Quake – Run Vulkan (vk) on Steam

Quake – Run Vulkan (vk) on Steam 2 - steamlists.com
Quake – Run Vulkan (vk) on Steam 2 - steamlists.com
Play Quake using Vulkan API – vkQuake, launching it from steam app. On July 2016, Axel Gneiting, an id Tech employee responsible for implementing the Vulkan rendering path to the id Tech 6 engine used in Doom (2016), released a port called vkQuake under the GPLv2. Vulkan is a low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics and computing API. Vulkan targets high-performance realtime 3D graphics applications such as video games and interactive media across all platforms. More information about vkQuake and Vulkan:

Tested on win 10 lenovo notebook: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz, 16 GB ram, GeForce GTX 860M


Install Quake, download vkQuake and run it

  1. Install quake in a usual way here on steam. 
  2. Download vkQuake zip from: 


  3. Extract zip to your local quake directory (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Quake). 
  4. Rename Winquake.exe to Winquake.exe.bak (so we have a backup if things go bad). 
  5. Rename Vkquake.exe to Winquake.exe (now you can run vkQuake from your steam app). 
  6. Run Quake from Steam. (Select 1st option – Quake) 
  7. Enjoy.

Quake - Run Vulkan (vk) on Steam 

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