Psychonauts 2 – Achievements Guide and Collectibles Unlocked!

Psychonauts 2 – Achievements Guide and Collectibles Unlocked! 1 -
Psychonauts 2 – Achievements Guide and Collectibles Unlocked! 1 -

A work-in-progress list of every collectible in Psychonauts 2. I haven’t finished the game yet, but when I do, I’ll come back and add more information, and probably images.
Resources I used: TheGamer and TrueAchievements.


Employee of the Year!

Navigate Loboto’s Labyrinth

Mentee Fresh

Receive your first assignment

EVERYBODY Hates Socks with Sandals

Make a connection in Hollis’ Classroom

Know When to Fold’em

Shut Down the Luctopus

High Roller Revelations

Cool Hollis’ Hot Streak

Jung at Heart

Visit the Collective Unconscious

Sane in the Membrane

Repair Ford Fractured

Ram It Down

Plate Compton’s Cookoff

Feast of the Senses

Complete PSI King’s Sensorium

A Little Off the Top

Treat Ford’s Follicles

Perfect Game

Bowl Strike City

To the Letter

Deliver Cruller’s Correspondence

Buried Memories

Raid the Tomb of the Sharkophagus

The Relic Room

Discover the Astralathe

Archetypal Victory

Peruse Cassie’s Collection

Bob’s Your Uncle

Empty Bob’s Bottles

Tattered Family

Soothe Lucrecia’s Lament

Deluginist Darkness

Frequent Fatherland Follies

Finish What Was Started

Dissolve the Deluge of Grulovia

Home Run

Find the Family Camp

Family is in Tents

Help Dion Setup Aquatodome

Dance, Baby, Dance

Complete Queepie Quest

Good Vibes Only

Complete Gisu’s Psychoseismometer Quest

A Fungus Among Us

Complete Lili’s Request

Keep Your Shirt On


Associate Intern

Achieve Rank 2

Junior Intern

Achieve Rank 10

Senior Intern

Achieve Rank 50

Principal Intern

Achieve Rank 100

Extra Credit

Upgrade your first Badge

Power Play

Fully upgrade a Badge

Unlimited Power!

Acquire all Upgrades


Crack all Vaults


Find all Figments

You’re it!

Tag all Emotional Baggage

Pin Drop

Equip your first Pin


Equip 3 Pins at once


Purchase all Pins

Hiccup in the Giddyup

Recover your mental energy with a Dream Fluff

PSI Roller

Upgrade to the Astral Wallet

Fluff Nutter

Max out your Dream Fluff capacity

King of Pop

Max out your PSI Pop capacity

You Otto be in Pictures

Purchase all Otto Shot Filters


Take a photo with the Otto Shot

Fine Tuning

Tune in to a Stray Thought

Nest Egg

Completely fill your Astral Wallet

Take a Lickin’

Consume a PSI Pop to restore some mental energy

Core Strength

Combine PSI Cards with a PSI Core at the Otto-Matic


Throw a Judge’s gavel back at him


TK throw an object to stun an enemy

Duck, Duck, Goose

Find the real Panic Attack during his Phantom attack

Shared Regret

Throw a Regret’s anvil at another enemy


Pyro 3 enemies at once

I’m always here for you, darling!

Talk to Milla in her Office

Forgot My Keys

Revisit a brain through the Collective Unconscious

Make It Stop!

Break all 3 Gramaphones in Fatherland Follies

Making Peace

Return to where it all started

Emotional Baggage (WIP)

Loboto’s Labyrinth

The tag is in the first office, near the computers. The bag is on top of a printer in the same area.
Steamer TrunkUse mental connection across the void to get the tag, then use it again to get the trunk itself on the platform near the Asylum section of the map.
The tag is in the void area, after you learn levitation, the purse itself is in the office where you learn pyrokinesis.
The tag is in the conference room, the bag is behind a painting in the room you learned pyrokinesis in.
The tag is in the asylum area, after the tunnel of teeth. The bag is in the conference room behind a painting.

Hollis’ Mind

Steamer Trunk
Tag can be found right at the start of the level. Simply jump over to the other row in the classroom to grab it. Bag is on top of the hospital, in the lefthand corner under a pipe.
Tag can be found on the roof of the hospital. It’s sat on top of a vent, which you’ll need to climb onto to grab. The Hatbox itself is found outside the hospital, in the righthand corner near a bush.
Tag can be found in the Maternity section. Exit the pipe as soon as you enter this section and you’ll see Mental Connection blips behind you. When you get to the cuboid-shaped vault, go into the room that says “Records”. In here you’ll find the Purse itself, on the first bend down the corridor.
Tag can be found in the Maternity section of the level, in the Back Room platforming part of the level. You’ll come to a point where chips are rotating near a tower of dice. Use the dark thoughts upgrade to access the bag.
Tag can be found on the roof of the hospital in the left side corner. Bag is found in cardiology, on a table.

