Red Solstice 2: Survivors – In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide

Red Solstice 2: Survivors – In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide 1 -
Red Solstice 2: Survivors – In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide 1 -

This guide covers everything related to UBAS. This guide was created by a Lv. 700 ASC rank UBAS main (, and possibly a Sadomasochist).


Red Solstice 2: Survivors - In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide - Introduction - E0DBC8E

Nyoho My name Mason. I have always loved the character archetypes The Paladin. A character who can do all three jobs simultaneously, namely Tank, Damage & Heal . I’ve been playing this game for nearly a year and the only Playstyle / Build that allows me to do this more often is the Engineer with a UBAS build .

To become an UBAS Pilot It is to be a One-man Army and Unstoppable (near wall collision bug), and Destructive Force which can plow through trash mobs easily. The Ultimate Vanguard stood between Fluffy the rampaging beast and your tiny, tiny teammate who skipped leg (broken leg). The Wielder of Duel Cannon Gun, which penetrates the horde while holding the suppression most powerful ability, Smoke Screen.

I have been playing for a long time UBAS in both public and private Lobbies What I noticed was that there aren’t many UBAS player players and those who do struggles hard before giving-up on the UBAS. This Guide was written to help UBAS enthusiast players and I hope it will be useful to other players.





The Build

Red Solstice 2: Survivors - In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide - The Build - CE9D326



  • Combat UBAS

    This build’s Main Protagonist

  • Advanced Charger

    Your main batteries to charge the UBAS

  • Ammo Generator

    The Lv. 4 Ammo Generator skill is one of the most important for engineers regardless of build. It allows Nitrogen Ammo to equip Nitrogen Ammo to enable the team to provide best suppression to the game.

    4th Dummy Skills (additional suit level) Ranked List Tier List ()

    S Rank


  • Sonic Flashbang

    Excellent suppression, especially when paired with nitrogen ammo

  • Grenade

    Versatile skill is 1 amour shred. It can set off explosive (chain explosive, or gas pipe). It only costs 60 Combat Suit Power

  • Critical Strike

    You get your extra suit level to lowest energy cost (40) with the nothing skill. But that’s it.

    A Rank


  • Assault Microdrones

    The microdrone costs at least 50-38 energy to purchase. If you are in the early game and need to recharge your UBAS quickly, it is not worth the cost. It is useless against trash mobs, but against larger mobs Atrocities and Brutes is better. You can get in the UBAS to fight them off. It would be flew off elsewhere at worst. You could fight other mobs from the screen instead of the one closest to you. It’s a great Late Early Game, but it loses its usefulness in the Mid Game.

  • Team Thruster

    The go-2-car pooling skill allows you to bring slow moving teammate behind you to the front. It allows teammates to 100% critical chance while they are in the air. A well-coordinated team can do burst down bosses like Hell Spawn while doing all of it in style. The only problem is that you will mainly be piloting the UBAS.

    B Rank


    (UBAS support)

  • Reaper Turret

    It costs lot of energy for equipping and deploying. If it’s at maximum level, it acts as a Metal Shield while providing some support Overwatch.

  • Rocket Ammo

    secondary ammo is required for explosive type weaponry (Rocket Launcher Missile Launcher Grenade Launcher and Grenade Launcher. UBAS are naturally weak at enemies with amour. Shredding those amour is a huge boost to the UBAS to finish them.

  • Rapid Respond

    You can cause only one enemy to be affected by -90% suppression regeneration. The low cooldown debuff is applied with no delay. All enemies can be captured with capture trap, and the weapon damage to the entire team is dependent on their threat level.

    C Rank


  • Repeller Pylon

    To equip, it costs 100 energy. Do you want to spend scare enemy every 12 second? ?

  • Fortify and Rebuild

    To equip, it costs 100 energy. Doors are not a good choice.

    D Rank


  • Smoke Grenade

    Just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Don’t

    Trash Rank


  • Electric Pillars

    It costs 75 energy for the equipment

    Breaks in a few uses

    Only available at max level, so it can be drain everyone’s energy if you walk through it… and your UBAS.

