Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – 100% Achievement Guide

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – 100% Achievement Guide 1 -
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – 100% Achievement Guide 1 -
This is a guide to completing all 26 achievements in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw



This is a guide to assist other players in completing all 26 achievements in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. This guide applies to the following version of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: 1.18d 
It took me just under 40 hours to complete all achievements. 
Use CTRL + F to find any achievements you are looking for. 
WARNING: This guide contains spoilers. 

Easy Achievements

The achievements in this section are all relatively straightforward to aquire. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
A Favor 
Meet Richter in Nacogdoches 
You will get this at the start of the game. Meet Ritcher at Nacogdoches Mining at the start of the game. Burn an afterburner for Richter’s mission, the cheapest one is only 3000 credits. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Card-Carrying Member 
Join the Merchant’s Guild 
Join the Merchant’s Guild. Can be done at certain stations that have the guild and costs 1000 credits. Suggest joining early in the game, can give access to more lucrative supply/transport goods missions. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Membership Has Its Priviledges 
Join the Mercanaries’ Guild 
Join the Mercenaries’ Guild. Can be done at certain stations and costs 5000 credits. Gives access to relatively lucrative combat missions. Suggest joining later in the game when you have a better ship, better ship components and are more confident in combat. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Side Hussle 
Complete 50 Mission Board Missions 
Most stations have mission boards were you can select various types of missions to do e.g. transporting goods to a certain stations, defending against pirate attacks etc. Simply complete 50 of these missions to get this achievement. I think I had completed this before I left the Texas system. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Tractor Pull 
Tractor 200 Objects 
You need to have a tractor beam installed on your ship to do this one. The cheapest tractor beam is only 7500 credits. To pick up an object you need to fly in range and press E (default key) on keyboard. You will typically pick up objects from destroyed ships, containers or when mining. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
New Ride 
Purchase a New Ship 
Buy a new ship from a ship dealer. The cheapest is the Sonora at 100000 credits. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Miner 49’er 
Mine 20 Asteroids 
To mine an asteroid you need a minimum of a mining scanner (10000 credits), mining laser (10000 credits) and tractor beam (basic one is 7500 credits) to pick up anything mined. 
Selling your produce from mining provides a very good income early game and is more profitable than the early game missions. 
After you have bought and installed the above components to mine asteroids, fly to an asteroid field and scan the area (default key is V on keyboard). Asteroids that can be mined will shown up with a symbol (see screenshot below). 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
The when you get close to the asteroid you will see a grid of glowing dots, which is a fracture point on the asteroid (see screenshot below). Hit this area with your mining laser and it will release minerals for you to tractor beam up. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 

Jump Gates

There are two acheivements for using jump gates: 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
On The Road Again 
Leave The Texas System  
Purchase a jump drive for 20000 credits then head to a jump gate and go through it. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Complete 5 Risky Jumps  
Risky / unstable jump gates are shown in red on the system map (normal jump gates are in blue) and also shown as red lines connecting systems in the sector map. These jump gates are risky because there is a chance they can damage or even destroy some of your ship’s components when you use them. You can purchase a shielded jump drive for 180000 credits, which prevents any damage for using risky jump gates. 

Bar Mini-Games

There are three achievements for playing the 8-ball, dice poker and StarVenger mini games that are located at certain bars within stations / planets. There is no achievement for playing slots. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Pool Shark 
Win 10 Games of Pool  
In game pool is called 8-ball. 
One thing the game doesn’t explain to you are the controls for playing pool. The No.1 key thing you need to know is that if you hold down your right mouse button and move your mouse at the same time you can alter the direction you are aiming in and don’t have to take the shot that is lined up for you! 
Basic rules of the pool / 8-ball minigame are listed below if you are unfamiliar with real-life pool: 

