Ravenswatch – New Players Guide and Tips

Ravenswatch – New Players Guide and Tips 1 - steamlists.com
Ravenswatch – New Players Guide and Tips 1 - steamlists.com

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Starter tips for those just beginning their journey or who are finding it difficult

Ninefinger, MercureXI, Ninefinger and Red Monkey for their valuable input and suggestions.

Updated with information from MEGAN THE HLDES
1. Most events come in three varieties depending on their distance from spawn: green, yellow and red. Red is the most rewarded color (with legend/curse attached).
2. There are three pigs to deal with when it comes to quest handlers: wood, stone and straw. While stone has quarries with deposits and wood drops from wicked trees, straw is scattered around the map in 2-3 heavily guarded areas and should be avoided at all costs; it’s simply not worth it.
2. The number of heroes in the lobby varies significantly; I saw as many as 26.
3. Are those statues depicting ravens? Based on the overall theme?
4. It is possible to eliminate massive shards without engaging creatures by using Wisp (especially with Melusine).
5. Wishing Well has a reward system that scales with legend object dexterity of 200/250 DS (Dots), not benefits.
This ability is usually combined with combos for (+vit for every object carried) and (+damage for 5 vit).

Tip 1

You can avoid the mobs that block roads and paths and navigate around the map, from one activity node to next.

Tip 2

Activity nodes are where you want to fight for your XP. If there are mods that don’t invite them into the activity nodes This is the place to go.

Tip 3

The mini map’s activity points have an assigned colour that ranges from yellow to green and red for the most difficult (but higher rewards).

Begin by exploring all sides of the starting point and focus on the green events. Then move on to yellow and finally red , but dont forget that if you have 300 shards. Speedily return to base and spend the shards. This should allow you to speed up or easier clearing the harder yellow/red events

Map tips

Points to be on the watch for

1 Mini boss event – A tentacle can be found in the clearing. This attack starts the lock-in event, which kills 3 waves o’ enemy’s. Complete this event to reduce main boss’s health by 20%.

2 – Books – Event 2 versions green and yellow (maybe red however i haven’t had time to explore all of the possibilities)

another lock-in event but this one comes with a timer to finish all the mobs off before the time runs out to pick a very nice reward from a perk Shards or XP

3 – Door – unlocked with a key in a mini boss inside that is extremely robust

4 – Wishing well mobs that are defended clear them and it takes shards and gives a reward when used

5 – Healing shrine Pray for health and receive a bonus cap of health.

6 – Exclamation mark quest – Mr Pig will soon have his home destroyed or built out of stone or bricks. Once you’ve accepted the quest, take a quick look at the mini map to see if there are any piles of the following: Straw, a), Straw, b), Wood, or c) Stone.

When you start the quest, be sure to check the mini-map. It should show at least 2 or 3. These piles are typically an extensive stock pile of these matts.

A) Straw can be found everywhere on the map.

B) Wood in piles scattered across the map, and drops from tree mobs

C) stone is found in large amounts in mines. Search for them as quickly as is possible and proceed to the end of the mine for a showdown with mobs

All matt areas are secure and you have just a few minutes to gather what you can, and then return to Mr Pig and hand him what you have to make his home. He only needs 20 items, but it is recommended to have at least 16 to hand in at this point you need to defend your home against 3 waves of mobs take out the DPS the most damaging damage first and then clean up the rest

7 – Giant Shards – defended by mobs clear them out and take your cash back to where it started and receive some nice perks *tip from MEGAN THE HLDES, if you’re in a hurry get those shards , and make a sharp exit example if your Melusine you can use the wisp to complete the damage and pick up the shards, then leave.

8 8 Purple Raven statue – defended by mobs, clear them out and pray to the statue to unlock (unfog) a bit of the map

Don’t forget about Aladdin

One final thing to remember for group or solo players: Aladdin is still with you. Try using the 3 wishes you have to obtain gold and items before you begin. This will allow you to quickly clean up the map, which will help you explore more and spend less time fighting.

Don’t forget to mention

don’t be a noob like me and don’t forget Tip one because fighting with just a couple of mobs on the pathways will waste your time. Your goal is to obtain the power-ups and farm the group of mobs that are defending the power-up. Then move onto the next getting as much cash and power-ups as you can before the boss fight


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