Redfall – All Weapon Types

Redfall – All Weapon Types 1 -
Redfall – All Weapon Types 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, Everything you need to know about Redfall – All Weapon Types may be found in this guide. Take each step by this guidance.

Redfall offers a diverse array of weapons for players to use in battle – everything from top-of-the-line military ranged weapons, to grandpa’s handgun repurposed into something useful by its creator. Weapons don’t belong to specific characters – any weapon you wish can be chosen without consequence for either party involved; heroes in Redfall do have certain preferences which will be represented on their skill tree; three weapons may be stored quickly with your quick select load out; more can be stored in your backpack if desired.


Redfall features many weapons, which you can categorize into two different categories. Because some weapons are better suited to certain enemies. Knowing what weapon to use can be a crucial part of the gameplay. Using a stake on a vampire will kill them, but they’ll just regenerate. Anti-Vampire Weaponry will help with that, but conventional items can be equipped with attachments.

Military Weapons


  • Assault Rifles
  • Pistols
  • SMGs
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles

Vampire hunter weapons


  • Flareguns
  • Stake Launchers
  • UV-Light Emitters



Weapons also come with blade attachments. These include broken mops, guitar handles, and garden Gnomes. You can use these to slay Vampires as soon as they become weak.

Redfall has many other Mods that can be randomly added to your weapon. It’s possible to flash a UV-light to petrify all vampires within a 10ft radius, or to set things ablaze.


As you advance in the game, stronger weapons will become available. Each weapon is rated according to its power.

You cannot upgrade your weapon. This allows you to try out different weapons and keep experimenting throughout the main story.

The rarity of an item does not represent its quality. Each one is also given a score. This makes comparing items easier.


Weapons have a variety of rarity levels. The higher the rarity is the better item, but don’t just discard your item because it is a higher rarity. It is important that the item fits your character.



Blue / superior

Purple / High end



Weapons can be customized by adding different skins. You can switch them out in the Loadout by inspecting specific weapons. There are at minimum 43 different skins for weapons. Pre-Ordering Refall and purchasing the Bite Back Edition will get you some.

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