Remnant 2 – How to unlock the Gunslinger Archetype

Remnant 2 – How to unlock the Gunslinger Archetype 1 -
Remnant 2 – How to unlock the Gunslinger Archetype 1 -

Remnant 2 – How to unlock the Gunslinger Archetype

Imagine yourself, guns blazing, mowing down enemies left and right. That’s what playing as the Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2 feels like. It’s an absolute blast (pun totally intended), and I’m sure you’re itching to give it a go. This class is all about one thing – the pure, adrenaline-pumping joy of trigger-happy gaming.

But hey, you might’ve noticed something. If you, like most folks, didn’t pre-order the game, you can’t just jump in as the Gunslinger from the get-go. But don’t worry, my friend. I’ve got your back. Let’s dive into how you can unlock this gun-toting class in Remnant 2.

Scoring the Gunslinger in Remnant 2: Here’s the Deal:

Unlocking the Gunslinger isn’t rocket science, but it does call for some gaming chops. There are a couple of must-dos to get access to this shoot-em-up Archetype:

  1. Win the first two Worlds of your Campaign: Game on till you’ve won the first two Worlds. This is your first step to grabbing that Gunslinger badge.
  2. Beat the Big Boss: Just finishing the Worlds isn’t enough. You’ve got to face off with the formidable World Boss and come out on top. It’s tough, no doubt, but victory brings you that much closer to becoming a Gunslinger.

Once you’ve got these two wins under your belt, it’s time for a chat with good ol’ Mudtooth at Ward 13. You’ve probably bumped into him already. Don’t be shy – talk until he hands over the precious Worn Cylinder. Take this prize to Wallace in his tower. He’s the guy who’ll set you up with the much-coveted Gunslinger Archetype for keeps.

Quick note: Remnant 2’s got these cool randomly generated maps spanning a bunch of unique worlds. So, your first two worlds might not be the same as mine. But don’t sweat it! With this guide in hand, you’re all set to bag the unstoppable DPS beast – the Gunslinger. Now, go out there and let the bullets fly!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I unlock the Gunslinger in Remnant 2?
A: To unlock the Gunslinger, you need to complete the first two Worlds of your Campaign and defeat the World Boss. After that, speak with Mudtooth back at Ward 13 and obtain the Worn Cylinder, then find Wallace to receive the Gunslinger Archetype for permanent use.

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