Rain World – How to Use Explosives Properly in Rain World

Rain World – How to Use Explosives Properly in Rain World 1 - steamlists.com
Rain World – How to Use Explosives Properly in Rain World 1 - steamlists.com
This guide will show you how to properly use explosives in Rain World.

Combat with explosives in this game is a form of art on its own, but it’s important for you to know how to handle explosive weaponry as it can be disastrous to use such items unprofessionally.



Explosives in Rain World seem to have one common origin and that’s “Cherrybombs”, also called gunpowder plants. Scavengers appear to use this plant as the main ingredient to craft grenades and explosive spears which are then used in combat. 
Slugcat can’t craft these last two items on its own, and must trade them with Scavengers or outright steal them. The Cherrybomb on the other hand can be found growing naturally, Slugcat is allowed to harvest these for use at any point. 
Note that explosives don’t become useless after being submerged. 


Cherrybombs can be found growing in various places and grow back one or two cycles after being harvested. 
Rain World - How to Use Explosives Properly in Rain World 
Cherrybombs are mainly used to scare away all kinds of lizards, but in reality it can be used for other purposes. 
At the time of hurling the raceme, it’ll crackle and pop in a burst of small explosions, similar to our world’s firecrackers, this will inflict tinnitus to any nearby creature, including the player, temporarily deafening everyone in the current room. This is speacially useful against sound-based monsters such as the Daddy Long Legs. 
Lizards will naturally flee at the time of hearing the Cherrybomb explode, making it an useful tool to make chameleon lizards give away their current position. Take into account it’s not reliable when it comes to scaring away any other species of creature, such as Vultures. 
Rain World - How to Use Explosives Properly in Rain World 
Not only it’ll deafen foes, but it can also stun anyone caught in the burst of small explosions, although this isn’t of much use. The small burst of explosions can also trigger any other nearby explosives too, so be careful of using these near explosive-armed Scavengers. 


One of the game’s most chaotic item. Often wielded by scavengers, the Grenade will ensure mayhem if it’s used in combat. 
The grenade, which uses the same colour palette as the Cherrybomb, is an item that can only be obtained from Scavengers. 
Rain World - How to Use Explosives Properly in Rain World 
When a Grenade is thrown, it’ll continue its path until it hits any surface or creature, at which point it’ll immediately burst into a considerable explosion which is ensured to fling away any unlucky creature standing nearby. Surprisingly enough, the Grenade is of little use most times, specially in close quarters, for the simple fact that it has no timer and explodes the moment it touches anything, making it specially dangerous. 
Note that Grenades will explode if hit by rocks, this can be used to make grenade-wielding scavengers blow up. 
When it comes to combat, make sure there’s enough distance between you and your target, and take into account the possible collateral damage inflicted on any nearby creatures that weren’t originally your intention to harm. 
Brother and Daddy Long Legs 
Such creatures can easily stop a grenade with a single arm and deflect most of the damage, if you’re planning on using grenades against these monsters, wait for their core to be exposed and make sure you don’t hit any tentacle. 

Explosive Spears

Pretty much the game’s most powerful item and signature weapon of the Scavengers, the Explosive Spear is an essential weapon to take down large threats effectively. 
The explosive spear seems to be a regular spear, but with a red package tied to it. When it gets thrown, it’ll stab anything it hits, pop a few times in the form of tiny explosions and terminating with a final, mediane but powerful explosion. 
Rain World - How to Use Explosives Properly in Rain World 
A single well-landed hit from this spear is an ensured one-hit-KO, except for the mighty red lizard & centipede and the King Vulture, anything else is ensured to die on the spot. 
Note that Daddy and Brother Long Legs can still take the hit with an arm, barely taking any damage. To prevent this, make sure you hit their core. 
Rain World - How to Use Explosives Properly in Rain World 
If the spear hits a specially hard surface, instead of popping a few times before exploding it’ll outright detonate immediately. This is specially dangerous when dealing with armoured foes as the sudden explosion can stun and possibly fling Slugcat away. 
Lizards are known to have sturdy armoured heads, capable of deflecting spears. If an explosive spear lands on their head, it’ll absorb pretty much all the damage. Ensure you hit the lizard’s soft body, or if you’re skilled enough, stab them in the esophagus when their maw is wide open for an ensured insta-kill. 
Vultures have armour that covers their face and most of the head, similar to lizards, this mask can deflect spears and protect against explosive spears too, as they can’t prenetrate the mask. Make sure the explosive spear hits their body or neck, avoid hitting their wings as they absorb damage more effectively. If the Vulture is demasked though, make sure you hit their face. 


Use these tools properly and you shall find salvation, but mishandle them and you’ll be dead in no time. Don’t forget scavengers are masters when handling these weapons, and they won’t hesitate on blowing themselves up if it means harming you in some way. 
Rain World - How to Use Explosives Properly in Rain World 

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