Remnant 2 – How do I get plain Iron?

Remnant 2 – How do I get plain Iron? 1 -
Remnant 2 – How do I get plain Iron? 1 -

Remnant 2 – How do I get plain Iron?

Are you struggling to find plain iron in Remnant 2? Yeah, we’ve been there. This sneaky crafting material seems to love playing hide-and-seek, especially early in the game. Don’t worry, though; we got you covered with some cool tips on how to score more of this gear-boosting gem.

1. Say Hello to Yaesha and Rhom

Yaesha and Rhom are pretty loaded when it comes to crafting stuff, just like that friend who always has the best snacks. So, get in there, break stuff (it’s fun and therapeutic), and you’ll see plain iron popping out from crates, barrels, and even some unsuspecting furniture. Kind of like a treasure hunt, right?

2. Hang out with Cass

Let’s chat about Cass, our gal in Ward 13. She’s like a one-stop shop for all things cool, but her plain iron stock sometimes runs a bit thin. Swing by when you’re in the area and check out her goods. If she’s got that iron, grab as much as your pockets can carry – it’s a gear-upgrade goldmine.

3. Multiplayer Madness

Multiplayer mode in Remnant 2 isn’t just about epic fights and sweet victory dances. Join a session, and you might stumble upon some pals with plain iron to spare. Exploring worlds with buddies can lead you to places you might’ve missed solo. More chances of finding that sweet, sweet iron!

4. N’Erud Nitty Gritty

Ever been to N’Erud? It’s not the most iron-rich spot in the universe, but every bit helps, right? So don’t just waltz past those crates and barrels. Smash ’em up! You might find a few chunks of iron ready to be scooped up and turned into something epic.

5. Patch Notes = New Hope

The folks behind Remnant 2 are on it all the time. They’re tweaking and adjusting stuff to make the game better for us. So if you’re noticing a lack of plain iron, hang tight. Keep your eyes peeled for those patch notes – they might fix our iron shortage and balance out the crafting scene.

So yeah, getting your hands on plain iron in Remnant 2 can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. But remember, with the right spots, a visit to Cass, the joy of multiplayer, some object smashing in N’Erud, and a little faith in patch notes; you can totally score more of this essential crafting wonder. Don’t let a lack of iron keep you from making your gear absolutely kickass. So go forth and hunt, folks!

Just remember, the universe of Remnant 2 is like an endless mystery box. Keep exploring, battling, and looting, and you’ll strike that plain iron goldmine to buff up your arsenal. Happy gaming!

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