    Utility Skill

  • Basic Charger. Ensure that your UBAS has additional energy from the beginning to mid-game
  • Repair. Your UBAS will be rehabilitated by 30%.





SMG does more damage than GAR but we will be focusing on their system item pickup. SMG sys will temporarily increase your movement speed, while GAR sys will provide Designate to the team. Use SMG to increase your personal survival capability, GAR for team support.


Flamethower, Stock Capacitor and Dual Mag

The flamethower is a good choice for early biomass clearing. Stock Capacitors increase the energy required to fire your weapon, so you should use it sparingly.



It’s great for early game self defense, and doesn’t encumber the user.


Medal of Survival

As a UBAS user, you can increase the pilot’s HP to 100 Survival of the Pilot This is the most important priority

Hawk Eyed Ribbon of Combat

It provides 1 additional starting Suit Level. Although it decreases your energy regen, the pilot will still receive full energy regen when inside the UBAS. The downside is almost negated.

Hellfire Combat Award

It provides additional healing as well as a buffer against Bleed.

Distinguished Service Cross

A word of caution: While DSC provides additional starting suit level +1 energy regen it decreases a pilot’s HP 20%. The Survival of the pilot It is very important, but if your goal is to risk it big, use DSC. If you want it to be fun safe, use the first three medals.


Red Solstice 2: Survivors - In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide - The Build - 97F4F7E

You started out with no cool toys, but you eventually got your first UBAS after hours of play. This Loadout can be used to unlock new recuits.

Primary Weapons

Gar System is a good option for new players. It allows you to designate targets and remove 30% of kinetic resistance from a single boss threat monster. Excellent Team Support Option.

Optional Mods: Energy ammo (Extra Suppression & Damage)

SMG can do good damage close up. The SMG System provides extra damage and a speed boost to the user for survivability. Excellent Personal Survival Option.

Optional Mods: Light Stock (Additional RPM) and Enhanced Frame (Additional RPM)

Secondary Weapons

Thunder deals high kinetic and boss atrocities, making it an excellent option for self-defense.

Optional Mods

Automatic Shotgun deals decent destructive damage, good against swarms and Desecrator Leaders. The highest suppression value per shot (48 can be achieved by modding it with the Suppress Frame, making it easier to capture mobs. Excellent option for trash clearing and suppression.

Optional Mods

UBAS Stats & Skills

Red Solstice 2: Survivors - In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide - UBAS Stats & Skills - 4F89A06

UBAS Lv.1-> Lv.5

Health: 1,500 | 1,750 | 2,000 | 2,250 | 2,500

Energy: 500 | 550 | 700 | 850 | 1,000

Passive Energy: -3/s(default) ; -1/s(Reactor Core)

RPM: 300

DPS: 100/Eng | 137/Eng | 175/Eng | 212/Eng | 250/Eng

DPT(Trample): 200

DPC(Call): 5,000 | 6,000 | 7,000 | 8,000 | 10,000

Cooldown: 500s | 440s | 380s | 320s | 260s

Speed: ?(default) ; ?+10%(Reactor Core)

Resistances: 0%Kinetic 95%Destructive 95%Energy

Primary Skills

1st Skill: Assault Charge (Dash)

Red Solstice 2: Survivors - In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide - UBAS Stats & Skills - 71E41BF


  • Dashes 30 Meters. Activating explosive in its path (chain explosives, landmines, or gas pipe)
  • 300 damage to passing gangs + Stomping Damage for any passing structures (Cars barrels etc)
  • Pilots must ensure that the path they are dashing on is clear of Obstacles. The dash can be prone to bugging out client side issue only (. When it bugs out, it consumes your energy. The dash is cancelled with cooldown.
  • For 90% success rate in dash activating, pilot should use dash either on the sidewalk/open field.