  • The game works by hitting the white ball with the end of your pool cue so that it hits other balls and directs the other balls into one of six pockets located around the pool table 
  • The player that starts first gets two shots 
  • If any balls are sunk on the first shot / break shot then no suit is assigned for that player 
  • Suits (solids or stripes) are assigned from the second shot / turn onwards by the first player to sink a ball of that suit 
  • If you sink the 8-ball (black) before you have sunk all balls of your suit, you lose 
  • If you sink the white ball, your opponent gets to take a shot from the break line 
  • You need to sink all the balls of your suit and then the 8-ball before your opponent to win 
  • If you sink the white ball when you only have the 8-ball left to sink, you lose

The AI you play against varies from very good, e.g. sinking 5 balls in a row, to terrible / negligent i.e. I have seen the AI accidentally sink the 8-ball or white ball about 4 times causing them to lose . 
You can play one game of pool against Sharky as part of the main story. You can also win ship components by winning pool games at the following locations in the below table. These components can only be won once. 

Station, System Prize
Nagocdoches Mining, TexasTracer
Topeka Station, KansasHS Launcher
Port Ozark, MissouriEMC Package 1
Port Belgrade, MontanaIon Blaster
Dautry Outpost, Medicine HatInjection Burner 2k

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Roll The Bones 
Win 10 Games of Dice Poker 
Dice Poker is another mini-game where how to play is not explained to the player 
How Dice Poker works: 

  • The game has three turns 
  • On the first turn each player rolls 5 six sided dice 
  • Each six sided die has a face showing an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 or 9 
  • On the second turn the players can choose to re-roll as many dice as they want 
  • On the third turn players can only re-roll the same dice chosen in turn 2 
  • See the table below for the winning combinations. 5 of a kind beats everything, followed by 4 of a kind, full house, straight and so on

I have adapted the below table from Wikipedia’s Poker Dice article. 
A = Ace 
K = King 
Q = Queen 
J = Jack 

Hand RankingHandExample
1Five of a kindJ J J J J
2Four of a kind10 10 10 10 A
3Full houseK K K 9 9
4StraightA K Q J 10
5Three of a kind9 9 9 K J
6Two pairQ Q 9 9 A
7One pair10 10 K Q 9
8No handA K Q J 9

You need to win three games of Dice Poker for the Bountiful Vista missions. You can also win ship components by winning dice poker games at the following locations in the below table. These components can only be won once. 

Station, SystemPrize
Stantz MFR, NimpooImRec Launcher
Abuthnott, AlabamaAuto Cannon
Tremonton, UtahEnhanced Tractor

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Stick Jockey 
Earn the high score at StarVenger 
StarVenger is available at some bars, the first being Austin Station in the Texas system. StarVenger is pretty much the same as the old Asteroids arcade game. This is a hard achievement to get with only 0.8% of players having this at the time of writing. 
Once again controls are not explained. If you are using a keyboard use S and D to rotate your ship, W or E to accelerate and left mouse button to shoot your ship’s gun. 
You will encounter different sized asteroids and red enemy ships. Larger asteroids split into two medium sized asteroids when destroyed. medium sized asteroids split into two small asteroids when destroyed. Be aware that medium and small asteroids can travel quite fast in the later stages of the game. Red enemy ships spawn periodically and fly around the screen shooting in random directions. These ships also move much faster in the later stages. 
You get points for shooting asteroids, shooting red enemy ships and collecting any diamonds that spawn from destroyed asteroids. Every 10000 points you get an extra life. To get the achievement you need to reach 25000 points. Upon reaching 25000 points and finishing the mini-game you will be contacted at some point while flying your ship about the Last StarVenger mission, though this mission is not part of this achievement. 
To reach 25000 points I recommend playing very conservatively until you reach 20000 points. When destroying a large asteroid try and destroy the medium asteroids and then small asteroids immediately when they split off. Also try to destroy any red ships as soon as they spawn. Don’t risk collecting any diamonds unless they are moving close to you. Try and save all your lives until you get to 20000 points. Once you reach 20000 points all hell breaks lose and asteroids and enemy ships seem to move much faster. At this point just hold down the fire button and try to shoot any asteroids that get close or red ships, prioritise anything that is moving fast. Hopefully you can survive until 25000 points, but you may burn through all your lives getting there. 

