Portal 2 – How to unlock unused ping tools

Portal 2 – How to unlock unused ping tools 6 - steamlists.com
Portal 2 – How to unlock unused ping tools 6 - steamlists.com

You probably already know about the hidden ping menu for thumbs up, thumbs down, etc.

But did you know that you could modify existing ping tool menus?


List of unused pings…

Portal 2 - How to unlock unused ping tools - List of unused pings...

command: portal_move
icon: hud/commands/portal_move

Portal 2 - How to unlock unused ping tools

command: slime_no_drink
icon: hud/commands/slime_no_drink

Portal 2 - How to unlock unused ping tools

command: turret_warning
icon: hud/commands/turret_warning

Okay, so how do I add these pings to my ping tool?

It might take a hot minute to understand what I’m about to tell you, but it’ll make sense, trust me.

Navigate to the directory:
steamapps/common/Portal 2/portal2/scripts/radialmenu.txt

In this file, you will find that the ping tool options are organized by cardinal directions, and never diagonally. While Portal 2 does support diagonal options in the ping tool menu, Valve most likely removed these three pings to maintain a simple aesthetic.

The directions that are supported in the ping tool menu:

  • Center
  • North
  • East
  • South
  • West
  • NorthEast
  • SouthEast
  • SouthWest
  • NorthWest

Please note that capitalization does matter when rewriting the file.

Alright, so how can I edit the file?

The file references which pings will come up when you are aiming at a certain entity (stuff that ISN’T a wall, floor, or ceiling), world brush (stuff that IS a wall, floor, or ceiling), and portals in the game.

These can be denoted with the following:

  • “Default”
  • “Command,Entity.(entity name here)
  • “Command,World.Wall”
  • “Command,World.NoPortal_Wall”
  • “Command,World.Ceiling”
  • “Command,World.NoPortal_Ceiling”
  • “Command,World.Floor”
  • “Command,World.NoPortal_Floor”
  • “Command,Portal.Orange”
  • “Command,Portal.Blue”

“Default” only applies if you aren’t looking at any of the three aforementioned characteristics, which will pretty much only be the void.

The world commands that do not have the tag “NoPortal” are portalable surfaces.

The “Portal.Blue” command refers to the primary portals that can be shot by both of the coop players. Likewise, “Portal.Orange” refers to the secondary portals.

"Command,Entity.npc_portal_turret_floor" { "North" { "command" "countdown" "icon" "hud/commands/countdown" } "Center" { "command" "look" "icon" "hud/commands/generic_look" } "South" { "command" "move_here" "icon" "hud/commands/move_here" } }
In this case, the ping tool parameters would only show if the player was looking at an entity, namely a standard turret.

If we were to add another option on the west part of the ping tool, we would add code to resemble something like this:

"Command,Entity.npc_portal_turret_floor" { "North" { "command" "countdown" "icon" "hud/commands/countdown" } "Center" { "command" "look" "icon" "hud/commands/generic_look" } "South" { "command" "move_here" "icon" "hud/commands/move_here" } "West"
"command" "turret_warning"
"icon" "hud/commands/turret_warning"

Using the TAB button is the best way to space out the code perfectly.
The order of the directions does not matter when it comes to editing.

The parameters given under each direction:

  • “command” – What ping command you will input to the server for other players to see.
  • “icon” – What icon/image will show up on YOUR ping menu

Note that you will also see a “glados” parameter. I have no idea wtf that means but just add it to your ping list if it exists with the others.

Before editing:
Portal 2 - How to unlock unused ping tools

After editing:
Portal 2 - How to unlock unused ping tools


You got three more pings lol.

Though, this method also allows for rearrangement of your own ping tool, if you don’t like the default locations. You can even add entities to your list if you want!

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Written by Nanoman2525

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Portal 2 – How to unlock unused ping tools; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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