2nd Skill – Micro Missile Barrage () Trash Skill

Red Solstice 2: Survivors - In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide - UBAS Stats & Skills - D103F4C


  • Don’t
  • A barrage of 8 Micro Missiles fires explode in a 4 Meters Radius each dealing 8,000 damage, for a total of 64,000 damage, based on impact radius

    Apply the Broken Debuff(to -5% both Destructive and Kinetic Resistances, up to a maximum -25% debuff)

  • It’s not clear how this skill is, Useless Trash Skill that drains 22.215566546A but you can sometimes get miss due to it being short range
  • Only applicable on Biomass(20% destructive resistance) with >45,000HP or Hell Spawn in its weakness/debuff stage A (refer Versus Bestiary Section A)
  • It doesn’t cause its supposed damage anyways because of a bug that causes the missiles to kill one another

    note: DO NOT This skill can be used on Biomass to destroy a >45,000HP Biomass using The Cannon and Trampling with at least half from what Missile barrage uses.

3rd Skill – Smoke Screen

Red Solstice 2: Survivors - In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide - UBAS Stats & Skills - 6EFFF89


  • Drops down a 20 Meters RadiusWall of Smoke equivalent of Heavy’s Smoke Wall at maximum level for 15 seconds.
  • It is identical to the Heavy’s Smoke Wall. It applies 50 suppression per sec to any enemies within it.
  • This skill can be used on high threat targets such as Thanatos, Specimen, Fluffy etc. It can cause them to be close to perma-stun / frozen with nitro ammo of their teammate’s gun fire.

    Red Solstice 2: Survivors - In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide - UBAS Stats & Skills - 196DCD6

  • Note: This skill is probably the most powerful ability. A UBAS with Smoke Screen can be enough support to support the team (.

4th Skill – Power Stomp

Red Solstice 2: Survivors - In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide - UBAS Stats & Skills - FE54D25


  • Stomping on the ground, causing enemies in a 30 Meters Radius be stunned for 4 seconds. Dealing 1,500 Kinetic Damage
  • When multiple high-risk targets catch you, your teammate will be able to reduce panic.
  • Cancel Monster attack with the correct timing
  • Hell Spawns vulnerability


Secondary/Utility Skill

Power Strike

Red Solstice 2: Survivors - In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide - UBAS Stats & Skills - 1301312


  • Throw a punch, dealing a 7,500 Kinetic Damage within a 2A21565064A with a 2A21567257A.
  • Notice: Power Strike costs 10 energy to deal7,500 Kinetic Damage. While shooting your cannon deal 10 energy, 10 energy, you can shoot your cannon deal 10 energy.

    It’s a 200% damage bonus. This means any monsters with kinetic damage or destructive damage difference of <50% are worth punching.


Field Training 101 – Prologue

Once you have found the build that you want, there are many options. Good Habits To get rid of, you will need to acquire Bad Habits. This section of the guide will help new UBAS players get to know the team and how to be a good UBAS participant in easy to digest steps.



  • Chapter 1: Rule 1, Cardio

  • Chapter 2 – UBAS Pre-ride Inspection

  • Chapter 3 – Movement and Environmental Hazards
  • Chapter 4: Trigger Discipline

  • Chapter 5 – SRB Field Maintenance Routine
  • Chapter 6: Castle Doctrine
  • Chapter 7: Team’s Lifeline
  • Epilogue


Chapter 1: Rule 1 Cardiovascular

To level up your suit for farm experience point, you will need to farm experience point after Spawning on the map. Follow the host and keep up along with them. In this state, you are vulnerable. Experience Point can also be farmed. Killing mobs, looting lockers and armory, Turning On Power Relays .

You can put 2 skill points intoAmmo Generator. Then, activate making ammo for your team by standing very close and activating the skill with one of your teammates. Always be there for your teammate. Generating ammo whenever you can Once you have full 10 Max Clipe17Y, remember to press the “X” key. Drop 3 Clips of Ammunition You can activate the skill by calling make more ammo, while you are full wastes 3 ammo.

Additionally, if you are running ahead a team member, stop by some places to loot lockers to get more ammunition and other items.

