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Welcome to Rain World – All Challenge Types + Perks and Tips guide

The expedition is a game mode that focuses on permadeath and progress. Select a character to embark on an expedition.


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Everything you need to know regarding the new game mode Rain World: Rainpour

A successful expedition will award points and different rewards depending on the outcome. These can include new Perks to use in future runs or Burdens to increase difficulty in interesting ways. There are also music tracks that can be played in Jukebox.


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Before characters can be used in Expedition, they must be unlocked. You must unlock each slugcat to play Expedition.

Monk and Survivor are Unlocked by default

Hunter – Unlocked once Monk and Survivor’s campaigns have been beaten

Others are Unlocked after their campaign is defeated


Expedition: If you die while at the lowest level of karma, it will result in a Game Over. All progress will be lost. Avoid taking chances when your karma level is low. Reinforced karma is the only thing that can save your life from permadeath. However, karma flowers don’t spawn naturally and must be unlocked by a perk.


Your mission in Expedition is to complete a set of unexpected challenges that you have been a*signed or given by a Mission. More details will follow. After all the challenges are completed, the run will end. Points and rewards will be awarded based on accomplishments.

Changes to the normal gameplay

Expeditions are set in the same world as the campaign of the character but without any story elements. There are several changes to the normal gameplay to facilitate the game mode. These include:

  • Players begin in a randomly chosen shelter
  • All characters begin with a karma level 2
  • The karma cap has been set at 5 and cannot be increased
  • Echoes won’t appear in the first cycle
  • The Survivor pa*sage is automatically completed, but other pa*sages can be accessed without it.
  • Pa*sages are disabled by default and can be unlocked by a perk
  • There are no character cycle limits
  • Expedition does not include Arena or other unlock tokens
  • Saint

    Can throw spears, but is not very good at it.



Rain World - All Challenge Types + Perks and Tips - Challenges - 97E19CF

This page will help you set the objectives for your Expedition before you leave. You can have up to five challenges on the challenge list.

You can adjust the number of challenges required for your Expedition using the [+] and [-] buttons. The multiplier applied at the end of an Expedition will be affected by the number of completed challenges. It is more challenging but more rewarding to undertake an Expedition that has more challenges.

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The slider at the top controls the difficulty of a challenge when you re-roll. This affects mainly the quantity of non-combat challenges and the lethality for creatures for hunting challenges. You can re-roll any challenge by selecting it individually, or all at once using the dice button.

You can change the types of challenges that appear during re-rolling by selecting the Filter button left of the randomize buttons. This can be used to exclude certain challenges or make it easier for you to obtain the ones you need.

Hidden Challenges

You can make a hidden challenge from the list by clicking the eye button to its right. Hidden challenges are completely random, but still allow you to adjust the difficulty slider. After all the normal challenges have been completed, the challenge will be revealed—hidden challenges award twice the points as regular challenges.

Challenge Types

Below is a list with all the Expedition challenge types and what you have to do to complete them.


The meters on your sleep screen are called pa*sages. They change as you work towards achieving certain goals. This challenge requires you to be able to identify what each one is and what you need do to complete them. Once you have earned the pa*sage, the challenge is over.


You must contact the Echo in the mentioned region to complete the challenge. The challenge is complete when you encounter the Echo.

Global Score

Like Hunter’s campaign, each creature is worth a certain amount of points when killed. You must kill multiple animals to complete the challenge until you reach the required score.

Cycle Score

Like the previous, you must achieve the required score to complete the challenge. However, you must earn all points within a single cycle this time. This can prove more difficult. Your progress will be recalculated if you fail to meet the score requirement before the process ends.


This challenge is quite simple. You must hunt and kill a specified number of a particular creature to complete the challenge. This challenge requires you to be able to identify the location of each creature in your campaign.

Item Collecting

This challenge requires you to find and transport a specified number of items to a shelter. This is a simple challenge if your know where to look. How to craft? The items you need.

Pearl Hoarding

This challenge requires you to find and store a variety of pearls in a shelter in a particular region. Most characters will ask you to find ‘Unique pearls’. These are the colored lore pearls hidden in each region, not the common grey pearls that Scavengers love to collect.

Pearl Delivery

Similar to the previous, you will be tasked to find a ‘Unique’ colored pearl of lore from a particular region and deliver it to Looks To The Moon.

If you are playing as an Artificer, to Five Pebbles

Spear Pinning

You may have discovered that you’ve pinned a creature to the wall during combat. You must do the same until you reach the goal. Each animal can only once be speared. The creature does not have to be alive to be pin.

Vista Visiting

A floating symbol representing a vista in Expedition can be hidden in the region. You only need to find the vista in Expedition to complete the challenge. A ‘Vista Point” can appear in three locations in each region. It may not appear in the same spot every time. A message will appear if you enter the same room that contains vista points. The map can be used frequently to help you keep track where you have been.


