POSTAL 2 – Completing achievement Adderall4All

POSTAL 2 – Completing achievement Adderall4All 6 -
POSTAL 2 – Completing achievement Adderall4All 6 -
In this guide, I’ll help you with getting POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost achievement Adderall4All.


Getting Started

Before we’ll get started, this guide is “work in progress” state. I’ll add few tricks how to beat bosses and other days effectively… and one more thing… I’m not native english speaker, sorry! 
So, you just started Paradise Lost, you got nearly all achievements (if not, go get them, this will help you with understanding map little bit more, you know, it will help you with optimizing paths. Adderall4All should be completed as last achievement)
Right? Please, be aware I won’t show you my personal routes, they are little bit controvesial… I don’t recommend you to use speedrunner’s routes and tricks without any practise. 
So firstly, you want to choose difficulty Liebermode. Why this difficulty? Everyone has low damage and low health. Every boss fight will be very easy and not time consuming. 
You probably now have unlocked “Enhanced Game”. On this run you DON’T want to play on Enhance Game! If you complete run with this mode, you won’t get this achievement. It would be too easy, if you would fly with shovel, huh? 

First things, first day, first tricks

As you spawn on Monday, you got these tasks: 

  • Eat 
  • Ask about Champ 
  • Check Animal Control 
  • Speak to Wiseman Unlocked later


Getting spawned…

You should think… smart… When you start the game, skip cutscene, go for shovel and then rush CockAsian. 


When you are in the line with people, you can ask people about Champ. When somebody will tell you about Wiseman, take food (don’t buy it, it’s slow) and escape from CockAsian fast as you can. Try not to collect or hunt for any secrets (it’s slowing you down). Try not to kill any NPCs, only if they are blocking your path. Killing is slowing you down. You want to be fast as possible. 

Check Animal Control

What to say to this part… When you just enteted the building, go to CCCP (Central Control Center Pets you freaks), don’t speak with doctor behind the counter, just go to cages and inspect them. Then, just trigger cutscene. 
Again, you DON’T want to collect secret, this time is Sniper Rifle secret. You won’t use it very much. 


So, you compeleted all other tasks? Good. Speak to Wiseman! When he starts movie about Apocalypse, just hit him with shovel, it will skip that cutscene. 

Second thing, second day, yet another tricks

Second day, yeeehaw! Today’s tasks are: 

  • Get Toilet Paper 
  • Deliver Motherboards 
  • Wreck The Competitor


Getting Toilet Paper

Easy task. Before entering WipeHouse, there is next to the vendor “Cats4Cash” few Vending machines. Check them. You want to buy Catnip. If you don’t have enough money, don’t worry, no biggie, it’s okay (if you are playing on Liebermode, hehe)
Go to Wipehouse, don’t buy Toilet paper, just rush back door and use force for getting it! 

Deliver Motherboards

Little bit harder task, but nothing hard. Progress normally, like you would do in normal run. After speaking man behind counter and after cutscene kill him. After that, go manually install Motherboards. If you are playing on Liebermode, guards chasing you won’t be problem. They can be ignored, if you are fast enough. 

Wreck The Competitor

Well, this again look like hard, long and boring task, but it’s not. After entering PU Games building, do not destroy any computer, it’s just waste of your time. You should run through entire building and destroy “reactor” (game call it Super-Computer)
POSTAL 2 - Completing achievement Adderall4All 

Third things, third day

Third day, let’s not go kill some zombies! Today’s tasks are: 

  • (get) Charity Money 
  • Get Br*ast Pump 
  • Get A/C Parts

When you spawn, just go collect first A/C Part, because it’s in your location (Junkyard you dummy!). 
After that, leave Junkyard and go collect secret with boomstick, it’s on your way. POSTAL 2 - Completing achievement Adderall4All 
After that, go to Asylyum Asylum, collect A/C Part #3. There is no way, how to speed this up, it’s scripted to find it in third building (last of three you explored). After that, run… run for your live and go to Winter Wonderland! 

Winter Wonderland

So, you should already have A/C Part #3 and #1, am I right? If not… You did something wrong! Well, if you got them, congratulations, you are ready for getting Charity Money! Go Winter Wonderland, if I could be more specific, go to this location (on red arrow):POSTAL 2 - Completing achievement Adderall4All 
After entering building, there is no reason to kill any gingers or loot that place. Waste of time, loot is not good. Just follow signs with text: “This Way, Meet Zack Ward!” 
POSTAL 2 - Completing achievement Adderall4All 
When you reach out this door, go in.POSTAL 2 - Completing achievement Adderall4All 
Plottwist is, you DON’T need to kill Zack Ward, just go to his safe behind him, kill those gingers (only if they are blocking your path and take money). After collecting money, leave and again, ignore Zack. If necessary, pick up medkits on pillars. After that, just leave the building. 
About getting Br*ast Pump, I don’t have any “lifehacks”. Probably just kill those cows with your boomstick, hammer (left-click) or baseball bat (right click)
Collecting A/C Part #3 can be little bit annoying, but nothing diffiucult. Don’t buy it, just steal it and leave. 
For bossfight with your ex-wife (can’t say her name, Steam would censor it) I don’t have currently any strat. Just spam sh… out of her with your M4 or Boomstick. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Try not to lot any secret, except on Wednesday, the “boom-stick” secret (sawned-off shotgun) 
  • Try not to kill any NPC, only if you don’t have any other option or if they are blocking your path (then, use shotgun for insta-kill headshot) 
    POSTAL 2 - Completing achievement Adderall4All 
  • You probably want to enable timer ingame, for knowing how long you are playing – Options -> Game -> Show Game Timer  
  • Timer is paused in Map or Pause menu 


Written by Smooth Criminal

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about POSTAL 2 – Completing achievement Adderall4All; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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