Chapter 2: UBAS Preride Inspection

Wow, you have reached level 2 and now have 5 skill points! Do not lose your cool, de-level all Skills available to get your skill points back with ‘Ctrl + Skill Number’ key. Maximize your UBAS Skill skills and never call it. No UBAS, max UBAS, or both None. Once you are called, de-level your UBAS Skill up to level 1. Congratulations, you now have a level 5 UBAS, with 4 points to spend, and max level. Advance Charge Battery Skill .

AMBUSH!!! You weren’t looking, and suddenly you were a A huge horde of trash Do not panic if you see it coming at you. Call the UBAS directly to discuss your concerns Run as fast as possible towards the destination. Side with the fewest enemies To the edge Outside of the red circle Stay there and shoot at any enemy that runs at you from the run circle. tank the hits is from the mobs inside the circle. As the UBAS crushes the swarm, you can see it. wait for 1-2 sec To compensate for the lag, you can run like hell into UBAS to make sure they don’t crush your.

WARNING!!! Any monsters that took 10k explosive damage to survive will now take destroy the UBAS. Please use this maneuver at you own risk. Incapacitated Marine is still a entity. Infinite amount of damage If it’s called on them, destroying the UBAS

Once inside the UBA, take note of your camera not following you in WASD mode. Press the ‘T’ button twice to fix the camera. Any of your Greying is the new normal for skill Are they not working? Stop shooting to use them. If the problem persists, leave the UBAS. Use a skill and shoot You can do both simultaneously. You want to leave the UBAS in an emergecy DO NOT PANIC, gently Once you have pressed the ‘V Key’, press the button again Failure to do so will result in the Pilot being in a buggy state where the game doesn’t recognize you as not being within the UBAS. Pilot You cannot aim correctly There’s a chance that you could. can’t use your skill anymore.

Chapter 3: Movement & Environmental Hazards

You can play in WASD mode UBAS players. AI pathing and RTS mode will put your UBAS in dangerous situation, or get stuck on a barricade. Your UBAS Tramples at a 180 degree angle In front of the Pilot, with an 1 meter radius

Any Mobs/Vehicles/Barricades/barrels will be Take the damage If you walk next to them, they will be able to detect you. If they explode close to you, considerable damage will be added to your UBAS. It is best to avoid them. Shoot them or face away Shoot only the ones that are visible to you, and not any useful item, especially Wave 12, legendary item or Erebus Lifedrone spawns.

Next, you will learn how to correctly use Assault Charge. When you try to dash through a solid object your UBAS cannot walk through, the dash won’t activate is what you get if you are fortunate. If you are not lucky, it activates but it doesn’t dash. You must first position yourself on the sidewalk sidewalk. There are rarely any obstacle so make sure you are clear of any obstructions before you start Dash.

Are you stuck on the terrain? To get back to RTS mode, press the ‘T’ key and then right-click away.

Be aware of any random explosive public games; Assault Charge and constant explosion are similar to a constant explosion, passing any Pipe for explosive and active gases They will be able to do extreme damage to the UBAS.

Chapter 4: Trigger Discipline

It can cause 1 Energy to Fire 1 Round With your Auto-cannon. Pilots who are such pilots must learn Trigger Discipline. You’re trying to balance your Energy Reserve and your 22A2156848484A. If your total Health is at 90% and your Energy is at 70%, you should stop shooting and tank some hits.

Most commonly shoot if you have A trail of trash mobs Following you, as they accumulate hinter you, they will bodyblock each other in order to hit you. Fire off a few rounds To kill them all once they reach critical mass (if there are a lot of them).

If there is a difference between the two, you should familiarize yourself with the damage resistances. >40% kinetic and destructive resistance It is always worth it to shoot the main gun punch, rather than the secondary gun. UBAS biggest weakness has a bias against armored type enemies. Each amour block equals armored type enemies plus any resistance that the monsters have so far only shot at Unarmored targets with low explosive resistence .

It is best to limit your singular trash mob attack to trample. You can then face your UBAS at the enemy, even if it stands still and spins your UBAS, it will cause damage in your immediate vicinity.

Never, and I do not mean NEVER, use Missile Barrage.

