Remnant 2 – How to Dominate with the Best Melee Weapons

Remnant 2 – How to Dominate with the Best Melee Weapons 1 -
Remnant 2 – How to Dominate with the Best Melee Weapons 1 -

Remnant 2 – How to Dominate with the Best Melee Weapons

Hey buddy! You know the thrill we get from close-quarters combat, like in Elden Ring, right? Well, Remnant 2 brings it on in spades. From edgy blades to killer clubs, there’s an insane variety of melee weapons to help you wipe out those pesky Root creatures across dimensions. So, ready to explore the coolest melee weapons in Remnant 2? Let’s jump right in!

  1. Royal Broadsword

    Let’s start with the Royal Broadsword, a mega sword that smashes out a whopping 102 damage points. No fancy Mods, but hey, you can tweak it to your heart’s content. And trust me, its pure, raw power makes it one sweet blade to carry into battle.

  2. Spectral Blade

    Imagine a blade that lights up with an edge so sharp it could slice a star. Sounds epic, right? That’s the Spectral Blade for you! It’s fitted with the Whirlwind mod, perfect for a quick storm of slashes hitting all enemies within an 8-meter radius, dealing 75 damage. It’s like your personal crowd disperser against multiple grunt-level enemies.

  3. Stonebreaker

    Craving a straightforward, earth-shattering weapon? Say hello to the Stonebreaker. This beast dishes out a hefty 103 damage points and can unleash shockwaves causing an extra 115 damage to enemies in the vicinity. It’s a real game-changer, especially for those who like to get up close and personal.

  4. Gas Giant

    Hammers have a certain charm, don’t they? The Gas Giant brings a brutal twist to this classic favorite. It sports the Dying Breath mod, amping up damage against bleeding enemies by 25%, and another 25% if you sneak up from behind. Add in a charge attack that causes 200 Bleeding damage over 10 seconds, and with a decent 74 damage output, you’re set for any melee showdown.

  5. Krell Axe

    The Krell Axe is a no-brainer for anyone who values reliability. Not only does it pack a mean 50 Shock damage punch, but you can also chuck it at your enemies to hit them with the Overload status. And if you’ve got enough stamina, you can retrieve it right back. Talk about a multitasker!

  6. Red Doe Staff

    If you lean towards staff-like weapons, the Red Doe Staff won’t disappoint. It’s good for a solid 62 damage and comes with the Lifeline mod. Once you’ve dealt 250 damage, the mod heals your buddies and hurts your foes. Plus, your next charged attack summons a spirit deer that charges forward, dealing 160 damage to enemies while restoring 10% health for your teammates.

  7. Labyrinth Staff

    Need a mod power boost? You won’t go wrong with the Labyrinth Staff. It might lack a special mod, but it’s a champ at refilling mod power with each hit. Plus, a charged attack sends out a small shockwave, giving you even more mod power for your abilities. Sweet deal, huh?

  8. Atom Splitter

    If you’re a sword lover, the Atom Splitter is a must. With a powerful 100 damage rating, it also blasts out a wave of charged particles dealing 150 damage to anything within 20 meters. And Charged Neutral Evade Attacks up the range and the damage. So get ready for some electrically-charged mayhem!

  9. Iron Greatsword

    Next up, the Iron Greatsword, the shining star of the Challenger Archetype. Sure, it’s not the most popular Archetype in Remnant 2, but this sword holds the crown for the highest raw damage output, clocking in at 105 damage per blow. It’s all about commanding respect when you wield this big boy.

  10. Atom Smasher

    Finally, meet the Atom Smasher, a high-tech, monstrous warhammer that smacks out a serious 72 damage. With an awesome stagger modifier of 11%, it’s a go-to for anyone playing the Challenger. And here’s the kicker: the Accelerator mode in Charge Melee Attacks boosts your melee attack speed by 10% for 5 thrilling seconds. Ready to unleash chaos?

So there you have it, my friend! The top 10 melee weapons in Remnant 2. Whether you’re into swords, greatswords, or good ol’ hammers, these weapons are guaranteed to add a dose of thrill and power to your clashes with the Root. So, pick your weapon, sharpen your skills, and get ready to dance in the chaos!

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