Portal 2 – Achievement Guide for Single Player in Portal 2

Portal 2 – Achievement Guide for Single Player in Portal 2 1 - steamlists.com
Portal 2 – Achievement Guide for Single Player in Portal 2 1 - steamlists.com
This guide helps with every achievement in the main game for Portal 2


Easy achievements

to get : wake up call, you monster, undiscouraged, bridging over troubled water, saBOTeur, Stalemate Associate, Tater Totes, Vertically Unchallenged, Stranger Than Friction, White Out, Tunnel of Funnel, Dual Pit Experiment, The Part Where He Kills you and Lunacy all you have to do is complete the game

Drop box

To get this achievement, all you have to do is use portals to move a cube onto a button WITHOUT touching it AT ALL.


Soar through the air in chamber 10. But quickly!, to become an over clocker you must complete chamber 10 in UNDER 70 seconds.

Pit boss

In the beginning of chapter 9, when Wheatley Begs with his life like a frickin’ toddler, if you go back and jump into the deadly pit you will get the pit boss achievement.

Preservation of mass

At the end of chamber 07 portal past the chamber lock and take your companion cube with you to unlock preservation of mass but don’t get exited, GLADOS fizzles it before you get into the elevator.


I probably typed that wrong, anyway you just need to get a turret, don’t kill it and drop it onto an aerial faith plate,i think you can only do this in the second chamber featuring turrets.

Final transmission

In the “advanced aerial faith plates” chamber take a radio that comes out of the chute when you first press the button and portal to the left of the chamber as far away from you as possible (even the wormholes don’t want to be around you) go through the aerial faith plates again and you should go flying into a Rattman den, this will give the radio a transmission like in portal 1 and the Final transmission achievement.

good listener

This one is NOT hard to get, when escaping just go to the “last test” that glados shows you, obviously you will die but you get an achievement.

Scanned alone

stand in front of a deffective turret, it wont kill you but you will get an achievement

No hard feelings

On the turret redemption line there is 1 distinguishable turret, take it of the line and it will give you clues about the future along with an achievement.

Schrodinger’s catch

When covering a box in repulsion gel, catch it before it touches the ground.

Ship overboard

At the end of chapter 6 there is the room where POTATOES is and a room above that, portal to the high room and in a corner hidden away is a door, go through the door and down the corridor into a secret area to get an achievement.

Door prize

There are 6 doors marked “vitrified” in chapter 6, 3 in plain sight at the beginning, 3 in the secret corridor at the end (see “ship overboard”) each of them has a button next to them which activates a speech from Cave, listen to each one to get the achievement

portrait of a lady

at the end of 1 level in chapter 7, near the elevator there is another one to the side whichtakes you to a portrait of Caroline when you look at it, you get an achievement.

You’ve made your point

in the very first chamber of chapter 8, don’t push the button and Wheatley will whine at you to do so but eventually you will get the achievement.

smash tv

1. of the monitors in chapter 8, you can actually break using turrets, boxes, lasers, and yourself but I’m too lazy to tell you how to break each one so loom up another guide please, but who knows? maybe when I’m bored ill make one based on this but for now, I don’t have all the answers.

Written by Whightly

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