PowerSlave Exhumed – Obtaining Last Resort Achievement Guide

PowerSlave Exhumed – Obtaining Last Resort Achievement Guide 1 - steamlists.com
PowerSlave Exhumed – Obtaining Last Resort Achievement Guide 1 - steamlists.com

This is a simple guide for the achievement Last Resort, which requires you to kill a MagMantis (The rather annoying lava beasts) with nothing but your machete.


Trying to kill a MagMantis with your 1 inch machete may seem like suicide but here i’ll go through a simple method to achieve the kill.
Difficulty really shouldn’t matter for this, I did it on hard but unless a MagMantis doesn’t spawn on normal difficulty the outcome will be the same. Note, the only difference on Pharaoh is a 2nd MagMantis spawns in the lava beside the falling platforms, kill it using a none splash damage weapon or avoid it.
First you’ll want to load into the Horus Peak level after you’ve already completed it at least once so you have the Horus Feather that allows you to levitate.
Fight your way through to the 1st checkpoint.
In this section there is a full heal above the falling platforms, I would really recommend going around it unless you’re desperate for health as you can use it to heal during the kill if needed.
Clear out the area of Hawks and Omenwaps while being extremely careful not to hit the MagMantis that spawns in the lava above the rising platform.
Once the area either side of the raised lava platform is clear of flying pests (and the pharaoh difficulty 2nd MagMantis) we can begin, the method is very simple.
Pull out your machete then hover over the small lava rectangle where the MagMantis emerges, once it pops up quickly smack him 1-3 times (I recommend 2) before he can start shooting and float away till he submerges, repeat.

Written by Keegan

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