Bountiful Vista

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide - Bountiful Vista 
Bountiful Vista 
Purchase Bountiful Vista 
Bountiful Vista is a station you can buy in the Eureka Sector. If you refuse the first offer from the robot to buy it for 250000 the price gets lowered to 50000. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Hearth & Home 
Complete Bountiful Vista Upgrades 
After purchasing Bountiful Vista the robot will ask you to help complete upgrades for the station. Each upgrade builds a certain station component e.g. shipyard, equipment bay, mission board etc. You may need to fly around for a while doing other things before the robot will contact you about the next upgrade. 
The Bountiful Vista upgrades will be completed in the order below: 
Cold Dish – Reorient the Texacomm Transponder in the Eureka System to re-establish the Mission board. Missions from Bountiful Vista mission board give 20% extra reward 
By the Bay/Leeds/Watchful Eye – 4 tons of components, 4 tons of Steel and agreement with Leeds to build an equipment bay. Leeds will send you on a mission to escort freighters to protect against Red Devil attacks. The Equipment Bay sells special equipment not available else where. This special equipment is mainly launchers that have greater ammunition capacity. 
Mixmaster – Get Veder Franks for the bar and also bring 10 tons of Greel Whisky to the station. Bar creates passive revenue. 
Shipyard / Ship Dealer – Pay a 5000 credits franchise fee and bring 10 tons of Robot Modules to the station. Sells special ships not available elsewhere. 
Dice Poker – Gather the best Dice Poker players to Bountiful Vista by beating them in a game of Dice Poker. The best Dice Pokers players are located at the following stations/systems – Port Flagstaff, Arizona. Station 872-D, 1167-C. Backfire Landing, Derringer 
Slot Machine – Visit Orzu to buy a slot machine for 3000 credits. 
Pool Table – Either pay 20000 credits for a pool table or fight a freighter and mercenary escorts for one. (Nevada) 
StarVenger – Either pay 20000 credits for a StarVenger arcade game or fight a freighter and mercenary escorts for one. (Derringer) 

Combat Achievements

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide - Combat Achievements 
Destroy 200 Fighter Craft 
Destroy 200 enemy fighter craft. You should easily get this before you reach the end of the main story. You seem to get harassed by enemy fighters a lot at jump gates or when auto-piloting through a system. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Killboard Queen 
Destroy 1000 Fighter Craft 
I got this one after 32 hours of playtime. Near the end game you can be destroying 10-20 fighters per Mission Board mission. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Shoot Down 100 Incoming Missiles 
Enemy missiles will appear with a red triangle around them and an audio tone that repeats faster depending on how close the missile is to your ships. Shoot at the red triangle to shoot down enemy missiles. Enemy fighters and capital ships that use cluster missiles (6 fired off at once) can be a good for shooting down missiles. I got this one after 25 hours of playtime. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Bounty Hunter 
Claim 20 Bounties 
Certain enemy fighters may have bounties on them. You can see this by targeting the fighter in Targeting Mode (see screenshot below of a Pirate Lord bounty). All Pirate Lords have bounties. 
You can also pay a bartender to reveal bounty locations. Destroy the fighters or Pirate Lords with bounties on them to claim the bounty. You should get this achievement easily while progressing through the game. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Cap Buster 
Destroy 50 Capital Ships 
It took me 31 hours to get the first capital ship killing achievement. I noticed that the achievement doesn’t track very well. 
To kill capital ships destroy any turrets in range of the ships engines and then sit behind the engines firing constantly. Recommend a high fire rate low power consumption weapon like the photon cannon so that you can get the last hit on the ship and the kill. 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Cap Killer 
Destroy 120 Capital Ships 
I found this one a bit of grind and it was the last achievement I got. As above the achievement doesn’t seem to track well and I killed 125 capital ships before it registered. 
Recommend taking the following Mission Board missions when hunting capital ships: 

  • Siege – Anything with Siege in the title except for Inviolate Sieges as they don’t seem to have capital ships 
  • [Urgent] Flashpoint – Multiple Capital Ships (4 to 5) 
  • Red Devil Blockade 
  • Battle in xxx System 
  • War in xxx System


