooftop, circle around the tower to find the Castellan at the end.

Chapter 9
R - Destroy the Blue Medallions 4: In the typewriter save room with merchant on the table.

R - More Pest Control: On the wall left of the Headless Statue.
Rat 1: In the Dining Hall.
Rat 2: In the same corridor after exiting Armory.
Rat 3: Found at the start of Chapter 10.

C - In the northwest corner of the courtyard maze.

Chapter 10
Rat 3: Enter the room to the right of the 3-headed statue, then enter the dark hallway on the right to find the rat.

R - Merciless Knight: Enter the room to the right of the 3-headed statue. On a drawer is the request. Backtrack to the Mausoleum as Leon and defeat the knights. Do this now before doing anything else. The path will already be open.

W - CQBR Assault Rifle: In the south of the library, go upstairs and use the Cubic Device on the Square Lock Box.

C - Just outside the merchant in the sewers. You can see its head behind the bars. Directly across from the merchant room. The Castellan hangs upside down, walk as close as possible to the bars and look up.

Chapter 11
A - Hope You Like Thrill Rides!: Make it through both minecart sections in the underground tunnel without taking damage

C - After the first minecart ride, on top of the Stopover building wall. You can shoot it from inside the building. Get it before getting on the 2nd minecart.

R - Insect Hive: In the east of the “Hive” area after the cart section. Shoot an explosive barrel and the request will be hanging on a wooden pallet. You must destroy all 4 entrances to the Hive. They are the yellow glowing sacks at the ceiling in the middle of the area.

Chapter 12
C - At the start of the chapter, enter the golden Gondola and go through the gate. In the northwest corner of the room, before going upstairs, it’s sitting on a box.

R - Jewel Thief: On the wall next to the elevator and merchant. You must find and sell the scratched emerald from a crow’s nest. Go back to the Courtyard. Exit the gate to the west then look north in the direction with a merchant. Shoot down the nest, loot the Emerald, and sell it to the merchant.

R - The Disgrace of the Salazar Family: Same wall as the other Merchant Request. You must deface a portrait in the Throne Room. Open a shrine in the right corner of the room to get a golden chicken egg. In another corner of the room will be a small painting. Open your inventory and equip the golden egg and throw it at the painting above the 2 red chairs. If you throw it at the wrong painting or eat the egg, reload the game and try again.

A - Capacity Compliance: Reach the top of the clock tower without the lift stopping once.

A - You Talk Too Much!: Throw a grenade into Ramón Salazar’s mouth.

The Resident Evil 4 – All Collectables in Order of Appearance Part 1 is something I hope you found interesting. Please let us know in the comments box below if you find any errors or have any recommendations for improving the content, and we will do our best to correct them as soon as possible. Don’t stress out, and enjoy the rest of your day! A post that A made inspired this guide, so a big thank you goes out to him for that! Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to save us to your bookmarks; we update new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with us frequently for more posts.

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