Receiver 2 – Compound Challenge Tips

Receiver 2 – Compound Challenge Tips 1 -
Receiver 2 – Compound Challenge Tips 1 -
Tips & Tricks to completing Compound challenges.



This tape is going out to all Receivers in need of help clearing some of The Compound’s challenges. Though we operate alone, we can still share resources and help one another. Once you hear nothing but static on this tape, you have absorbed all it has to offer. At that time, please make a copy and leave it somewhere another Receiver can find it. 
Until further notice, you may want to give it another listen once in a while. There may be new advice among the static. 
This advice is based on my own experience, which may be idiosyncratic and incomplete. Every Receiver is different. If your Mindtech training has not prepared you against Spoiler Threats, you may want to visit this tape at a later date. 
Receiver 2 - Compound Challenge Tips 
It works! 


Shooting Range – Timed Challenges

The most immediate need I’ve recognized from other Receivers regards the timed challenges at the shooting range, so this tape will cover those first. This advice a*sumes basic competence with all Receiver-standard firearms. It is also limited to the circular Bullseye targets in Lane Two. It was not tested on Killdrone Sillhouettes, so attempt those at your own discretion and adapt as necessary. 
The name of the game is volume of fire over per-shot accuracy. 

  1. Keep a steady, brisk rate of fire. You should only be spending just enough time between shots to put your sights roughly back on target. Don’t bother aiming for a bullseye every time. Assuming you only hit a 6 or 7 every second, will still score 180 or 210 over thirty seconds, as opposed to spending two or three seconds to hit a 10 every time (totaling 100-150). 
  2. Count off your rounds. Proactive reloading is faster than reacting to an empty gun. For semi-autos, load the extra round in the chamber at the start and leave one round in between reloads. For magazine capacity n
    • Load n+1 rounds; 
    • Fire n rounds; 
    • Reload; 
    • Repeat.


  3. Use partial reloads when time is almost up. Better to load and fire fewer rounds than load more and fire none. 
  4. Take advantage of pauses. During the Multi-distance, you cannot score points while the target is moving. Use this time to rest your aim, and reload even if you aren’t completely empty. You can always come back to a partial magazine.

These principles should allow you to maximize your rate of fire and hit those high score targets. A few more tips if you’re still having trouble: 

  • If shots just aren’t landing where you think they should, practice judging each gun’s sights on the 10-shot limited challenges. Stand back one or two steps from the bench so you can see the monitor without moving. Line up your sights, take a shot, then compare to the monitor and adjust. 
  • These challenges are an excellent opportunity to practice clearing malfunctions under pressure, but sometimes they can turn a winning attempt into a loss, much to our frustration. Read up on the causes and solutions to common malfunctions. Some experienced Receivers may even manifest proactive techniques to prevent malfs. Keep your eyes open.


Under Manifestation

This tape will undergo further manifestation as our Mindtech improves. If you have expertise to share, leave a recording on a floppy disk in a conspicuous location. 
Thanks for listening, Receiver! 
This tape will now repeat. 

Written by Marshy

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Receiver 2 – Compound Challenge Tips, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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