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Configuration snippets I have written, to make my game more comfortable.


During my quake and arcane dimensions playthroughs, I configured the game to my like, I leave these configuration lines here, for future myself if I revisit the game, and fellow players to give them ideas of how to tune their experience for better feel and look. Many settings here are quakespasm-spiked specific. This is a very good source port of the quake engine, and I recommend to use it.

I tried to briefly explain what I did.

Apply these config lines after you tuned your game through GUI options, to ensure these tweaks are applied on top of everything.

Where to put the configs?

Main game folder (steamapps/common/Quake) and rerelease (Quake/rerelease) have subfolders for each mission pack and mod (id1, dopa, hipnotic, mg1, rogue). You place configs inside those folders. There are two main configuration files:

config.cfg – almost everything goes here.

autoexec.cfg – this is the cool config file. if a setting keeps being reset to default each time you run the game, if a setting you entered in console is not saved at all, put all this stuff in autoexec.cfg, and it will persist.


Some commands are quakespasm-spiked specific.

Right mouse button smooth zoom. Designed for righthand offsetted weapons like quake 1.5 weapon models. It adjusts fov between 45-90 degrees, and weapon position over time. Quakespasm has default zoom on f11 button but it is too powerful. These fov settings are designed for singleplayer, and I find them very convenient personally. Zoom fov really helps to snipe distant targets, especially on custom maps.

alias +zoom "fov 85;scr_ofsy 0.111;scr_ofsz -0.222;wait;fov 80;scr_ofsy 0.222;scr_ofsz -0.444;wait;fov 75;scr_ofsy 0.333;scr_ofsz -0.666;wait;fov 70;scr_ofsy 0.444;scr_ofsz -0.888;wait;fov 65;scr_ofsy 0.555;scr_ofsz -1.111;wait;fov 60;scr_ofsy 0.666;scr_ofsz -1.333;wait;fov 55;scr_ofsy 0.777;scr_ofsz -1.555;wait;fov 50;scr_ofsy 0.888;scr_ofsz -1.777;wait;fov 45;scr_ofsy 1.000;scr_ofsz -2.000"
alias -zoom "fov 50;scr_ofsy 0.888;scr_ofsz -1.777;wait;fov 55;scr_ofsy 0.777;scr_ofsz -1.555;wait;fov 60;scr_ofsy 0.666;scr_ofsz -1.333;wait;fov 65;scr_ofsy 0.555;scr_ofsz -1.111;wait;fov 70;scr_ofsy 0.444;scr_ofsz -0.888;wait;fov 75;scr_ofsy 0.333;scr_ofsz -0.666;wait;fov 80;scr_ofsy 0.222;scr_ofsz -0.444;wait;fov 85;scr_ofsy 0.111;scr_ofsz -0.222;wait;fov 90;scr_ofsy 0.000;scr_ofsz -0.000"
unbind mouse2
bind mouse2 +zoom

This one makes smooth weapon bobbing animation, default 0.02 value introduced pause between bob cycles.

cl_bob 0.01

This is binding run-walk toggle to alt button. Always run must be set in the engine settings.

bind alt always_walk
alias always_walk "+speed; bind shift +run; bind alt always_run"
alias always_run "-speed; bind shift +speed; bind alt always_walk"
alias +run -speed
alias -run +speed

For some reason strafe speed is never changed when always run quakespasm is set, so it has to be forced in autoexec to react to run key pressed state.

cl_sidespeed 160


Arcane dimensions specific settings.

This is rocket launcher rebinding for R button, as arcane dimensions forcefully rebinds the key to chaos settings or something like that.

unbind r
bind r "impulse 7"

Just my favorite HUD preset

scratch1 5



Some settings are quakespasm-spiked specific and I recommend that version of quake engine.

5-8 weapon slots to QERF buttons, otherwise you simply can’t reach those while actively moving.

bind "e" "impulse 6"
bind "f" "impulse 8"
bind "q" "impulse 5"
bind "r" "impulse 7"

Alt to walk-run toggle. Also must be defined in autoexec, the previous guide section has it.

bind "ALT" "always_walk"

Always run.

cl_alwaysrun "1"
cl_backspeed "160"
cl_forwardspeed "160"

Secret setting with obscure name.

crosshair "1"

Make textures use no smoothing. Old games have low resolution textures, and designed as a form of pixel art. Blocky pixels with hard unsmoothed edges add percieved details to final image, and you want it in almost all old games.

gl_texture_anisotropy "16"

The same goes for antialiasing. Textures will have jagged edges around every pixel, so you want those jagged edges everywhere for consistency and details.

vid_fsaa "0"


Written by El Cavuno

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Quake – Modding + Config Script Guide ; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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