Rain World - All Challenge Types + Perks and Tips - Progression - 07657F0

You can progress towards certain milestones by completing Expeditions. Additional rewards are available in the form:

  • Perks: New abilities, and buffs to make future runs more enjoyable
  • Burdens Increase difficulty in exciting ways and increase the number of points awarded
  • Music Tracks: Available in the Jukebox Menu



Quests are the main form of Expedition progression. They are a set goal that must be achieved either in a single Expedition, or over multiple Expeditions. Each quest can be viewed on the Progression page. Simply highlight a quest and you’ll see the requirements and the reward.

You can challenge yourself by creating an Expedition that completes multiple quests simultaneously!

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Grey Unlocks music tracks.

Green – Increases the number and active perks that you can have at once

Teal – Get new perks.

Red– Unlocks new burdens.

Orange – The final music track. Complete all other quests to unlock it.


Each Slugcat has a pre-set Expedition with designated spawning areas and challenges. You may be required to use certain perks and burdens to complete some Missions. These cannot be turned off but you can apply additional perks to help you with the Mission. To receive its rewards, some quests require you to complete one of these missions. To save time, you can repeat missions!

[WARNING] The current patch is not able to save Mission progress. The rewards for completing a Mission in one session will not be given if it isn’t completed. Avoid Missions until the next patch.

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Perks & Burdens

You can earn perks by completing quests. These perks can enable an Expedition to give Slugcat new abilities and starting items. Below is a complete list of all unlockable benefits:

Scavenger Lantern

Start your expedition with a Scavenger Lantern. This is a portable light source and, for some Slugcats, a source of vital warmth.

Scavenger Bomb

Start the expedition by bringing a Scavenger Bomb. This will give you a head start in combat-related challenges.

Vulture Mask

Start the expedition by obtaining a Vulture mask. This will help to keep hostile creatures away or make them fleeing targets.

Neuron Glow

You can start the expedition by creating a persistent glow around your player. This glow is usually obtained by eating a neuron. Useful in dark environments and when using the BLINDED load

Back Spear

The Hunter can store spears on their backs to give it to other characters. This buff is useful for players who are engaged in combat challenges.


This allows you to use previously visited shelters as a way to re-enable your pa*sages and to regain all your karma. Each completed challenge is not granted as a reward for achievements. Instead, it is given as a pa*sage.


Start the expedition with reinforced Karma. Reinforced karma will prevent permadeath at any level of karma. A karma flower will appear at death’s site if the cycle ends in failure. If not recovered, the cycle will be permanently lost.

Slow Time

Holding PICK UP and pressing the MAP keys will allow you to slow down time at will. The cycle timer is shown with a visual indicator of the ability’s cooldown.

Electric Spear

Start the expedition by charging an Electric Spear. The spear is very useful for dealing large amounts of damage and stunning animals. The spear can be recharged with impaling centipedes.

Singularity Bomb

Start the expedition by grabbing a Singularity Bomb. This powerful weapon can kill even the most difficult of creatures. Just make sure you don’t get caught in the blast.


Grants The Gourmand’s ability to craft other characters. Combine objects you find to create new items. Activate by holding UP or PICK UP in each hand.

Explosion Immunity

The Artificer’s explosive immunity can be borrowed to help you with fierce encounters. It is valid even if it is not preferred by the Scavengers or in situations where an explosion might be a last resort.

Explosive Jump

Double-jumps The Artificer’s explosive double jump ability to other characters. You activate it by pressing JUMP and PICKUP while in the air. This is a very useful tool for traversing and escaping from dangerous situations.


This ability grants the Spearmaster’s dual-wielding ability and is available to other characters. The speed at which damage can be dealt increases greatly when you are able to hold a spear in each of your hands.

High Agility

The Rivulet’s high agility allows you to run and jump faster, making it easier to travel long distances. Less effective for more prominent characters.

Joke Rifle

The Joke Rifle is the best way to start your expedition. The Rifle was originally intended to be an April Fools joke. However, it is now a valuable tool in Rain World: Downpour. You can experiment by loading different items as ammo, by pressing the PICK UP button and firing the Rifle using the THROW button.


Burdens are difficulty modifiers you can add to your Expedition in exchange for a higher score. These are similar to Perks and can only be unlocked by completing quests.


The entire world is enveloped in darkness, covering every danger. Survival will depend on a light source.


This removes the safety net provided by karma and triggers permadeath for failure. The Karma Flower perk makes it slightly easier to punish.


This makes the player public enemy number 1. All hostile creatures in the area will know your location, so standing still is a bad option.


You are constantly being followed by something, always searching for your target. It is not impossible to defeat, but it will always return.


Rain World - All Challenge Types + Perks and Tips - Jukebox - DADAC4B

The Jukebox menu allows you to listen to any music tracks unlocked during your Expeditions. The ‘NEW!!’ label appears on the left to indicate that you have unlocked new tracks. label. To listen to a track, click on it in the list. Then navigate through the pages using the arrows to the left.


  • Previous – Return to the previous track in this list
  • Play/Stop – Play and stop the currently selected track
  • Next – Continue to the next track on the list
  • Repeat – Plays the current song on a loop
  • Shuffle – When one is done, it will play an unlocked track at random
  • Favorite – This track can be used as the Expedition menu theme


Written by LeeMoriya

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Rain World – All Challenge Types + Perks and Tips, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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