Chapter 5: SRB Field Maintenance Routine

Smokescreen, Repair, and Battery . These are the habit that you must always have. Smoke Screen reduces enemy movement speed by > and 50 suppression per tick, with a maximum suppression of -10%

If your UBAS is damaged, repair it and place a Battery. Any energy left could be used to generate Nitrogen Ammo. Shooting monsters inside the smokescreen can Perma-freeze them, as long as you keep a consistent stream of Nitrogen Bullet. tap-tap your gun You won’t run out of nitrogen as quickly.

Always place batteries whenever possible, once Smoke Screen has ended, get back in your UBAS whenever you feel necessary, Smoke Screen the UBAS to protect you from any immediate threat while protecting your Movement to a Minimum For maximum energy regeneration: Defend your position until smoke screen is back then Repeat the entire process again.

Chapter 6: Castle Doctrine Build

Smoke Screen UBAS’s Greatest Ability. It applies 50 Suppression every ticks suppressing even aThanatos easily. It slows down targets by -55% speed and Suppressed Debuff. This makes the target grind almost to a stop, increasing its effectiveness. Energy or Nitrogen Damage In the mix and the target will be Permanently Stun-lock, as long as the Smoke Screen Persist.

Red Solstice 2: Survivors - In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide - Chapter 6: Castle Doctrine Build - 4ADBCA4

This Build is Castle Doctrine. It helps fortify your position. Being able to hunker and shoot so long that your teammates don’t touch the smoke, I call it Build Castle Doctrine. Use Spam Smoke Screen whenever you can, and placing battery if you have to. Your Lv.4 Ammo Generator can generate Nitrogen Ammo To keep monsters away, slowly 1 tap-tap-tapping the fire button. You can see any mobs using 1 tap-tap-tapping. Missile Swarm to shred Once Smoke Screen is nearly over, get back in the UBAS, start shooting and tanking, and use your Stomp wisely for damage prevention or to save your teammates.

UBAS’s strongest point is Defenses. You are what keeps your teammates from 4 rampaging Fluffies. You halt bosses advances with Nitro ammo and shred them to panicking teammates. Make sure you get rid of everything! . Your relative positive in your group is to be In front of them .

Chapter 7: The Team’s Lifeline

After all the field training exercises, you now have train hard. Now it is time to give out your full potential. Run solo mission, and be the 1 Man Army you were meant to be.

You can break away from your team members, memorize all calibration terminal locationss and prioritize activating them. You saw a mission objective nearby and your team is half-way across the map? You can help them by doing it.

air drops landing close to you? Go get’em dosh tigers, hog all secondary ammo, a trap and a fibrin bandage bonus. Your heavy Running out of ammo ? Problem solved! Drop off all the ammo that you hog from the airdrop and a little bit more after passively using Ammo Generator for ammo production during your SRB Maintenance Routine.

Clear Biomass, gather items like Tokugawa overload, make map objectives, have epic 1 against 1 battles against different bosses, create epic 1 man standing helicopter pad holdouts after a Team Party Kill, revive everyone, and carry the team on you shoulder.

This is what you would expect from an Team Lifeline. general UBAS Engineer Gameplay . Most likely, you are spending more time charging your Mech than you are actually using. You also yield for all the intense moments that make it all worthwhile.


Here it is folks, the Do and Don’ts of a UBAS pilot. The Tutorial ends here, but there’s more to learn. This Guide may not be released soon, but I will make every effort to keep it updated. Sections like Versus Bestiary are in progress and there are many fun Achievements that I consider a challenge.

I took so long to write this guide because I wanted it to be perfect. However, that would be an excuse to procrastinate. I am passionate about UBAS but sometimes I felt lonely in this type of play. I was too blinded and blinded by my ego to see the positive aspects of UBAS. I wish more players would show UBAS love, learn from it, and strive to improve.

Achievement / Milestone () WIP


Map Objectives (WIP)


Versus Bestiary () WIP




Written by MaidenMason

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Red Solstice 2: Survivors – In-Depth Mecha Skills and Builds Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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