Redfall – All Heroes Class Skill Tree

Redfall – All Heroes Class Skill Tree 1 -
Redfall – All Heroes Class Skill Tree 1 -

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Hello and welcome, Welcome to Redfall – All Heroes Class Skill Tree This guide contains gameplay, informations, basic builds, solutions guidelines and a lot more.
Redfall’s playable characters

One of the first things you’ll do when playing Redfall is select one of the playable heroes. Their playstyle is set by their individual abilities. However, the character you play is determined by your personal preferences. For example, what is your preferred playstyle or set of abilities?

You can use multiple powers simultaneously, and each can be advanced in the character’s skill tree. Here, you may boost their effectiveness or duration while also adding additional features.

Each character possesses three primary talents. Two of them have a cooldown and can be used at any moment, while the final ultimate skill must be charged. You can accomplish this by gathering Psychic Residue.



Jacob is an ex-military sharpshooter turned private contractor, but due to mysterious events that transpired in Redfall he now bears a mysterious vampiric eye and psychic raven companions. Jacob boasts three action skills that give him an edge on the battlefield; tactical moves can push (his team) forward while push skills allow tactical maneuvering on its own. Boyer specializes in using sniper rifles with special qualities augmented further with unique eyes and psychic raven companions that increase his abilities further still.


Jacob can activate his cloaking device making him invisible to the enemies. You can use this brief moment to sneak past enemies and get to an advantage point. You even have a limited number of shots before your cloak breaks.


Jacob can send out his psychic bird companion that can tag enemies. Enemies will be highlighted by a red outline, giving you intel on their whereabouts. Knowledge = Power!


Heartstopper is Jacob’s Ultimate Skill. He will summon a psychic sniper rifle that allows you to quickly lock on to your targets and fire lethal shots. This is a great skill to swiftly take out multiple guards.

Redfall - All Heroes Class Skill Tree - JACOB - A4E4EDE


Layla is a biomedical engineering student who volunteered for a medical trial where something went very wrong. This event left her with intense telekinetic abilities that are reflected in her three action skills that give her great mobility abilities. n combat, Ellison’s abilities manifest as a purple force field, which can naturally be used for defense but can also be engaged offensively


Lift ability allows her to summon a Telekinetic lift, jumping boost to climb high places, rooftops and terrain obstacles for her and her team. A great skill to access perfect spots for snipers. It gives her amazing speed and battlefield awareness. However, that’s not the only way she can exploit this skill. With the Lift, she can evade enemies and do attacks from the air to gain an advantage and surprise her opponents.


Layla can summon a Telekinetic Umbrella in front of her. This Telekinetic Ability will shield you and your team from incoming projectiles. This gives you the advantage to push through enemy encounters. The Umbrella can also be launched forward as a Telekinetic Blast damaging enemies in its path.


Summon Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Ability is an ultimate ability that summons a powerful companion to help Layla in combat. He will stay on the battlefield only for a defined amount of time, but it’s an extremely useful skill, especially for solo playthroughs. However, the whole team of Leylas, that can summon multiple copies of their ex-boyfriends can be a funny and strong strategy for many co-op players.

Redfall - All Heroes Class Skill Tree - LAYLA - 1EB104B


Remi is a brilliant combat engineer who has spent her life on the frontlines and is determined to help rescue Redfall’s survivors. With the help of her robot companion, Bribón, she has a diverse set of abilities and would make for an excellent tank/support class. Along with her own heavy firepower, she comes paired with her robot partner Bribon. The two together pack am aggressive, powerful punch.


Remi can throw a C4 Charge in an arc. This explosive device sticks to surfaces and creates a big explosion that damages all nearby enemies. A great skill to clear rooms or take out multiple opponents.


Redfall Siren Ability is a skill that incorporates BribĂłn. Players can order the robot to go to a specific location and create loud noises that can distract enemies or lure them to the robot. BribĂłn takes on a defensive posture, so it can survive additional damage. Perfect for luring all your enemies in one place and then using explosives to kill all vampires at once. Also, if you like a sneak playstyle, you can use this ability as a distraction.


Mobilize Ability is a typical AoE healing ability. Remi establishes a power point, healing and reviving anyone in its area. It is a golden circle that stays on the ground for a short duration of time. It’s the only active healing ability in the game, making Remi a crucial party member in co-op mode.

Redfall - All Heroes Class Skill Tree - REMI - 2EBB68C


Crousley is a cryptozoologist and aspiring inventor and he’s on a mission to prove himself. Dev is armed with weapons of his own creation and you can see that in his three action skills. These abilities give him great crowd-control abilities and ways to deal AoE damage. Crousley fights using his inventions and weapons, providing a unique vampire hunter playstyle


Crousley will throw a javelin in an arc that will attach to surfaces. After it’s charged, it will emit chain lightning. This is a great skill for damaging multiple enemies within its range.


Dev throws one of his homemade devices in an arc. You are translocated to the location of the device. This allows you to quickly move around by teleporting to a specific location. A great skill to get to an advantage point or back up that friend that went rogue.


Blacklight is Crousley’s Ultimate Skill. He will place a UV emitter before him that will petrify enemies within its path. This is a great skill for crowd control as stunning them for a short duration allows you to get the upper hand in an encounter.

Redfall - All Heroes Class Skill Tree - CROUSLEY - D88434C

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