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Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about Portal Dungeon – Character Tier List Overview Following this guide each steps.
With 50+ hours in the game this is my personal tierlist.

Introduction and overview

Hello, today i’ll share my thoughts on the current characters in Portal Dungeon. Some i have played more and some less, I am open to change and gladly welcome comments! I’ll show my preferred skin in the the picture of each character. When I am referring to skills it’s the same as in the game, you can always check the picture for each character for a reminder of the skill logo. I want to emphasize that I am convinced a lot of the characters that I rank low have better uses in the hands of another player. Such was the case with soldier, I did not realize his true value until Znoid – [steamcommunity.com] used him as a support. With that said, I hope you enjoy.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - Introduction and overview - E30B575



Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - S - 2C031ED
A big AoE shout Skill with the 3rd skill, the 4th skill is a spinning boss slayer especially with the green potion equipment, 2nd skill performs a vertical jump with attack which makes you progress quicker early on, saving precious time on the harder difficulties. As well as being able to send a flying axe (1st skill) in a straight line to clear out enemies in all directions. The 20% block chance ability is doing wonders for his survivability. This character got so many assets and makes you use all of the skills. The skin increase the 3rd skill’s power which can clear the entire screen of normal mobs, however with this character i believe all skins are useful in their own right depending on your playstyle. This character is on top of the S-tier for a reason.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - S - DAD1381
Great platform sweeper skill with the large zombie army (4th skill), literally just press it and walk, they pack so much power. Air coverage is trickier, but if you can make use of the fart (1st skill) and utilize the bunny skin you should be set. The 3rd skill is good for survival, but the 25%+ HP regenerate ability is even better. Movement speed can be a issue at the start of the level, but if you keep it in mind when choosing relics and using your fart (1st skill) you will be alright. This character took me quite a lot of runs to get used to, but it was well worth the effort.


Jack the swordsman

Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - A - 63638E9
Boy do I love this 4th skill, covering half the screen with the range upgrade. Only downside is the charge time, luckily you got other good skills to utilize when you wait for the charge such as sending a tornado (1st skill) capable of clearing entire platforms. Increasing movement speed (3rd skill) and spawning a orb dealing damage at the same location repeatedly (2nd skill). This is to me one of the most fun character to play. Sadly his ability is not that beneficial for the way i play him, but is easily compensated for with my personal favorite 4th skill in the entire game.

Old Dad

Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - A - 0F444CB
Old Dad, another fun character to play. The dad mode (3rd skill) is essential for the way I play this character. Upgrading the 3rd skill to get rid of the restricted usage is so good, combine this with the 1st, 2nd skill and your main attack to unleash massive damage in synergy. Swords will fly everywhere and you will blaze through the map feeling unstoppable. Throw in the 4th skill occasionally to top it all of, one of the few downsides with this character is to complete elite rooms. Since he utilizes both skills and normal attack and one is significantly weaker without the other they can be a challenge to complete.
If you can get your hands on a madness potion and the relic that grant you a chance to trigger your equipment effect without entering cooldown you can be in constant movement and have a high attack speed. Other relics can make this even better such as the relic which grants increased trigger chances for your 4th skill. – Credit to OkayHearMeOutItWasAliens – [steamcommunity.com] 
All and all, he truly is a hero dad!



Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - B - AB8B619
The Berserker benefits from actively using skills in combination. The 4th skill is key as it increases all damage output. Combining it with the other skills can make for a steam-roller of a run. This character is harder than most, but charging up those bleeding effects and unleashing the shout while having the 4th skill activated is a good feeling and makes for a more player active round. The shout feels similar to the Warriors, but with a restriction to usage which does make it the weaker version overall. Damage aside, the berserker’s 2nd skill is a great life-, time- and being a race car feeling. Being able to “teleport” through platforms in whatever direction you please is amazing. The B in B-tier is for Berserker as he is the current ruler, with the potential of reaching even greater heights.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - B - ABEB6E7
The assassin is one of the best at escaping exploding monsters and sticky situations with his 3rd skill. Personally I run the skin that let’s you do increased damage to bleeding enemies, try to get a “nail,” it is a 10% chance to cause bleeding, it drops frequently, and that way you don’t have to pick the tier trait that bleeds when you use your 4th skill. I like picking the one that does 2 attacks, so you bleed them and the 4th skill hits twice. This character just feels cool and always got something in his arsenal to utilize that packs a punch.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - B - 9F9F7E4
The mage has a great boss killer (4th skill), good survivability with the ability and 3rd skill especially when reviving a fellow companion. The main attack can be altered with a skin to bring fire upon your enemies. The other skills (1st and 2nd) are not that bad either, overall this character mostly seem to hold up good thanks to the all around build of the character.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - B - 0D7BBA8
The soldier makes for a great support. His strength lies in his 2nd skill, dropping a supply box which can generate loads of buffs for yourself and teammates. Combine this with the skin that double the drops from the supply drop and you will be of much use to your team. This character is in my experience not meant to take down the most enemies himself, but the one who receives his support might very well be. To top it all of you can upgrade your 4th skill to automatically cast equipment which can be used in a variety of ways. This character is a versatile support and feels unique.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - B - 2D44244
The dog got some decent skills, but the main attack combined with the skin is what it’s all about. Shooting out three rockets with great speed makes for some solid DPS. Being able to jump more often and launching yourself with the 3rd skill makes for a fun experience as you fly over the map trying to hit some rocket shots. One of the downsides with the dog is while using rockets and rocket based skin there is no need to switch weapon with the 2nd skill. Basically you got one less skill in your arsenal compared to other characters, but overall he is in fact a good boy and places him on top of the B-tier.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - B - 97CD2B3
The cat can with the help of relics erase a horde of mobs quickly thanks to it’s ability, combining this with a beneficial skin makes for some good group damage. The skills are alright. nothing that stands out, but still useful in their own right. He’s an above average character that manages to claw into the B-tier with his straight forward approach.



Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - C - 65C67BF
The robot uses his own life to cast spells. His projectile clearer (2nd spell) is one of his biggest assets with a beneficial skin (such as the one i’m using in the picture), being able to clear half a map of deadly projectiles. Shooting projectile (1st skill) similar to the warriors is good if you can stack up some relics to increase number of uses. The 4th skill is not that bad, but lacking compared to other 4th skills in the game. Overall the robot lacks survivability and since Robot is forced to play with shield there is fewer benefits from support characters such as Paladin, Clown and Soldier who is capable of providing healing.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - C - E084B6E
I love the idea of the engineer he rewards you if you plan the way you play, however this game is constantly moving and his strongest gadget (4th skill) is stationary. It’s alright for certain situations, bosses and tentacles but he is having a hard time keeping up on the majority of stages. The mines (2nd skill) has good power, but they either require you to be up close or for the enemies to walk into them. The 3rd skill is a good robot boy to have along, the ability is only good for the first few levels until you replace it and then you basically play without a ability. This character is really beginner friendly, I loved this character at the start of my journey in this game.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - C - 87B2647
A healer is always appreciated, I recommend playing this one when you play in a party rather than solo. The healing skills (1st and 2nd) are the ones i tend to use the most. They heal for a good chunk and the 2nd skill can generate quite some power similar to the warriors shout. As you can guess this character is not a damage character still I find his hammer skills (1st and 4th) quite lacking. This characters second best trait after the heals is definitely to do a full circle with a hammer that big.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - C - 0493D25
The archer lacks power from my experience. The skills are all mediocre except for the 3rd one and the ability for luck is not that useful. I tend to play him as a speedster, utilizing the teleport (3rd skill) and stacking up on relics while keeping the enemy levels down by progressing fast. He and Berserker are the only ones who can “teleport” through objects and platforms which is a big reason I enjoy playing either of these and as it stands right now the archer is the weaker candidate.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - C - E925B86
Playing as a anime girl and summoning bats (2nd skill) with a life stealing ability and absorbing your enemies into a black hole is as expected quite fun. All this characters skills are useful and make for fun gameplay, however at the cost of your life (HP). In my experience this character lacks survivability and something to really damage your enemies. However I acknowledge this characters ability, it’s just not my cup of tea.



Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - D - CDB8933
Oh the clown… how I would like to praise this character, sadly I have yet to find strength in this character. The 4th skill, is the best as it let’s the clown spawn in a random box. The content is always beneficial, but situational. If it contains a boss/tentacles, great that means loads of money. However the lack of power overall, the small boost with the 3rd skill as well as just nothing standing out made this character somewhat of a liability instead of an asset. To be fair tho I haven’t tried the clown in a multiplayer game, where i imagine this character could shine more. For now the clown will have to keep Shield company in the D-tier.


Portal Dungeon - Character Tier List Overview - D - 9487B99
Slow skills with limited AoE makes this character… well not that great. The chains (4th skill) is a blast to use and tears through enemies. Aside from that, the skills and main attack is lacking in comparison to other characters. If you are a more passionate player in the way of the shield, please do teach me the way.

Want to make your own?

https://tiermaker.com/create/portal-dungeons-characters-564362 – [tiermaker.com] 
Hope you enjoyed this and perhaps are willing to give a character a second chance.
We are grateful that you took the time to go through the Portal Dungeon – Character Tier List Overview, and we sincerely hope that you discovered it to be of assistance to you in any way. You are more than welcome to point out any mistakes or make suggestions for changes in the comments box below, and we will attend to them as quickly as we can. My warmest thoughts and prayers are with you today. The writings of creator and author Lucadelic served as inspiration for this entry. If you liked this post, be sure to bookmark us so you can easily find more of our great material in the future.

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