Princess & Conquest – Costume guide part 9

Princess & Conquest – Costume guide part 9 1 -
Princess & Conquest – Costume guide part 9 1 -

part 9 of the costume guide, a little short, but we are getting spooky this time


Yo it’s ya boi blaze, i am back, still got alot of ♥♥♥♥ to do IRL, plus there are some other games that i want to play.
Doing another guide on the seasonal costume set just like the frosty one, this one is a little more annoying but not that bad.
Anyways, lets start

Stuff to note

so the event takes place at that pumpkin king ♥♥♥♥♥’s place, so you will have to let him live to get the costume.
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the event looks like this
aside from that information there are two ways of getting them, one is to trade them using candy corns, the other way is….ummmm….yep…..the hero banner
the only way to farm candy corn is to get them from all the NPCs at the event, this is very hard to farm so you should make a save before trying this, get all the candy corn you can, trade them for costume, and if you didn’t get what you want you can just reset the save.
as that would be the whole guide, instead i will make this guide on how to do the harvest princess quest line until the point where you could get into the event

Harvest quest line

1. the first time you enter the harvest you will be treated to a event about the princess missing a bell, speak to the princess and start the quest line
2. you will need sleep powder or anyone with a sleep ability for this step, enter the princess’s rom at night, go into the basement, interact with the table, then come out and interact with the flour bag to get the windmill key
3. go to the windmill in the harvest kingdom, enter it and watch the event
4. go back to harvest princess at day time and talk to her about this, she will tell you to came back later after she comes up with a plan, idk how to trigger the next event, i always get it to trigger by giving her some gifts and talk to her again
5. she will give you a pumpkin head, go to a barn and watch the event in there
6. confront the princess about this, IMPORTANT: WENT GIVEN THE OPTION, DO NOT TAKE YOUR HAND AWAY!
7. go back to the princess’s room at night, and you will be able to recruit her without getting her pregnant
optional step: if you enter the princess’s room again, scarecrow princess will be there, keep speaking to her and eventually she will give you the option to recruit her as well
8. now you can enter the barn, if you enter the barn when its not the spooky event time, you will get treated to a fight with pumpking, if you kill him, you will get the bell and you can’t do the event anymore, so don’t kill him just yet
note:i don’t got any screenshot because i already did the quest, sorry…


so yeah, this is not really a costume guide but a quest line guide, however this is needed for getting this set of costume.
there are some really good update to P&C updates recently, but i want to wait for the ogre kingdom to play the game again, so no guide for a while again
anyways, i don’t know when the next guide will be out, but i will see you next time

Written by Blaze

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Princess & Conquest – Costume guide part 9, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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