—Red—Tether–> – Gameplay Walkthrough for New Players

—Red—Tether–> – Gameplay Walkthrough for New Players 1 - steamlists.com
—Red—Tether–> – Gameplay Walkthrough for New Players 1 - steamlists.com

A beginner’s guide to —Red—Tether–> with tips compiled by the community. Additionally, I hope to make this guide into a mini-wiki page for —Red—Tether–>, and it will be added to over time. Feel free to join the community on Sleeper Games’ Discord – [discord.gg] !
Note: This guide is an active work in progress.


—Red—Tether–> is all about indirect offense and using your enemies and the environment to your advantage. Rather than guns or cannons, your ship is equipped with tethered harpoons. You’ll use your tethers to swing through fleets of enemy ships and cause as much destruction as possible.
The aim of this guide is to help new players get into this amazing game, and to help players of all skill levels with a collection of advanced tips and tricks discovered by the community.

The Basics

Basic Controls and Movement:
Your ship is controlled using the WASD keys:
W to boost forward, A and D to turn left and right, and S to stabilize/break.
Your harpoons and tethers are controlled primarily with the mouse:
Left Mouse Button to fire a harpoon, Right Mouse Button to contract your current tether, and LShift once to cut your most recent tether, twice to cut all tethers.
Note that a tether will automatically contract when it is connecting two objects together. Right Mouse Button only contracts your current tether between your ship and an object.
Gamepads/controllers are supported as well, and I will add more information on their usage.
Tethering two objects will pull them together, causing them to crash into each other. How far each object is pulled, and how much damage it deals upon crashing, depends on their sizes. Some objects, like missiles or ammo boxes, will deal additional explosive damage upon crashing into an object.
[insert missile tethered to ship gif here]
All enemy ships you encounter will have small attachments, such as guns and explosive ammo boxes. These attachment can be ripped from their ship by tethering it to a larger object (like another ship, or even the ship it is attached to) or by pulling it with a tether from your ship (hold S + Right Mouse Button while tethered). Disable enemy turrets by simply tearing them from their ship.
[insert attachment rip gif here]
You can also use tethers to greatly increase your mobility and evasiveness. Holding Right Mouse Button while tethered will pull yourself into the tethered object. You can pull your own ship into an object at high speed to deal large amounts of damage. Pulling yourself in while at an angle or while turning will allow you to swing around objects. While swinging, there will be a yellow arrow indicating the direction you are currently being pulled toward. You can cut your tether or harpoon another object while swinging to quickly switch targets or evade obstacles. The timing for swinging between ships can be tricky at first, but after a little time and experimentation you will be feeling like Spiderman in space! See the Tips & Tricks section for more help on this.
[insert swinging gif] [insert spiderman ship gif]
You will face ever larger waves of enemy ships. After destroying all (or in some cases, most of) the ships in a wave, a new wave will jump in near your location. There are 50 waves in total, and each wave has a few possible configurations. Every 10th wave is a boss fight, after which you will jump to a new location for the next wave.
Every 4th wave you will receive an upgrade ship with 4 possible upgrades. Use your tether to rip the upgrade you want from the supply ship. The supply ship will self-destruct upon pulling an upgrade, destroying itself and the other 3 upgrade choices. Simply fly into the upgrade to equip it. You can view all equipped upgrades and your ship’s stats in the bottom right of the pause menu.
Your ship is equipped with a shield, which is shown as a ring around your ship when you are hit. Your shield will recharge after a set amount of time. If your shield breaks and you are hit again, you will lose a heart. Your ship’s health is shown in the top left. After depleting all hearts, you are given a last chance, after which death is game over. Hearts can show up in upgrade ships or randomly during a wave.

Tips & Tricks

Below is a list of various tips and tricks discovered by the community so far. Let us know if you’ve found some of your own to add! 🙂




Written by {~Exoyo~}, FadeShock

This is all about —Red—Tether–> – Gameplay Walkthrough for New Players; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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