Compton’s Mind.

Steamer Trunk
Tag is the final reward for completing the dishes in the allotted time period. If you don’t make it, you can always retry to make sure you get the tag. The bag is found behind the blender.
Tag is by the chopping big, bag is in the audience.
Tag can be found sat on one of the audience seats. The bag is on the fryer level.
Tag can be found by following the Mental Connection path on the left side of the stage, the bag is behind the chopping pig’s arm.
Tag can be found behind the fryer, bag is near the boiling pot.

Ford’s Mind – Hairdresser

Steamer Trunk
In the hairdresser level. Tag can be found after fighting the pompadour-ed Censors for the first time. After the censor fight, find the bag on a platform.
In the mailman level. The tag is after the dead letter’s office sequence, the bag is in the international dead letter’s office.
Is there a purse?
In the bowling level. Tag is behind the Joe’s sign. Bag is at the start of the level.
In the bowling level. Tag is found in the sticky part, behind the yeast van. Bag is at the construction zone behind the bowling pins.

Psychadelic Brain in a Jar


Steamer Trunk
Tag is in the taste/smell section, after the fish. Bag is in the touch/hear section on the mountain.
Tag can be found after the first panic attack, behind a poster. The bag is in the campgrounds, between two tents.
Tag is backstage. Purse is in concessions, below the spinning stars.
Tag is in concessions behind the sold out van and under some green boxes. The bag is found right after the first panic attack, behind the speakers.
Tag is in the campgrounds, on the mountain. Bag is under the backstage.

Tomb of the Sharkophogus

Tag is on a shark, use time bubble to access it. The bag is at the bottom, behind the astrolathe.

Cassie’s Mind

Tag can be found just before the Marketplace. You’ll hear Mrs Yi shouting about carp. Before jumping up, look to the left to see some bookmark platforms. The bag is in the first room, with the librarian version of Cassie, you can make your way up to the chandelier above. When on that chandelier, use Projection to pull a switch on the ground below, just in front of some books.
Steamer Trunk
Tag is in the cannery area, bag is in the middle of the lake.
Tag is in the room with the dragon, so is the bag.
Tag is behind a door in the printing area. Bag is by the docks in the lower area.
Tag is in the area just before where you learn Projection, use mental connection to access it. Bag is in the Librarians room.
This is as far as I’ve gotten, if you need more information check out – [] ‘s guide, which I referenced to make this.

Scavenger Hunt (Mission Critical Assets)

Rotten Sushi

On the bar in the Noodle Bowl.

Psychonauts Name Tag

On the door in the agents area.

Agent Orientation Laserdisc

Otto’s lab. Levitate over the electricity

Unexploded Bomb

In the quarry, near the entrance to the Questionable Area. Light the campfire to access it.

Can Of Corn

In the Sassyclops cave.

Psitanium Knife

Locate Lilli to the right of the quarry, it’s inside the cave.

Switchblade Hatchet

On top of the house with the rapidly spinning water wheel in the Questionable Area. Use Time Bubble to access it.

Mini Murder Bug Bot

In Green Needle Gulch, on top of the house. Burn thorns to access it.

Viking Helmet

Behind the Feel Mobile in Green Needle Gulch.

Beehive Shaped Like My Phone

Behind Cassie’s house in Green Needle Gulch.

Human Skull

On the Funicular in the Questionable Area.

Enemy Surveillance Drone

In the Motherlobe’s storage closet. Use Projection to access it.

Novelty Mug

In the Lumberstack diner. Use Projection to access it.

Deck Of Cards

In the bowling alley. Throw a ball down the aisle a few times to get it from the ball dispenser.

Astronaut Ice Cream

In the Central Nerve in the Motherlobe. Touch every green screened computer, the final one will dispense it.



In the Quarry, past Otto’s lab. In a cave labelled “Blastcap Becky”.


By the Aquato camp, behind a breakable wall.


In the Questionable Area, near the big Q and the campfire. Get to the ledge, and follow the path until you reach the wind tunnel.

Misc. (Rare Fungus, Queepie, etc.)

Rare Fungus

UseTime Bubble on a log as it goes up the waterfall. Jump inside the opening.


Aquato camp
Sassyclops cave
At the entrance to the Questionable Area, by the green “Down?” sign in the treetops.
Above and behind the Funicular in a tree, near the birds nest
On top of the Lumberstack Diner
Above Sassyclops cave

Written by sam

This is all about Psychonauts 2 – Achievements Guide and Collectibles Unlocked!; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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