Record of Agarest War Mariage – Felicia Honeymoon Guide

Record of Agarest War Mariage – Felicia Honeymoon Guide 1 -
Record of Agarest War Mariage – Felicia Honeymoon Guide 1 -
How to honeymoon with Felicia, in my experience.



I am by no means a total expert on the Felicia honeymoon, but I have successfully navigated to the optimal affection path which seems to maximize skill transfer options. I welcome any suggestions that lead to improvements in the guide.


Essentially, all honeymoons are divided into four sections with three saves dividing them. The first three have two choices each from four total options that impact honeymoon affection, and the last part only seems to be for information/lore with no game effect. The apparent goal is to maximize affection, but the game doesn’t explain the mechanics behind the scenes.

I have done the honeymoon multiple times and always gotten the ability to select gender and 500/500 points to distribute amongst the mother and father’s skills (as mentioned in some of the other guides, a working theory is that these have more to do with finding the Yiris shrines and visiting the Den, though I’m not certain). What seems to change is which skills are available for transfer. Rather, it seems to me the higher the honeymoon affection is, the higher level character skills you can transfer to the child.

Section 1
On the first day/scene:
I want to eat your home-cooked meal (felicia up)
Today’s the perfect day to do laundry (rain up)
I forgot, I have an errand to run (both up)

On the second day/scene:
+Hm? We got a package (both up)

-Save Opportunity-

Section 2
On the third day/scene:
Maybe I’ll help out with cleaning (rain up)
I’m hungry… (rain up)
Why don’t we go out? (both up)

On the fourth day/scene:
+What’s the matter, Felicia? (felicia up)

-Save Opportunity-

Section 3
On the fifth day/scene:
Head into town (both up)
Why don’t we tidy up? (felicia up)
She seems upset (felicia up)

On the sixth day/scene:
+Gotta take the laundry inside (both up)

-Save Opportunity-

From the 7th part onwards, I don’t believe any of the choices affect the inherited traits or values, though for completeness I did choose to hold hands in part 7. After this, you get a bath scene/CG (which is Felicia’s honeymoon CG), and meet Ariette at Felicia’s church. Ariette remains unseen (no character art), and has little purpose other than a little more lore/exposition. I chose to talk about felicia’s past here.

After this point, I believe all available skills could be transferred, including standouts like resurrection, asteroid rush, and chain attack.

Meta Advice: What to Inherit?

Keep in mind that all skills other than SA (Sacred Arts) abilities are restricted to a role, and SA transfer to an extent regardless because they are mostly drawn from the character’s enhancement tree. Therefore, Larc/Ciela can only use heals inherited from Felicia while in the healer role, her shields in the defender role, etc.

You do not get enough points (500 seems to be max) to take everything available.

While occasionally role-switching is useful (personally I did it to put Panina into attacker to use cold/water against the EX Boss Dragon since it appears to be the only element he isn’t immune to), you’ll probably find that each character really works best as your default in one role. Whichever role you want for Larc/Ciela, focus on getting skills that can be used in it!
The game seems to guide you into making Larc/Ciela your attacker, but this is up to you. Felicia offers a great selection of abilities if you want to make your hero a healer instead, though I and most others probably grab the strongest attack skills and leave it as is

Also, transfer more powerful high level skills than weaker low-level ones. By the end of the game, and especially by the end of the EX dungeon if in New Game+, you will have a huge store of MP to spend on powerful abilities, so you’ll likely get more long-term mileage from those skills.


Not to hate on anyone for whom Felicia is the perfect Waifu, but she was not my first choice.

Panina is much more physically attractive, flirty, and fun during the gameplay and also during her honeymoon. Several of the Panina honeymoon days were basically something turned the characters on, then frenzied procreation.

Felicia had difficulty communicating, was clumsy, hurt herself trying to cook, tried to be controlling (or at least Rain thinks she might be), ran off and got lost on her own, and the only time I’m sure the characters made love during the honeymoon was when she decided Rain could have his fun just this once during a massage. On the bright side, you can beat her in a race and force her to call Rain master and meow for him, which for some reason she is into (affection up). That one kinky spot aside, Felicia seems a bit too much like a realistic lukewarm wife rather than a dream girl.

To each their own, though.

Written by verderorknight

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Record of Agarest War Mariage – Felicia Honeymoon Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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