Propnight – Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons

Propnight – Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons 1 -
Propnight – Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons 1 -

In this guide I’ll go over every killer, their pros and cons, and how I think they stack up to each other regardless of your skill level. I try to be as objective as possible, but obviously peoples opinions will always vary.


Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Banshee - E184269Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Banshee - 7C6F8A5 TIER
Her first ability is CURSE and what that does is you can curse a prop machine to make it
charge slower (multiple prop machines can be cursed) when a survivor is working on it. This ability is pretty effective in the early game as it slows down the match a bit and gives you time to find the survivors and start whittling them down and getting them chaired up (putting
pressure on them) BUT, I think its biggest use personally is in the endgame when you
have that 1 v 1 situation that sometimes happens and the final Survivor gets that huge speed boost when repairing the machines, because what this means is you can curse one or two machines and you might only have another one to check so your patrol becomes a lot easier.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Banshee - BF4939C
Her next ability is SCREAM and this is what sets Banshee up to be a really good Killer in my opinion. Scream is a large AOE ability that damages any Survivors in the area and highlights them and Survivors love to prop up near their machines and hide when the Killer comes over, they don’t like to go too far away or at least in my experience they stick close to the machine, hide and wait for you to go away before popping up and continuing to work on it, which is pretty advantageous for Banshee, because she is gonna pop that AOE annd you’re going to be highlighted, take a tick of damage and then she’s gonna smack the **** out of you.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Banshee - A2029A8
Her final ability is FLIGHT which allows you to fly with the Banshee in any direction, which means left, right, forward or even up into the sky and that’s how I like to use it a lot, I like to flap into the sky and kind of see if I can see any Survivors Working on a machine and where they possibly go, you have a few seconds as you’re descending and you can kind of hover or float to slow your descent and that’s really great to see what survivors do as they’re running away when they spot you in the sky, however when you’re using the flight to catch up to a Survivor in a chase it’s not as good as her handling I guess we’ll call it (like she’s a car) is not very good especially when you’re taking sharp turns or trying to navigate around furniture or other obstacles, you turn and move very awkward and it gives the Survivors a lot of time to run away, you also have a second or two before your attack actually comes out after flight so by the time you actually swing the Survivor has time to get some distance on you and you just look like a fool smacking at the air, which has happened to me a few times where I just lose distance because I smack right away from flight.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Banshee - 96FA975
OVERALL I think Banshee really excels at end game when there is just a few machines left because she can put a lot of pressure on them with Curse, she can put a lot of pressure on with her Scream but I don’t think her map pressure overall is very good especially early game, however regardless of whether you’re a good player or not I think she’s a pretty well-rounded Killer and I think the best home for her is at B tier.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Banshee - E1B3B5A



Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Granny - 7A1BB87Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Granny - F21E10E TIER
Next up we have Granny and Granny in my opinion is such a fun Killer and a really hard Killer to rank, because I think Granny is one of the most skill oriented Killers if not the most skill oriented Killer in this game, Her utility is through the roof and she is definitely an easy Killer to pick up, but her abilities can be abused in favor of the Survivors and we’ll kind of talk about that.
Her first ability MINE is hands down in my opinion one of the strongest abilities in the game the amount of things you can do with mine is absurd so what Mine is, is you lay down a floating knife wherever you’re aiming and it’ll home in on Survivors once they start moving so you can use this to trap a machine, you can use it to trap the chest, you can use it to shut down a loop if you know perhaps a survivor is running you through a specific circle or a set of rooms, you can lay down a mine or two and all of the sudden they’re forced to move away from that area, you can also use it kind of like an alarm system so one thing I like to do is if i’m playing House i’ll lay down a mine on you know a staircase and then i’ll know that a Survivor’s running around that area and more often than not I catch them out because I kind of know the general area that they’re in and it’s just such an effective ability that even if you’re a bad killer, you can lay that down and do really well with Granny, just using that ability (knives can be dodged) by Survivors, this is effective in the end game and she’s really putting pressure on those machines, you can have that knife smack into a wall if you’re quick enough and then go back on the machine for a few seconds, f off and she’s going to come over wonder where her knife is, reset it, she might search the are for a bit, but she obviously has to go check out the other machines and that’s really great that you can shut down her strongest ability.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Granny - C44DCAB
Next up is her ASTRAL or so called Invisibility Ability, now I don’t think astral is really too strong of an ability as you can still see kind of the shimmer of her, on some maps like Farm, it’s good if you’re traversing the corn and you kind of want to catch somebody out on that middle machine or if you really just want to pop around a corner real quick and spook somebody, but the transparency of her, the fact that you can see kind of a shimmer of her body, it’s actually pretty noticeable if you’re paying attention for it, if you’re immersed in the game, yeah she’s probably going to catch you out with it. I think the better part of this ability is that it gives her a little bit of a speed boost this is really good when you’re in a chase or if you really just want to cover ground quickly, I think is the more effective use for that or again if you want to come around the corner real quick and getting a cheeky smack.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Granny - 9809ABD
Then we have her last ability which is her THROW ability now this is the ability I think is going to set really well really skilled Grannies apart from just bad Grannies. Throw allows you to obviously throw a knife at range and connect with the survivors for damage, now the hit box on this is abysmally small, you’re throwing this tiny little toothpick dagger and the hit box matches, which I think is really good, because I don’t really want Grannies to be going around throwing trucks like this was release day huntress on DVD, I think the small hit box is really good, but i’f you’re a Granny with really good tracking and with really good aim, you’re going to be a really good Granny and that’s easily going to put her in an A Tier.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Granny - E364F37
OVERALL Granny will be good even if you’re just coming in to the game or you are a seasoned player
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Granny - 7F35ED7



Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Imposter - 6E5327EPropnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Imposter - 72C0C2C TIER
Now next up we have Imposter and personally to me and I think quite a good amount of the people in the community, Imposter currently is a very strong Killer, his kit is absolutely insane for what he can do.
Starting with his first ability OVERCHARGE so what overcharge does is any active Prop machines that are being worked on or have been worked on if they have a sliver of progress or more, overcharge will instantly cause all of those Prop machines to explode and lose a bit of progress, EVERY single Prop machine that has been touched, what it also does is if any Prop machines have been completed he gains a speed boost and if there is a survivor working on a gen when he pops overcharge it’s gonna count as a failed skill check and show him where that survivor is for a few seconds, so already overcharge does like five things at once, but it has a 60 second cooldown, but really that 60 second cooldown is pretty lenient for what it does.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Imposter - 5492B28
His next ability is SPY where he can turn into a Survivor and much like overcharge when he does this ability, there’s a lot of things he can do with this. He can walk like a survivor, he can run like a survivor, he can pretend to repair a Prop machine, he can prepare to do a couple of actions, he can use the voice lines. All this in combination to kind of think, okay, this is the survivor. In groups where you are not playing with people this could be really strong, even in groups where you are playing with people, you often have to be like “Hey are you doing this are you doing that” and sometimes people will get confused and be like “yeah yeah, that’s me” and it’s not them, I’ve had that happen a few times, but more often then not, when he turns into a Survivor, Impostors kind of just do this sticking their a*s, I’m kind of just trotting at you, he’s just standing there aggressively kind of thing and you can kind of tell its the Imposter, but again just like overcharge this can do a lot of things it has a lot of utility to it.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Imposter - 5AC79CC
Finally we have PROP where he can turns into any prop in the game just like the survivors can, and he can kind of hang out or hide and ambush you. This again is really strong, because he can set this up for an ambush or he can trick you into thinking he’s a Survivor rolling up to help you on a Prop machine, but thankfully he can only stay in prop mode for 30 seconds before he goes on cooldown, but that is more than enough to trick a Survivor and combined with everything else he can do, he has so much utility, he has the biggest kit in the game and if you’re just coming into this game and you wan’t to pick up Imposter, you’re going to do really well and I personally think at the moment Imposter is S Tier
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Imposter - 6616B27
OVERALL Imposter has a very strong and big kit, you can be new to the game and still do good with him. He can definitely dominate a match and he can be a little unfair to Survivors of quite a few skill ranks.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Imposter - C369D5C



Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Akasha - B3DFC56Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Akasha - EAE881A TIER
Next up is Akasha, the definitely not Resident Evil 8 Vampire Girl.
Akasha’s first ability BLADE DANCE allows her to kind of swing her swords in the general area giving you an AOE effect that smacks anything in its cone, It also gives you a speed boost forward, a quick little home forward. Overall blade dance is really ineffective in my opinion as is going to be the same case for a lot of akasha’s build, when you’re in a chase and you try to blade dance it’s very easy for a prop to go hide under something or just go behind you and all of the sudden your blade dance is rendered useless, you can’t hit anything, you get this little speed boost and that’s it. You’re stuck in place for a second and you gotta kind of reorient yourself and continue the chase if you can. Thankfully the cooldown on it is really low, so its useful for checking areas where you think a prop is nearby, but more often than not I don’t find myself using it too much in chases which really hinders her kit
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Akasha - 4EE976A
Next we haveBLOOD EYE at the moment I think blood eye is really, really weak. What blood eye does is when you place down an eye and it takes a few seconds to place her eye down, if a survivor is in the general area of that eye, the proximity is pretty small. It’ll highlight the Survivor and give you an aura reading for them, but they have to be so close to this eye that more often than not it’s really just not worth using it. The best use for it is to slap it onto a Prop machine and pray that the Survivors are dumb enough to use it, but even then it only activates when they’re moving it does not activate when they are just nearby and it doesn’t track them like it says it does
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Akasha - 22C7FE8
Lastly we have SHADOW where she kind of turns spectral and gains a speed boost, this ability is pretty useful for chases, it’s good for covering ground if you need to get to a Prop machine quickly, in combination with her kit it doesn’t really lend her much credibility. Her kit is really really weak, I think she’s a really weak killer and coming into this game you’re gonna do pretty bad as her. I think at the moment akasha is the only F Tier Killer.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Akasha - 1BD9A07
OVERALL She is a bad killer, her kit is substantially weak, her eyeball is almost useless, her blade dance the AOE is really not effective and I think she really needs some tweaks. She lacks pressure and map control.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Akasha - ECD02B0



Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Igor - 359DF5DPropnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Igor - 7C6F8A5 TIER
Finally we have Igor I think Igor is a really fun Killer, he is the King of Mind Games.
His first ability CHAINSAW TERROR is kind of this Walkie-talkie that you push and it’ll activate a global sound effect of him revving his chainsaw and laughing, it also kind of mutes you or hides your audio as you approach survivors, now the way that I really like to use this ability is when i’m getting close to a Prop machine then I like to pop that ability, because a lot of times I see survivors run off the gens thinking i’m nearby and you get an idea of where they are going.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Igor - 4D972D7
Now his next ability SODA BOMB is in my opinion a hit or miss, I think it’s a good ability so obviously soda bomb’s cooldown is like 1-2 seconds, it’s really short and does damage if it connects with the survivor, you can use that if you think a Survivor is near a Prop machine or if you just want to check spots as you can throw them infinitely, soda bomb gives you valuable information. Soda bomb can also be used as area denial, you can cut off survivors as you’re chasing them, but more often than not the speed of which you’re throwing it and the time it takes to detonate they were far away from the bomb it just wasn’t connecting and I really wasn’t getting much use out of it in chases.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Igor - CC03DF7
Finally his last ability CHARGE he revs up his chainsaw for a few seconds and then dash forward, I gotta say charge, is a disgusting ability and I don’t mean disgusting in a bad way the amount of control you have turning Igor while you’re charging is absolutely disgusting, you don’t even need to swing out of charge to hit a Survivor you just have to come in close proximity and you will automatically hit them makes charge such a good ability, it gives you a speed boost, it closes distances, you can mask it with chainsaw terror to mask your approach so mixing his entire kit together I really think that Igor excels well at mind gaming and really putting pressure on the Survivors, He is a little better than Banshee so I’m going to put him in the top of B tier.
Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Igor - D0B8484
OVERALL Igor is a fun, and well rounded Killer, has a lot to his kit and can mind game Survivors the best out of any Killer.


Final Tier List

Propnight - Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons - Final Tier List - 001D578

Written by Comet

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Propnight – Killer Tier List/Pros & Cons; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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