Remnant 2 – Missing Config Files and Folder Structure

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Remnant 2 – Missing Config Files and Folder Structure

Hey there, fellow Remnant 2 enthusiast! Were you ever gotten tangled in a web of elusive config files or save game issues? Trust us; you’re not the only one. In this guide, we’ll break down common hurdles players have bumped into and offer handy solutions to get your game rolling smoothly once again.

Obstacle: The Vanishing Remnant2 Folder and Config Files

The key headache most gamers have bumped into is the disappearing act of the Remnant2 folder within the “%Localappdata%” path. This little hiccup results in the game resetting all preferences each time you boot up, given that there are zero config files to save your choices.

I wondered whether you’re the only one grappling with this issue or if the devs are in the loop. You’re not alone; the developers are on top of this concern.

Quick Fix: Unleash the Administrator Powers

On the bright side, there’s a little workaround to retrieve the lost Remnant2 folder and config files. Fire up the game as an administrator, and voila! You’ve just ensured the necessary files get created and saved correctly.

Here’s how you can run Remnant2 as an administrator:

  1. Hunt down the Remnant2.exe file.
  2. Give it a right-click and opt for “Properties”.
  3. Within the Compatibility tab, tick the box that reads “Run this program as an administrator”.
  4. Click “Apply” followed by “OK”.

Once you’ve adjusted these settings, launch the game and verify if the Remnant2 folder and config files have been spawned. This should end the game by resetting your settings at every launch.

Curveball: The Case of the Missing Digital Deluxe Content and Save Game

However, be prepared for a potential curveball. Rectifying the missing config files could lead to a new conundrum. A few players have stumbled upon an error message stating “Digital Deluxe Content not found” and the disappearance of their armor sets, gunslinger unlock, and other loaded content.

Are you caught in this fix? Keep calm. There’s still a path to retrieve your lost save game and return the vanished content.

Solution: The Two-Faced Directory

Remnant 2 uses two hideouts for config files and saves game data. One’s the typical “%localappdata%” directory, while the other is the less-known “Saved Games” directory nestled in your “%userprofile%“.

To unearth the missing save game and resurrect the digital deluxe content, follow these steps:

  1. Launch File Explorer and chart a course to “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Remnant2\Saved\Config\Windows\“.
  2. See if the config files are hanging out here. If not, head to the next step.
  3. Pop open another File Explorer window and make a beeline for “%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Remnant2\Steam\\“.
  4. Here, you should stumble upon the actual character save game files.
  5. If you have a safe copy of your saved game files, transport them to this directory. If not, try resurrecting them from any backups you have.

By sticking to these steps, you should manage to retrieve your missing save game and revive the previously inaccessible digital deluxe content.

And remember, always store backups of your saved game files to prevent future progress wipeouts.

Wrap Up

Despite being a thrill to play, Remnant 2 isn’t immune to its share of tech snags. If you’ve been wrestling with absent config files and saving game data, we hope this guide has armed you with the necessary solutions to dive back into the game.

By stepping into the shoes of an administrator and pinpointing the correct directories for config files and saving game data, you can side-step these hurdles and soak up a flawless gaming adventure.

And remember, if any new issues pop up, don’t hesitate to ping the game developers for help. Happy gaming!

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