Remnant 2 – How to summon and defeat the Ravager

Remnant 2 – How to summon and defeat the Ravager 1 -
Remnant 2 – How to summon and defeat the Ravager 1 -

Remnant 2 – How to summon and defeat the Ravager

So, you’re slashing your way through the lush jungle of Yaesha in Remnant 2, right? And you’ve done a solid job so far. Just look at that battle-scarred jungle, stained with the blood of foes you’ve triumphed over. But now, get ready for the real test – confronting the Ravager.

You’re probably asking, “How do I coax this mighty beast out of the shadows?” As a committed gamer and reviewer of Remnant 2, I’ve spent a boatload of hours exploring the game’s nooks and crannies. And guess what? I’ve figured out the secret to summoning and slaying the Ravager. Here’s the lowdown.

Cracking the Water Harp Puzzle

Stumbled upon the Flautist, or as some fans call him, the Water Harp puzzle? Good. Listen closely to the sweet tunes he strums. Trust me; you’ll need this knowledge later. The Flautist isn’t just about music, though. He’ll also spin you a tale of the Doe and the Ravager, which symbolize life and death, respectively. The Ravager’s corruption by the Root has thrown a wrench into the once harmonious balance of Yaesha.

Here’s a heads up: the Flautist will guide you to a place below where a music machine soothes the Ravager. To get there, stand facing him, then turn right towards a huge wolf carving connected to a massive machine. Underneath that, you’ll spot a large cylinder covered in symbols. On the left, there’s a lever that kickstarts this thingamajig.

To get this machine humming, you’ll need a bit of intel. Look up at the rope system overhead and follow it to a distant building. Inside, there’s a checkpoint and a table full of interesting historical tidbits. But the real gem is the diagram right on the front page.

Now, it’s puzzle time! Match the symbols on the diagram with the ones on the cylinder. Before you head back, though, there’s one more thing. You’ll need to head upstairs to fire up the system. Got a locked door blocking your way? If it’s already unlocked, scoot on up, pull the lever, and scoot on over to the next step. But if it’s locked, you’ll need to head outdoors and push on to the next region.

After a short trek, you’ll find yourself in Kaeula’s Rest, an indoor area packed with trigger-happy enemies. Battle your way through and find the key that opens a door somewhere inside. Regrettably, I can’t give you precise directions due to the game’s procedural generation.

Once you’ve unlocked the door, you’ll come toe-to-toe with Kaeula’s Shadow. Show this foe who’s boss, then scoop up your loot. If you need a helping hand, we’ve got a detailed guide coming up in a day or so with all the juicy details about this boss fight and others in Yaesha.

An exit leads to the Old Temple at the back of the battleground. Crack open the door, but more importantly, get yourself upstairs to get that contraption going. Once it’s up and running, come back to the cylinder.

Punching in the Code

Starting from the top, take a look at the symbols below. For each symbol, lift a peg. If there’s a line after a symbol, it’s a long note. So, make sure to lower the pegs on the next row. If there isn’t a line, you have a fresh note for the following row. Stick to this rhythm and feed the notes into the contraption just like the diagram shows.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet, starting from the top and going down:

+ – – – –
+ – – – –
– – – – +
– – – – +
– – + – –
– – – + –
– – – + –
– – – – +

Once the code is all set, yank the lever to the left. Take a moment to enjoy the tune before the calm before the storm ends. When the bridge rises, walk on through the door.

Bring Down the Ravager

Get ready to rumble! This boss showdown in Remnant is a total rush, giving you a taste of classic villain brawling and letting your hero swagger shine. Buckle up for a wild ride against the furious boss when the talk ends and the action begins.

Some pro tips for taming the Ravager:
Keep your distance when you can. When the Ravager slows down or comes close, that’s your cue to rain down attacks. It’s a good idea to save weapon mods for the opening round.
– If the Ravager gets up close and personal, watch out for 1 to 3 attacks. Be nimble and dodge to steer clear of damage.
– There’s a chance the Ravager will bounce back across the room during an attack. Grab this opportunity to use weapon mods and keep the damage coming.
– Every so often, the Ravager will call in reinforcements. Take them out fast to get your attention back on the big boss.
– The Ravager likes to fill the arena with red fog. It won’t hurt you but can block your view of any extra enemies. If you’ve got hunter abilities equipped, make the most of them. If not, stay sharp.
– Repeat these steps as needed.

Alright, you’re all set. If you’ve got the chops or you’ve been following my guide to a T, the boss should drop the Doe’s Antler, a wicked melee weapon with some crazy healing powers. On top of that, you’ll get the next Segment for the Index, which you can take back to the Labyrinth and march on to the next zone.

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