Pirate Lord Achievements

There are two achievements for killing Pirate Lords 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Pirate Hunter 
Kill 1 Pirate Lord 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Pirate Killer 
Kill 5 Pirate Lords 
To find Pirate Lords, first you need to receive a message that there is a Pirate Lord in the system (see screenshot 1) or you need to notice that a station has sighted a Pirate Lord (see screenshot 2). It will say “Pirate Lord Sighted” under the station status. At the station visit the bar and pay the bar tender for bounty locations. 
One of these locations will show a flashing red skull (normal bounties are show as a + symbol in side a flashing red circle), this is the Pirate Lord location (see screenshot 3). Pirate Lords move around, but you can autopilot to their location. 
Pirate Lords typically fly a Skrull or Kodiak gunship and are escorted by 3 fighters. Can be a tough fight early game. If fighting them fairly early I would recommend calling in your buddy to help out and taking out the escorts first. They are very easy to beat in late game. 
Pirate Lords drop weapons when destroyed and are the only source of the CPC Laser, Flak Cannon and Gatling Cannon weapons. Recommend using the CPC laser when you have a level 3 or 4 power plant in your ship. 
Screenshot 1: 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Screenshot 2: 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Screenshot 3: 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 

Net Worth Achievements

There are two achievements for reaching net worth milestones: 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Sitting Pretty 
Reach 1M Credits of Net Worth 
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide 
Filthy Rich 
Reach 3M Credits of Net Worth 
Note that this is total net worth, not cash on hand! 
It took me around 31 hours to reach 3M credits of net worth. 
Recommend the following to help increase your net worth: 

  • Mining asteroids (early/mid game) 
  • Selling loot from destroyed ships 
  • Selling contraband from destroyed ships at black markets 
  • Instead of rescuing any ejected pilots, enslave them as thralls and sell them at black markets for a higher price than you would get for releasing them at a station 
  • Late game do missions, such as siege missions that are worth 20000 to 30000 credits per mission. 
  • Try not too take too much damage too often as repairs decrease your net worth 
  • Do not waste missiles as reloading decreases your net worth 
  • Fly a ship that can hold a lot of cargo and is still capable in combat, such as the Sequoia (available from Bountiful Vista when the shipyard/ship dealer is built) which has a hold size of 36 with cargo extender 3. Fill the ship with loot and contraband from destroyed ships, sell these items and repeat.



Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide - Wolfpack 
Unlock All buddy Characters 
Buddy characters are unlocked by completing story or side missions. To activate a certain buddy, land at their home station and activate them. Buddies can be called in to help you through the wheel menu, press CTRL (default setting) on keyboard and the SHIFT (default setting) to call in the buddy. Buddies hang around for 10 minutes when called in. 
I have found buddies useful as cannon fodder for distracting enemy fighters. In missions where an overwhelming number of enemies target your ship calling in a buddy to help before you start the mission will help take some of the heat off you. 

Buddy NameHow to UnlockHome Location
RichterUnlocked by completing the first story missions involving Richter in the Texas systemNachocdoches Mining, Texas
MarlaUnlocked by completing the side missions for Marla. These missions start after helping Satchel with jumpgate tracking.Jesse’s Den, Juarez
SatchelAppears to be unlocked in the story after Satchel contacts you and directs you to see to SharkyHobbes Station, New Mexico
ConorUnlocked after completing story mission to help Conor (The Catholic) at the Superior Belt in MontanaPort Belgrade, Montana
SharkyUnlocked after completing the side mission to recover Sharky’s billiards tournament trophy (It’s a matter of honour). A few side missions need to be completed for Sharky to get to this pointLafitte Tech, Louisiana
RuthRuth will be unlocked after he organises a meeting with Sandar for you, late in the story.Tallulah, Louisiana


