Project Playtime – How to Play Project Playtime

Project Playtime – How to Play Project Playtime 1 -
Project Playtime – How to Play Project Playtime 1 -

Welcome to Project Playtime – How to Play Project Playtime Guide

This is a walkthrough and gameplay tip for new players. There is something for everyone, from going on a rampage and killing monsters to taking refuge in the lockers to stay alive.
A potential disadvantage of the environment is that it might make you nervous. Younger viewers may find the appearance of monsters unsettling.
Even if you are unsure, you shouldn’t be afraid to give it a shot.


Project: Playtime’s gameplay is very simple.

Your task as a survivor is to solve puzzles, collect toy parts, and escape Huggy and the other monsters. To avoid being jump scared, your teammates will be dropped by the monster into a feeding pit.

Your task as a monster is to hunt down survivors and make them do a number 1. Your chosen monster may give you special abilities, such as placing a sentry or Mommy to grapple to certain places.


Project: Playtime jumpscares are very mild.

They are very alert. You always get a vignette at the edges of your screen if you are damaged. You won’t be surprised by the jumpscares like Huggy’s attack or Whack-AWuggy death.

Remember that Boxy Boo can sneak into his box to surprise and surprise you. This isn’t jumpscare, but it can still catch your attention.


The environment(in Project: Playtime is generally dark and creepy. It lives up to its nature.

The Playtime Co. facility isn’t… a ideal workplace, despite the cardboard cutouts of their toys (Bendy *cough nose*). The factory has safety features, such as the doors that can be slammed on the monster’s face or the lockers you can hide in.


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This is all about Project Playtime – How to Play Project Playtime; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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