Remnant 2 – How to Utilize the Plain Ribbon for Optimal Gameplay

Remnant 2 – How to Utilize the Plain Ribbon for Optimal Gameplay 1 -
Remnant 2 – How to Utilize the Plain Ribbon for Optimal Gameplay 1 -

Remnant 2 – How to Utilize the Plain Ribbon for Optimal Gameplay

So, there I was, in the thick of the action in Remnant 2. Think monster battles, mind-bending puzzles, hunting down unique items, you name it. Exciting, right? And today, pal, I’m gonna spill the beans about this thing called the Plain Ribbon.

This Plain Ribbon, it’s pretty special, but not everyone knows why. And here’s the deal: it doesn’t show its true colors until you find a certain Fae statue with touching hands, and beat the Imposter Quest. If you skip these steps, then the ribbon’s just a shiny piece of nothing.

Let’s Hunt Down That Ribbon!

So, where’s this mysterious ribbon hiding, you ask? Some folks have lucked out in the Great Hall, while others swear by the Gilded Chambers. As for me, I nabbed the ribbon and the Fae statue both in the Great Hall. If you find the ribbon in the Chambers though, look for a Fae body clutching it tight.

Time to Unlock the Real Magic!

Got the Plain Ribbon? Awesome! Now, let’s make it shine. Head over to the Fae statue with their hands touching, tie the Plain Ribbon around their hands. But don’t get too comfy – there’s more work to do.

To really tap into the ribbon’s magic, you gotta take on the Imposter Quest. This character, Nimue, she’ll set you this task at Nimue’s Retreat. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hunt down and wipe out either Faerin or Faelin, those crafty fakers.

Win your battle against one of those imposters, then make your way back to the statue. Get ready for a surprise! Your Plain Ribbon is gonna transform. Knocked out Faelin? You’ll get a splendid Silver Ribbon. But if you’ve crushed Faerin, you’ll get a brilliant Golden Ribbon. These aren’t just pretty ribbons, buddy, they pack a punch.

Let’s Craft Nimue’s Ribbon!

Here comes the fun part. You can forge these powerful ribbons into Nimue’s Ribbon, a legendary amulet. Just chat with Nimue after you’ve reported the imposter’s downfall, and she’ll do her thing. Strap on Nimue’s Ribbon and nothing will stand in your way.

Wait ‘Til You Hear About the Rewards!

Oh, and there’s more! Let’s talk perks. The Silver Ribbon? It beefs up your Skill damage by a cool 25%. Plus, using a Skill gifts you 15 seconds of super-speedy Haste.

The Golden Ribbon, on the other hand, is a mod geek’s dream. It hikes up your Mod damage by 25% and dishes out that same Haste effect when you fire up a Mod. Talk about a power trip!

And last but definitely not least, we have Nimue’s Ribbon, the ultimate trophy. This stunner boosts your Relic Healing Effectiveness by a jaw-dropping 50%. Plus, setting off a Relic will grant you 25 seconds of Haste. It’s like having your personal medic.

So, buddy, never underestimate the Plain Ribbon. Find that statue, nail that quest, and unlock the jaw-dropping power of these ribbons. Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

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