End Of The Road

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - 100% Achievement Guide - End Of The Road 
End Of The Road 
Complete The Story Campaign 
Complete the story missions. If you haven’t been contacted for a certain story mission just fly around for a while until you get contacted. 
The story consists of the following in the order shown below (these are rough notes I took while playing through the game, I will tidy these up a bit later). Some side missions may be shown in the mix here, I have noted what I think are side missions. 
2 initial missions for Richter (unlocks Richter as a buddy) 
Transport a package to Orzu in the Nevada System 
Meet Satchel at Hobbes Station in New Mexico. Help Satchel with bounty. 
Help Satchel with jumpgate tracking (will get side missions from Orzu, Ritcher and Carla around this time) 
Help Ritcher clear an area in Colorado from Infected (side mission?) 
Help Marla. Visit DoubleJack HQ and then do a mission to steal medical supplies from a convoy (Doctors Without Borders), there is a choice to be made in the mission. Help Marla break Ansel from prison. Help Marla and Ansel overthrow Durgan (Retribution). Completing these unlocks Marla as a buddy. I think these might all be side missions. 
Help Orzu deal with corrupt cops using an EMP Javelin (side mission?). 
After helping those three and waiting a while Satchel will contact you regarding tracking Ruth. Satchel will send you to speak to Sharky in Louisiana and you can now use Satchel as a buddy. 
Marla will contact you again. Help her defeat Steel Rats moving into Juarex (side mission?). 
Ritcher will contact you again. Delivery 4 tons of gold and 4 tons of ceramics to him (side mission?). 
Orzu will contact you again. He wants help shaking down a high roller cheating his casino, Danvers (side mission?). 
Marla will need a hand again. Help take out the 3 Police listening posts (side mission?). 
Ritcher needs help again. Damage his brother’s mining operation (side mission?). 
Satchel will contact you to help with killing Infected (side mission?). 
Satchel will contact you to help protect Tenesse mining consortium (side mission?). 
Find Sharky, play game of pool and beat her to gut Ruth’s location. Else you will need to complete a mission with Sharky. 
Head to Ruth’s location. Talk to Ruth and wait for information about “The Catholic”. Ruth will contact you, head to Montana to look for the Catholic. 
Satchel will contact you again about a bounty. Meet Satchel in Dakota to track down Kasha (side mission?). 
Sharky will contact you about a mission. Meet Sharky in Nimpoo to track down Tanis Drake (Junkyard Dog) (side mission?). 
Sharky will need help again (Naughty List). Head to Police facility and help delete Sharky’s records 
Head to Montana to find the Catholic. Talk to the Greel in the bar who says that Conor The Catholic is planning a gold heist near the Superior Belt. Help Conor out in the heist and then head to Belgrade for a chat with him and Ruth. Conor will reveal that Brace is alive. 
Sharky will contact you again. Help her get her billiards tournament trophy (side mission?). This unlocks Sharky as a buddy. 
Sander will contact you, meet him in the Sexton system. He will want you investigate convoy disappearances in Derringer. Escort a convoy to see what happens. 
Brace will contact you. Meet him in Larengo. 
Xander will contact you again. Head to the Sweetland system to discuss the mysterious ship with the Inviolate, Beauregarde. You will not get much info. Xander will contact you again and ask to meet him in the Hitchcock system. Escort a convoy and capture an enemy pilot. Capture the pilot and deliver them to Hampton. Xander will torture them and then tell you they have been hired by your mother. 
You will then contact Ruth and meet him at Tallulah. Ruth will organise a meeting with you and Sandar. This unlocks Ruth as a buddy. 
Meet Sandar at Ridley Station in the Backbone system. Help Sandar eliminate rival Prinz. Meet Sandar again in Backbone. Sandar will lead you to Tatiana. Meet Tatiana and leave. 
After a while the police will intercept and interrogate you. They want you to visit Tatiana again and send them a coded message in which they will know the location of the meeting and neutralise Tatiana. 
Either inform about the police or betray Tatiana. 
If betray Tatiana you will fight a battle against her and some other Red Devil capital ships. Defeat the cronies and Tatiana will flee. Follow and confront her. After you leave you will get a call from Brace. 
Meet Brace on Lubbock. Speak to Brace in the bar, make the decision to stay together or depart ways and that’s the end of the story. The achievement should be granted after talking to Brace. 


Thanks for reading. Feel free to add any questions, queries or comments. 

Written by Buzmarck

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – 100% Achievement Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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