Ready or Not – Change Game Mode Settings for Single-Player

Ready or Not – Change Game Mode Settings for Single-Player 1 -
Ready or Not – Change Game Mode Settings for Single-Player 1 -

Change game mode settings for single-player replayability. (Vary number of suspects / civilians, bomb-threat time limits, and locked / open / trapped door ratios).

Basic info

The settings for game mode difficulty modifiers are located in an Unreal package file called “pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_0_P.pak”. If you right-click the game’s icon in Steam and select “Browse Local Files,” you’ll find the file in the game directory >> ReadyOrNot >> Content >> Paks.
Backup the file first, and then use a hex-editor to modify the file (I highly suggest NotePad++ which can be found online at – [] . Search (CTRL+F) for the term “BTMaxBombs” to jump to the relevant section which is human-readable. When changing values, make absolutely sure that you aren’t changing the number of characters in the chain of each line. I recommend pressing the Insert key to change to overwrite mode and use CTRL+Z to undo any typos.

What works for certain so far:

To be clear, not every change made to the file will have an impact on gameplay.
Here’s a list of what I found that actually does work as intended:

  • BTTimeUntilBombExplodes = 720 (Sets the bomb disposal countdown to 12 minutes)
  • MaxCivilians=10 (Sets the number of civilians to about 7-10)
  • MaxSuspects=10 (Self-explanatory)
  • MaxTraps=5 (Sets the number of door traps in the mission)
  • MaxLockedDoorsPercentage = 0.225 (Sets the ratio of locked/unlocked doors)
  • MaxOpenDoorsPercentage = 0.075 (Sets the ratio of open/closed doors)

The variables in the file are presented by a chain of “global” variables first, and then map / mode specific “local” variables which override the global settings when playing on a specific encounter.
Remember that you need your file to exactly match the contents of the other players if you’re playing in a lobby, so you need to reset the file back to its original form before attempting to play in public lobbys.
This modding method is intended for single-player gaming, but can be applied to private lobbies, but be sure that your group isn’t bringing up unnecessary bugs or glitches to developers after running a modified version of a mission.

Written by Barking Sands

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Ready or Not – Change Game Mode Settings for Single-Player; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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